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Punishment in the Iliad, the Odyssey, and the Hebrew Bible

Not every unity has the same idea in mind about punishment, and nor did other countries from other times. The following accommodates The Iliad, The Odyssey, and The Hebrew Bible, entitling instances of cheat, kidnapping and stumble, smearing and their punishment. Very r atomic number 18ly would you pull out away with something unseen because the Gods cut everything, and they could do reasonable about anything known on stiletto heelth to worldly concern or redden to each other. Anything was punishable whatever time ear it was, and the Gods would cease the chance to take seeked r thus farge upon another. In legion(predicate) of the classical based books, there was a lot of treason going on.In the Hebrew Bible, there be severe punishments for cheating. In book I of The Iliad, Agamemnon had stated the daughter of Chryses. I have set my feeling on keeping her in my own house, for I love her better crimson than my own wife Clytemnestra, whose peer she is alike in form and fe ature, in understanding and accomplishments. In this statement, Agamemnon rathers Breisis, oer his very wife because she is similar in looks, therefore would cheat instead of going back to his wife over some foolish love for a girl Within the Odyssey, book III, one example is about how Nestor explains to Telemachus, ut we were over there, flake hard at Troy, and Aegisthus who was taking his ease quietly in the heart of Argos, cajoled (consoled? ) Agamemnons wife Clytemnestra with incessant flattery. In the Hebrew bible, it states, Leviticus 2010 If a man commits adultery with another mans wifewith the wife of his neighbor both(prenominal) the adulterer and the adulteress must(prenominal) be put to destruction. So if caught cheating, followed by what the Hebrew bible says to do, you will be put to death. So if you are the one putting someone to death for adultery, doesnt that make you the murder?To take away a living beings sprightliness? Throughout the Iliad and the Odyssey, there are many points where women are devoten as prizes. So if the women are given as a prize, is it counted as cheating? In the Iliad, punishment to Agamemnons adulterous wife, Agamemnon kills her. In the Odyssey, Clytemnestra tries to take her love, Aegisthus for revenge. in brief enough, he is also put to the death, and she as hale. In the Hebrew bible, one quote that represents well is Deuteronomy 2222 If a man is tack together sleeping with another mans wife, both the man who slept with her and the woman must die.You must purge the evil from Israel. So the average punishment for adultery, or cheating, was the death penalty. Kidnapping was also a big theme in the Iliad, in which Breisis, daughter of the priest Apollo, was kidnapped by Agamemnon, whom professes his love for her and does not want to give her up for life itself. Helen to was kidnapped by Paris, in order to fulfill their love, scarce making things worse. In the Odyssey, Persephone is kidnapped by Hades, and bro ught to the underworld six months of the year. s hegira 2116 Anyone who kidnaps another and either sells him or still has him when he is caught must be put to death. So is there a intention for death at this time back then? Yes, indeed In the Iliad, many people like Ajax the greater and Ajax the lesser and Agamemnon both insult Achilles for not fighting, but then Achilles also takes his prize of Breisis. Being insulted was disclose of the compassion culture and many of the men would rather die than shame their village or family. In the Odyssey, book XVIII, CachedSimilarYou +1d this publicly.Undo after pitiable enough insults from the servant-girl Melantho, Odysseus is taunted by Eurymachus, who also hurls a footstool, though missing. Insulting could get charges put on them. When you have insulted someone, due to what the Hebrew bible says, they are to be stoned to the death, even for the first offense. Punishment pretty well was exclusively the same in the Hebrew bible, with even the first infraction being stoned to death, but also anything that may not even be a violation tied together with another one. They all come out with the same outcome of death, usually stoning.In the Iliad, many of the punishments too were death, and so to also in the Odyssey. Between these three books, they had just a different timing on things. Now days with cheating or adultery, it is taken pretty well lightly. Kidnapping is still nonetheless not light, but it is taken more serious to find the kidnapped. Insults even now these days doesnt compare with how minor they may be to any of these books, because they were not taken lightly, but in todays society, things like that are okay. This is my essay over punishment and the comparison amongst The Iliad, The Odyssey, and the Hebrew Bible. ttp//messagenetcommresearch. com/myths/bios/pose http//www. fjkluth. com/clytem. html idon. html http//books. google. com/books? id=qdDrwupM0dUC&pg=PA72&lpg=PA72&dq=where+is+there+kidnapping +in+the+odyssey? &source=bl&ots=oaVyOz5jgk&sig=3tsZ-Meye2UftnfMoDMQoMCZYAk&hl=en&ei=14qSToj5MOHJsQLu7Y2LAQ&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=3&ved=0CCcQ6AEwAgv=onepage&q&f=false http//www. twopaths. com/faq_CapitalPunishment. htm http//ancienthistory. about. com/cs/troyilium/a/helenoftroybasc_2. htm

Going home Essay

This is a first person tale of a pass in Iraq who had been victim to an evening lallygag by offensive forces. The floor begins with the pass already in the infirmary, months later the ambush incident, nursing a fractured right foot. At more or less this time, word too came verboten that president Bush was going to withdraw five thousand plus work force from Iraq so that they could be firm for the holidays. The s grey-hairedier hopes that he is part of the controversy of men who would be recalled. In the meantime, the soldier recounts the events that led to his current situation.The soldier reveals that many had died in the ambush and he was merely unrivalled of those who survived. The ambush took place while they were on their look to the trades union US Detachment. man recounting the story of how he had become a wounded US soldier, the teller also offers insights into how contend send word be patriotic and how it can change the course of events for the world at l arge. The soldier also mentions in his reminiscing that they were not the true heroes of war, rather the true heroes were the families they left stomach home.The narrator dwells on this topic and comprehensively explains how the families arse home should be the historical heroes in a war and not the soldiers who atomic number 18 actually in the war. The soldier also offers insights into how grue close to a war can be and how wasteful it is when it comes to lives wasted moreover despite his views on the war, the soldier mud steadfast in his beliefs and holds on to the thought of his family waiting jeopardize home. The narration ends with the soldier being called to the bundle hall along with many others for the announcement of the list of recalled soldiers.Find disclose if he is unmatched of those who will reappearance home. (YOUR FULL NAME) (PROFESSORS NAME) (COURSE AND SUBJECT) (DATE OF SUBMISSION) GOING HOME A SOLDIERS STORY Christmas is fast sexual climaxing and I a m hoping to mystify an primordial Christmas gift as President Bust announced last kinsfolk that about 5,000 plus of us would be home for the Christmas holidays. This was part of the exceptional troop reduction that was to be implemented on US troops before the military surge in March next year.We are still waiting for the final list of soldiers who would be sent home and I am hoping that I would be in the list. I am useless hither in the field anyway. I have been in the infirmary tent for the past three months because my right foot suffered segment fractures after an ambush attack on our team while we were driving to the North detachment. We were fifteen in the transport. I was whizz of the lucky seven well-nigh who came out of the attack alive.I was in the back of the truck and as usual, I felt like I had to watch my own back as well as I was watching the backs of the other soldiers who were with me in the truck. It was about eleven in the evening. We all had to travel in the plough of darkness to avoid being detected by hostile troops. From a distance, the sound of mortar seemed as natural as the crack of bonanza on a balmy evening. A false, red sunrise could be seen from the horizon as flames from explosives incessantly lighted up the horizon.It was cold in the desert, the temperatures are extreme. Daytime is extremely hot and the evening can be as cold as it is hot during the day. We were all in our camouflage uniforms, but these were only flimsy fabric weak protection from achievable bullets coming our way or even stray shrapnel from distant explosions. I feared for my life but also thought of the country, and the world, and what it would be like if the US did not launch an offensive against hostile troops here(predicate) in Iraq.In my heart I could not understand why I had to go through and through such horror and put my life on the line for such a cause but when I consider of my young wife waiting for me back home, and my three month old daughter, I understand why I have to be here. The weapons of troop destruction that Iraq whitethorn be hiding from the world may be cause for the destruction not only of the US but also of the world as we know it and this alone told me that my being here was deserving everything I had but then again, I can never abnegate the fact that there could have been better days.About an hour into the trip, the truck grinded to a halt a co-soldier who was seated beside the driver saw something through his night vision binoculars. A group of armed men were stationed about half a mile away and it seemed that they did not notice our approach because they were huddled together in a close circle plain having a drink. We did not find this cause for alarm because sporadically, throughout the itinerary, were accessible troops from the other side who were securing travel routes for civilians.However, since we could not identify them from a distance, there was no choice but to be on refuge and move forward until we were close enough to identify them. The driver had off off the headlights and slowed down to a crawl to prepare for our approach. When we were safe a few meters away, I heard one of the men stationed at the road cry out a piercing yell that to me sounded like a death sentence. At that very moment a volley of gunfire punctuated the distant explosions and we all lay flat on the floor of the truck.In what seemed like forever, the truck turned almost and sped towageards the other direction back to the camp down. The gunfire continued and it was at this moment that I felt impregnable liquid seeping into the fabric of my uniform from the back. I turned around to see one of my co-soldiers slumped on my back with blood streaming from his neck. I quickly stood to check on the other men with me in the back of the truck. Four of them had been badly hit, two were unharmed, and seven of us suffered minor injuries. exploit was a gunshot wound that pierced my right ankle . Later, it turned out that the driver had been badly hit as well, so it was the other the States military officer with him in the front seat who was already driving the truck. We do camp about three hours after the incident. We had already been halfway through the six hour trip that was supposed to take us to the North detachment. We were all brought to the infirmary and the dead immediately interred into shiny grim body bags that reflected the red glare that rose up from the distant horizon.The camp chaplain said a prayer over the dead and another officer bend down to take out their dog tags, they name patches, and some of their personal effects. I imagined how difficult this was for the officer. I imagined how it would have been had I been one of them. The following day two or three officers from the US military machine back home would be at the porch of our house delivering the sad give-and-take to my wife and my daughter. I imagined how they would feel, and how much they would hate the state for sending me to war but I was lucky to be alive, or not.Now, I had to carry off with the gruesome images that I had witnessed. I had to spend my life thinking of what is and what could have been. I would probably be order gazing into the blackness for many alone(p) hours trying to find a decent and even logical land for this manslaughter but I was determined to go home in one piece, if not for my wife and daughter, at least for a country and a world that was waiting for a glimmer of hope that could come out of this bloodshed. Logically, bloodshed is bloodshed and nothing good could come out of war.It was ceaselessly like choosing between two evils the lives of hundreds of men and women in exchange for the imperturbable future of my country and the world. The choice was always easy and I found it an honor to be fighting for this cause, albeit momentary periods of sceptical and reasoning and questioning again. I felt that I was not a hero here the trus tworthy heroes are the families we have left behind mothers, fathers, wives, husbands, daughters, and sons. They are the real heroes for having to deal with our absence and having to live their lives every day with the knowledge that we may not even return alive.They are the real heroes for having to lie to the inexperienced person ones about fathers and mothers who were out there fighting for the country because this was the only way to ensure the future of course, there are other ways, but when some other ways seem bleak and unfeasible, war is often the regularity of choice. These people are the real heroes not because they sacrificed anything but because they refuse to just fade into the sunset and let go of the prospects of peace and unity for the in all world. They are there back home not for any reason, but for a reason that all of us in this world would one day recall and be grateful about.We, in the field, we are here because of them and their unfailing belief and hope i n our cause we are here because of their love and the fact that before we sleep at night our minds move in oceans of faces the faces of our real heroes. The bugle had been sounded. Our superior had called us all to the mess hall to announce who would be going home for Christmas and who wouldnt. With my crutch in tow and a foot heavy with plaster dragging behind, I go to the mess hall. The superior went through the list. The lights have been turned out after the list was read. I was walking back to the infirmary. I was going home.

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And of Clay Are We Created

In And of Clay argon We Created, the author uses Acuzena to show Rolf how they be alike, and show how everyone has their own clay they are hide in. The author, Isabel bo and thende, wrote this story after seeing an event similar to this on the news in 1985. In the story, when Rolf finds Acuzena trapped in clay, he sees a lot more. This girl is trapped with no way tabu. No hope. All he needs is a pump to rescue her but no one depart bring one. It makes him see himself in her, trapped in memories, trapped in the past.We are all buried by something. Rolf was buried by memories of the war and what it did to his family, the rage of his father, and his guilt for the death of his sister. Everyone has things of the past that suffer us from moving on, the way that Acuzena was held by the bodies of her brothers and sisters, which kept her from being pulled out of the quagmire. The author was trying to show us how in life, there will always be avalanches. We are just responsible for the w ay we act up with them.The title, And of Clay are We Created, means that we all will have experiences throughout life, but we have the ability to be transformed from it. It keister in any case be a spiritual reference to God creating from clay and then they ended covered in clay. The story really shows how someone can go their whole life hiding from something that they will never head for the hills from until they dig in and climb out. It also shows how Rolf thought that he had leftfield his past behind, but it resurfaced in this experience. He had to come to realize that his entirely way out of this was to accept death as Acuzena did in the end.

Important Element in the Story Essay

In the two victimize stories, itsy-bitsy Things by Carver and The End of Something by Hemingway, both authors sour the title world-shaking to the recitals message. The title Little Things is somewhat ironic in that the word little could refer to the deflower or could in occurrence be calling their argument petty, even though the electric razor that they ar fighting over is a major(ip) issue. This irony is significant to the floor because even though the p arents appear passionate or so their baby, the argument distinctly lies deeper. The title The End of Something could excessively refer to a number of things.In this story worldly concerny things are coming to an eradicate. The end of the mill and the townspeople at Hortons Bay, the end of prick and Marjories relationship, the end of their angle trips and the end of their day. twain stories are most the end of relationships however, in Little Things the breakup is angry and violent whereas in The End of Something the breakup is comfort and brief. The story Little Things is about the violent breakup of two parents. It is implied that they are married save Carver does not explicitly state this.The enterprisingness paragraph describes the weather and the time of day, which reflects the mood of the piece, the fatalness of the evening mirroring the dark mood privileged the house, it was getting dark. solely it was getting dark on the inside too. This shows that although the mood was dark, it was not completely pitch black out-of-door implying that thither may mum be a s illumine illumination of h older for the young orthodontic braces that is soon introduced. As the fight and the emotions turn over to a greater extent(prenominal) reckless(prenominal) and brutal the light begins to fade, showing that all hope is lost.The characters in the story are not named. This gives their predicament a deeper superstar of urgency and instancy. This is used to great effect as when we first rega rd the hu worldly concernkind and women, the absence of names throws us directly into the middle of their quarrel. In this piece there is no carry to build up the characters with a descriptive foreplay as it is not important to the story, making it more urgent. However in The End of Something we feel more sympathy for the characters as we have learned about them in more detail.From the line he was in the bed room pushing clothes into a suitcase when she came d oneness the door, we can deduce from the subtext that these people are in some motley of long-term relationship, and the second line of the same paragraph draws attention to the detail that they are having a heated argument. It is extremely common that in mulct stories a lot of information is insinuated rather than being clearly state and so the contributor must draw a meaning from the subtext. The char is the first to speak.Carver does not use speech marks at all during the story in order to draw more immediacy to t he article. The first line of speech Im beamingsome youre leaving Im glad youre leaving Do you hear? shows that although the woman appears to be angry at her partner and glad that he is moving out it is easily noted that she in fact feels exactly the opposite. This is illustrated by the repetition of the line Im glad youre leaving showing that she is trying to reassure herself that she doesnt need him. This shows irony.The woman continues to barrage the man with slurs, son of a bitch, plainly in an attempt to provoke his attention and convince him to stay. When she states you cant even look me in the face can you? it is blatantly explicit that the man has had some kind of affair. The woman fails in catching the mans attention and therefore when she spies the babys picture on the bed she takes it, out of spite. The man follows her turning off the bedroom light as he leaves symbolising the end of their relationship, looked around the bedroom originally turning off the light. T he baby is also not named showing that although it is the tiddler that they are fighting over, the battle about more and the baby is incomparablely a pawn in their game of spite or revenge. The man states I want the baby. This immediately provokes maternal instincts from the mother who rushes to keep her kidskin. The infant is continuously referred to as the baby or this baby showing that their claw is solely an object that the couple are focusing their anger on. The mans request for the baby is not because he necessarily wants the child from bop but more because he sees it as a scratch that he can win over the woman.Gradually their battle becomes more physical and violent as the man tries to take that baby from the woman, in the scuffle they knocked down a flowerpot. The baby senses the tension in the room and starts to cry which adds to the anxiety and desperation in the mood of the text, the baby had begun to cry. end-to-end the rest of the story Carver intensifies the atmosphere by using urgent and effective words such as screaming, red faced, gripped and hurting.Nearing the end of the story the light is involved again, the kitchen window gave no light, this line exemplifies that there was no hope left for the couple and the baby. The lines become pitifuler to add to the pugnacious battle that the couple is suffering. The man and the woman both grab the child and pull it in divergent directions in a hope that one will triumph but we do not know the victor. The cultivation line in this manner the issue was decided, leaves us pondering a number of possible out comes.The man or the woman may have succeeded in snatching the infant for themselves or they may have pulled their baby in two. If so the story appears to be a parody of the biblical story The Two Women and Solomon, in which a man offers to cut a baby in half to settle a quarrel amongst two woman as to who the mother of the baby is. In this story we are left with an ambiguous end. It i s very common in short stories that the resolution of the story is left undecided, again leaving the reader to make their own end point from the clues given.The second short story The End of Something is also about the end of a relationship, however it is handled in a calmer and less violent manner. The first paragraph sets the scene of a calm tatterdemalion bay, once a busy lumbering town, now reduced to a citizen-free ghost town. The couple, chip off and Marjorie, are rowing through this bay in a calm fashion they were trolling along the edge of the transpose bank, but they soon head towards dark water which shows that they are impulsion towards trouble.They are rowing soundlessly until Marjorie breaks the silence and begins to talk about the old mill on the shore, describing it as our old ruin this shows that their relationship stretches behind a long way. break off solves unenthusiastically. Marjorie tries to keep up the conversation describing it as a castle, which show s that she sees their ruin in a fairy-tale manner. However Nick is still distant which makes Marjorie have to work hard to keep their conversation alive. Marjorie appears to love everything about their look for trips.She obviously loves Nick very much and is enjoying spend time with him, She loved to fish. She loved to fish with Nick. Clearly Nick is sooner qualified at fishing and Marjorie tries to make him feel good by putting him in charge and asking him questions to boost his ego, Theyre feeding, Marjorie said. But they wont strike, Nick said. By this Nick means that he will not strike that night. The couple carries out their actions of fishing with scarce communication and we can distinguish that something is clearly upsetting Nick as Marjorie is trying to provoke conversation but to no avail.When Marjorie questions Nick Whats the matter Nick? he replies I dont know. The couple set out a picnic on the b from each one but we can tell that Nick is merely going through the motions as he grades I dont feel like eating and all it takes is one line from Marjorie and he agrees. They eat silently until at last Nick breaks the tension. Theres going to be a moonshine tonight, but when Marjorie agrees Nick becomes angry as if he was waiting for anything to forgo the pent up emotions held inside.Marjorie tries to divert the conversation from an argument and begins to talk about the moon. As in Little Things, the weather and setting play a part in describing the mood of the piece. The moon could represent chastity, coldness or even the passing of time. Silence follows and they do not bear upon each other until Marjorie ventures to ask Nick Whats really the matter? Marjorie is urgently trying to make their evening enjoyable and romantic but Nick is making it extremely difficult.Nick tries to avoid the question until he starts to relieve that it wasnt fun any more and that he was mixed up inside. I feel as though everything was gone to hell inside of me, t he use of the word was instead of is shows that he is confused and suffering a confidence crisis. Marjorie is evidently shocked as she barely speaks except to say isnt love any fun? which is swiftly followed by an answer from Nick, No. Unlike in Little Things, there is no major battle about to be released, instead Marjorie leaves calmly, dignity intact, in the boat.Nick offers to help push the boat out, which shows that he still cares for her, but is refused. When Marjorie leaves Nick lies on the blanket for a long time until mysteriously a new character named note emerges from the woods. Bill is a curious character. evidently he is related to Bill in some way and Hemingway makes his sex and Nicks dubious when we read the line Bill didnt touch him either. Bill appears as insensitive when he barrages Nick with questions about his extremely recent breakup, provoking Nick to lash out and tell him to leave.This story again is left at a loose end. We are left questioning the sexual ity of Bill and Nick. It is implied that Nick and Bill were in a homosexual relationship together. This would explain Bills armorial bearing hiding in the wood and the fact that it states Bill didnt touch him either. The last line shows that Bill has replaced Marjorie because Bill walks over to check the fishing rods which was previously Marjories job. However, Nick appears to be insecure about his choice to be gay, as we can see from the fact that he tells Bill to go away.Bill has clearly pressured Nick into breaking up with Marjorie, as we can see from the list of questions he asks and his quick appearance from the wood. Both the short stories are about the breakup of relationships but under different circumstances. As always in a short story the reader is left thinking many things from one brief text. All short stories consist of and introduction, a main conflict, a resolution and a conclusion. In Little Things the conclusion was the questionable death of the child. In The End of Something the conclusion was the appearance of Bill and the question of Nicks sexuality.

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Causes of the Rise in Global Temperatures

The causes of the rise in global temperatures have been sooner contentious to many scholars, relating it to different arguments which be attributed to questions of the unavoidability of the said phenomenon to continue in our planet. The scientific consensus, however, is that global warming is caused by nursery gases (Joint learning Academies, 2001). The nursery gases acts as a trap to the infrared which are suppositious to be released in the earths atmosphere. This process of absorption of the greenhouse gases is then referred to as global warming as the infrared confine within the surface of the earth is proven to be warming the earth.These greenhouse gases is produced through various forms, according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, this sorting of gas is released through its most common types such as snow Dioxide (CO2), Methane (CH4), and Nitrous Oxide (N2O). The findings of these atmospheric gases effects to the earths surface, thereafter, have spark ed the controversial involvement of humankind in its contribution to the emission of these said gases. concord to New York Times, the United Nations panel, one which specializes on global warming, pertains to human activity as the obvious cause of the occurrence.We are ought to be causing global warming in our every move in this industrialized and technologically advanced world. According to the Union of Concerned Scientists, the upright operation of our homes and businesses are causing us our environment. We use electricity everyday, we bargain for our products full of different chemicals, and we drive our cars to get us to places but these specified activities are the very grounds of the formation of greenhouse gases as these are the most significant activities that burn fossil fuel. In addition, deforestation caused by human initiatives greatly contributes to the global warming emissions as well.

Quinte Mir

The immediate issue is that Benton-Cooper aesculapian Centres magnetic resonance imaging clinic has been open for 6 weeks and non performing to expectations and to the promises made by their new magnetic resonance imaging endurer, Quinte magnetic resonance imaging. With referrals to the clinic, doctors expect to receive magnetic resonance imaging transcription reports within two days and the current backlog exceeds 14 days. As a result there is a impairment of patient role referrals from doctors within the hospital and surrounding community which heart and soul a loss of revenue for BCMC. Quinte magnetic resonance imaging must determine what is causing the backlog and how to launch it.Secondary IssuesA winkary issue in the clinic is that the MR Technologist is putting in a lot of overtime even though the maximal number of patients to each one week is not macrocosm met. Quinte magnetic resonance imaging personnel need to stress and analyze the interaction betwixt the men tal object, the process flow and the obstruct and provide a resolution and action plan back to the CEO, Dr. Syed Haider within 2 days. Environmental and Root Causes Quinte MRI, an international service provider specializing in medical checkup diagnostic technologies signed an agreement in February 2002 with Benton-Cooper Medical Centre (BCMC) for the outsourcing of their MRI services.BCMC believed that they could competed successfully if they had a third MRI machine as they evaluate continued growth in this area by 15% with doctors referrals from the hospital and surrounding areas. BCMC in any case believed that they could generate passable revenue and promotional support through advertisements with local print and radio stations to be able to own their own fixed MR form and be recognized as a top rated hospital for the area. Quinte MRI promised the avenue for BCMC to be able to accomplish these goals through its service reliableness and access to diagnostic equipment 24 ho urs a day, 7 days a week at a reasonable cost.However, these expectations are not world met and David Wright has gone to the MR Technologist, Jeff Sinclair to examine and analyze what was causing the backlog ( block) in the operation. Jeff indicated that collect to poor communication between the hospital and the clinic, mistakes were creation made impu put off to a manual process for recording information. affected roles were macrocosm booked at wrong time, placecelling or not showing up, wrong tests were being bespeak or recorded, and patients were not being screened properly for an MRI scan.An assessment was being done when the patient came into the clinic. A patient preparation process has not been implemented in the new facility, whereas the previous MRI provider plan all appointments. Jeff felt that wasted time was being spent on delivering scans to the radiologist after each patient. Jeff also accounted for the fact that during May, the clinic used a Siemens unit, whic h took some time to get used to, that, now that the GE machine was in place (Jeff was originally trained on this machine), things were improving.David abutting examined the cycle time on for a 30 minute turn. The table below shows the current cycle time of the patient, the MR Technologist and the MRI machine. 15 proceeding was dedicated to patient preparation for an MRI while simply 27. 5 proceeding was spent in the Magnet style. 42. 5 minutes was being spent on a 30 minute procedure. This was where the bottleneck was in the process. Staying with this current process and resources, the maximum competency of this process can only be 8 procedures if all other inputs into this process ran swimmingly (i. . no exciselations). Exhibit 1 Patient Check in until enamor into Magnet style Minutes MR Technologist escorted the patient to the Magnet Room (asks questions to determine if any health risks/conflicts and if any patient has any alloy components internally or on clothing) 59P atient 42. 5 minutesMR Technologist 42. 5 minutes Changing Room for patients wearing metal on their clothing (25% of patients)Magnet Room Patient Orientation and paperwork verification 127. 5 Positioning of Coil 4 MRI Scan time based on a 30 minute scheduled MRI scan)16. 5MRI Machine 16. 5 minutes info Entry (happened during scan)1 Printing MRI Scans (average 8 sheets at 45 seconds each)6 Patient back to reception Escort the Patient back to Front Desk 26 Changing Room 4 Monica Zimmerman, radiology department manager was pressuring Quinte MRI to bring another MR engineer to lighten Jeffs workload and bother better the process flow. David needed to review the cost of hiring an supererogatory person to make the process flow better.He knew that the 1. Tesla MRI machine rated capacity was 2 patients per hour, just the actual scans in a day, would be based on the quality of scan required. David used the 30 minute and the 1 hour procedure to determine what the potential spend pe r day was and what the annual spend would be. greenback that any lost appointments resulted in a $700. 00 per scan loss, however this also could be a $700. 00 increase for unscheduled (walk-in) appointments. By looking at the potential projected income, hiring another person was a possibility.Exhibit 2 age Min/Hour performed$ scan suppliesper scan Daily RevenueBCMC chargeDaily revenue BCMC chargeAnnual Revenue25% tax income $Income 3016145$700 $ 11,200$2,320$8,880$2,800,000$700,000$2,100,000 18145$700 $ 5,600$1,160$4,440$1,400,000$350,000$1,050,000 Alternatives and Options Criteria 1. Increase the process flow, machine capacity and change the position of the bottleneck 2. Increase revenue 3. Repair relationship and reputation with BCMC Alternative 1 (Strategic) Quinte MRI has found out that the manual process for taking appointments is creating many a(prenominal) errors.If the system was computerized MRI test requirements could be input into the system and throughput could be m aximized based on MRI procedure time required in order to maximize time slot available. Quinte MRI also complete that the MRI Technologist was performing administrative tasks that could be assigned to an accessory. By removing these tasks from the applied scientist, more time availability would become available for scheduling additional MRI tests. In order to process patients faster, a form could be developed that specifies what the patient must do prior to arrival at the MRI Clinic.Another form could be developed for when that patient arrives at the clinic that asks questions regarding health risks and indicating what restriction would pr instance a patient from having an MRI. The assistant could take the patient all the way through the process until the Magnet room at which point the MR technologist would take over. There are necessary requirements that the MR technologist must do prior to completion of the scan, but the collection of the MRI scans and delivery of them back to t he radiologist could be done by the assistant that is escorting the patient from the Magnet room.If we assume that most of the MRI scans are a half an hour, than patients could be scheduled every half hour in order to maximize both the capacity of the machine and the capacity of the technologist. Pros By implementing the computer, there is more accuracy being collected for appointments and test requirements. By hiring the MR assistance, there is increased flow capacity because the technologist lead clasp only the MRI scans and not the administration task that were previous being done him.This takes the bottleneck out of the administrative task and aligns it to the maximum capacity of the machine thereby increasing revenue which provides the ability to hire the assistant. This would effect reliability with the clinic again so that doctors will send their referrals to the clinic. Cons A second MR technologist will not be hired and when it comes time for vacation of illness, there w ill be no one to step into the technologist position and ensure continuous flow.Quinte MRI would need to hire from a temporary agency in order to fulfill their requirement which means addition dollars will be spend. Alternative 2 (Tactical) Quinte MRI could hire a second MRI Technologist to perform MRI scans alter times with the first MRI Technologist to increase the flow and capacity of the process. This would take forth the backlog and doctors could send their referrals to the clinic with a sense of reliability that the clinic will get it turnaround within 2 days. ProsThis would allow Quinte MRI to always have a back up in the event that one of the technologists is on vacation and / or ill. The increase revenue being generated due to increased MRI procedures could pay for the second MR Technologist. Cons Based on the current practices, hiring a second technologist would alleviate some of the workload, however given that no effort has been made to correct the communication issues between the hospital/patient and the booking department, there is a strong possibility, that patients will still continue to be booked at the wrong time, cancel or just not show up.Without a procedure to upset how patients are dealt with from checking to magnet room, people could still be turn away due to health reasons, clothing that is not appropriate for scanning purposes. good word The recommendation is to take Alternative 2 as it addresses all of the criteria by increasing the process flow, machine capacity and changes the bottle neck to the maximum machine capacity. It increases revenue and repairs the relationship and reputation with BCMC.

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Maple Leaf Foods

Maple ripple Foods Communication Strategy Analysis Post Crisis conception to Maple Leaf Foods Maple Leaf Foods Inc. is a prominent fare for thought bear on club headquartered in Toronto, Canada. Foods holds its motto as commitment to food prophylactic, stating that its meat processing facilities are federally inspected and meet the highest standard for food safety. Its major avocation is processed pork and includes brands such as Squirrel peanut butter and sear Diamond cheese. In the year 2008, its employee base was 24000 and recorded sales of $5. 2billion. detail of Product CrisisIn 2008, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and humans Health Agency of Canada identified a strain of L. monocytogenes (listeria) in MapleLeaf Foods products. exercise of food contaminated with Listeria causes a rare illness known as Listeriosis, the symptoms of which include fever, muscle aches and sometimes nausea and diarrhea. In the more thoroughgoing(a) form, symptoms also include collaps e and shock. Causes Bacteria were traced to the slicing equipment at Maple Leafs Bartor Road plant in Toronto. The regular sanitization had non cleaned the equipment properly allowing the bacteria to grow to high levels of concentration that cause illness.The bacteria ended up in deli meats, which were largely distributed to nursing homes and hospitals. disturb The Listeria case impacted Maple Leaf Foods in the following ways * societal Impacts will include public cost, medical cost, low productivity, foregone income, psychological impact, etc * Firm-level Impacts will include product swallow, clean-up, reputation, tarnished brand image and fall in share price * Industry-level Impacts will include loss of consumer confidence, fall in demand, loss of export access and damage to product to product course Post-crisis communication strategyThe communication strategy was adopted as per Seymour and Moores 5Cs of communication framework, as explained below * Care Companys old manageme nt was completely approachable during the crisis. Unconditional apology and unequivocal state was offered by president- Michael McCain. The company released backgrounders, fact sheets and FAQ documents demonstrating care for its key stakeholders. It also released an apology video, empathizing with the affected customers. * Commitment Displayed commitment by initiating a widespread recall and well-publicized sanitations of affected plant.Communicated details about the bacteria, post-contact information both online and through traditional media sources. The company assembled a consortium of industry leading food safety experts to advice on operational enhancements. * Consistency and Coherence All messages were consistent secure food safety and the well-being of its consumers. The company launched an external company blog to maintain a direct and candid conversation with interested Canadians. McCain turn out to be an ideal spokesperson who clearly explained the companys office as well as the actions the company enacted to remedy the situation. Clarity Came up with the following innovative media campaign-Passionate people, passionate about food to restore their image. They repositioned themselves as the experts on Listeria and global leader in food safety. They also launched a national Listeria education and outreach program exploring the issues related to this illness. terminal The companys 5 C communication framework helped feel consumer confidence. The post-crisis communication was open, effective and credible. Therefore effective communication plays a arctic role in regaining consumer confidence.

Job Analysis Paper Essay

moving in analyses ar a appearance to create lucubrate business line verbal descriptions apply by businesses to promote dexterity and best match potential between the employer and employee except there are many other reasons to complete a job epitome. According to modify and Levine (1980) there are 11 earthy uses for job summary occupational group development cognitive process estimation legal manages recruitment and selection of employees learn setting salaries efficiency/safety job classification job description job design and planning (Spector, 2008) There are many shipway to complete a job analysis and the method used ordinarily depends on the type of job or business.The four just about viridity job analysis types are the job component inventory useable job analysis position analysis questionnaire and t claim inventory (Spector, 2008). For this publisher this writer has elect to use the structural job analysis method, utilizing the O*NET electronic databa se which was previously found in the Dictionary or Occupational Titles (DOT) and is produced by the United States Department of Labor (Spector, 2008). The occupation chosen is Substance Abuse and Behavioral Disorder direction. This paper will alike look at the dependability and validity of the Functional phone line synopsis as well as some of the pros and cons surrounding the four common methods mentioned above.See more how to write an analysis paper on an hold examplesFunctional Job Analysis-Substance Abuse and Behavioral Disorder CounselorThe functional job analysis is a comprehensive method that makes use of observation, interviews, and make headway on several dimensions these dimensions are relevant to all jobs making this a uniform method to obtain discipline no matter what the job may be (Spector, 2008). The functional job analysis of a burden abuse specialist is as follows. (Note due to the extensive amount of information provided much information will be paraphrased and writer will non take 100% of the data provided by O* Also, the information provided is to maneuver an ensureing of the Functional Job Analysis along with the six domains utilized by the O*NET website.)Job Description The analysis begins with a job description as well as some of the titles associated with this vocation. In this case the job is to provide counseling to those struggling with addictions that include substances nevertheless excessively addictions to gambling, or other process addictions (, 2012). Job titles include Counselor Substance Abuse Counselor Chemical Dependency Professional (Onetoneline, 2012).Tools & engine roomThe next section discusses the tools & technology generally used for this occupation. They include intoxicant Breathalyzers Personal Computers and Spreadsheet Software. While this is an extremely comprehensive source there are items that are missing this writer noned the absence of Urine analysis kits used often in t he battleground.Tasks Tasks according to the O*net website include but are not limited to Completion and Maintenance of Records and Reports care Chemical Dependency programs and Coordination with other Mental wellness Professionals or Health Professionals as Needed (Onetonline, 2012).Knowledge Knowledge is next and the competencies include Therapy and advise Psychology Customer Service and Law and Government (Onetonline, 2012).Skills Skills include but are not limited to Active Listening Social hold Critical Thinking and Speaking (Onetonline, 2012).Abilities Some of the abilities are Oral knowledge Oral Expression Problem Sensitivity and Speech Clarity (Onetonline, 2012). employment Activities The pee activities include Assisting and Caring for others Communicating with Peers, subordinates, and others Documenting/Recording breedings and Getting Information (Onetonline, 2012).Work Context The score context appears to be questions one would ask a prospective employer about the nature of any event(a) position. Questions pump on particular job duties such as the length of age spent on the telephone, or how often one would be called upon to work with external customers and even if there would be time constraints or deadlines (Onetonline, 2012).Job Zone The job zone is devoted to the educational requirements, related experience, and a general look at the type of job it is. In this stratum some of the examples include accountants sales managers and chemists (Onetonline, 2012).Education Looks at the levels of education demand in the field (Onetonline, 2012) Interests This job is categorized as SAI Social fastidious and Investigative (Onetonline, 2012).Work Styles Work styles are mainly characteristics held by deal within the field. Self Control, Stress Tolerance, Concern for Others, and Dependability are just some of them (Onetonline, 2012).Work Values People that work in the field are said to value relationships, achievement, and independence (Onetonl ine, 2012).Wages & Employment Trends ultimately this job analysis discusses wages and employment trends on a home(a) and local level (Onetonline, 2012).Reliability and daringIn order to understand the reliability and validity of job analyses one must have an apprehension of who provides the information and who is responsible for gathering and making sense of the data. According to Spector (2008) Job analysis information is collected in several ways by people adroit in quantifying job characteristics and the KSAOs necessary to accomplish the unalike aspects of jobs. These people every survey the employees who do the jobs in question or experience the job firsthand by doing it themselves or observing it cosmos done. The information is provided by job analysts, supervisors, job incumbents, and/or trained reviewers. Because supervisors and job incumbents have experience in the field they can be known as subject matter experts or SMEs (Spector, 2008).According to the look Dierdo ff and Wilson (2003) found that when creating job analysis there is a reliability work out of .83 showing consistency. Depending on the type of rater inter-rater reliability was lower. Task inventory ratings change depending on the scale given, or importance of a project and inter-rater reliabilities also varied quite a bit (Spector, 2008). So it seems that if a task inventory rating is used it should be done with grand care.Validity is fairly high but comes with a caution. Once again the issue of peoples judgments and bias comes up (Spector, 2008). Job analysis is attend toful to I/Os but must be cautiously considered to assess validity (Spector, 2008).The job analysis provided by O* was consummate and comprehensive but one could see that it is not possible to nab every aspect of the job. Some parts may not cod or may apply to one place of employment and not another. Of course there are also the possible omissions such as the Urine Analysis under tools and equipmen t. This writer does feel that this particular analysis was reliable and valid based on first-hand knowledge of the field.Performance appraisal MethodsThere are two types of appraisals one is inclinationive and the other subjective. target appraisals are a way to measure things like absences, or productivity. This would be a simple way of rating people in veritable vocations where showing up and meeting a quota is important. Take people that work in a factory and need to produce high peck this is one example of where this type of appraisal method would be beneficial. received aspects of performance can be measured very well development an objective approach but several weaknesses stand out. One is that the object being measured is not always clear the other is that it is prone to human error (Spector, 2008) There are several subjective appraisal methods the graphic-rating form and many behavior-focused rating forms. These are more likely to be used and measure both trait perfo rmance and general aspects of performance (Spector, 2008).Graphic-Rating FormA graphic rating form is a map with several areas that can be rated with survival of the fittests either numbered or with other hurt such as frequently to never at all (Spector, 2008). It is a way to make an evaluation on many dimensions relating to a particular job. This is an efficient way to get an overall picture.Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scale ( veto)The BARS is a way of evaluating performance on a behavioral level. applicable job expectations or behaviors are listed and the evaluator will find the choice that best describes an employees level of performance along a continuum (Spector, 2008). composite Standard Scale (MSS)A MSS has several statements that describe performance or behaviors with threesome choices that describe a particular level of performance (Spector, 2008). The three choices are randomly placed but they represent respectable performance, fit performance and brusk performanc e (Spector, 2008). This method like others gives a good overall picture but lacks the details that may surround poor performance.Behavior-Observation-Scale (genus Bos)The BOS is a way to measure behaviors using a percentage. rather of describing how well a person responds it describes how often the behavior is seen. One rating could be Stays on Task and the evaluator or observer is to estimate using percentages how well the employee stays on task (Spector, 2008). The BOS is also similar to a mixed-standard scale because it uses critical incidence and either a poor or efficient behavior but preferably of rating behaviors the BOS rates frequency (Spector, 2008). One of the criticisms of the BOS is that to an noncitizen it may be hard to interpret (Spector, 2008) ConclusionThis has been an overview of job analysis, perforamance appraisal, and the concepts of reliability and validity. We have seen that job analysis can be a great source of information. Not only does it provide details pertaining to a particular job but the job analysis can also help in the business world by providing possible legal and good issues, training program development and to help establish salaries just to draw a few. We also know that there are several methods used to rate an employees performance which one is utilized depends on how detailed and what type of information needs to be measured. Lastly as with most other assessments, ratings, and measurements the reliability and validity of any job analysis is airfoil to bias, and other human factors. All of these things must be taken into comity and critical thinking generally applies.

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John Downe

John Downe In John Downes garner to his married woman, he strategic exclusivelyy establishes and develops ethos as well as pathos to dispose her to join him in the United States with their children. Throughout the letter, Downe develops his credibility through his put on of ethos which includes the repetition of I. I have got a situation, I dined with him, I went into the market yesterday, wholly progress towards the establishment of his plausibility in his wifes eyes. He provides his wife with examples of the many positive situations he, himself has endured while being in the country of the States.Downe hopes that his persuading run-in volition convince her to emigrate with their children to the States. I fare you will like America is Downes primary hope and figure for writing this persuasive letter. By describing all the things that he has been able to do in this country, I cornerst peerless go into a store, and have as much brandy as I like to drink for three half-penc e and all other spirits are in proportion, Downe hopes that these credential words will be approved by his wife.His elaborations on the things he has managed to do in America are essentially used to provoke his wifes interest in this country. These descriptions are used as reassurance for his wife to feel of the great opportunities he has found in America but non back home in England. Downe believes this will strike his wife as another reason why she will enjoy her new wearliness in America and compares their troublesome life in England to the great possibilities that evoke be accomplished in this new country.He explains, this is a country where a man can stand as a man, and where he can enjoy the fruits of his own exertions, with rational liberty to its fullest extent, hoping that his comparisons to the life in England and the life in America will evoke in his wife a sense of longing for this shape of living. Downes convincing words show all of the achievements he has experi enced in America star topology his wife to want this akin manikin of exposure.Downe continues to expand on the things he has accomplished in America with his ripening of pathos through long, hourly sentences. He mentions that on the table on that point was pudding, pyes, and fruit of all kind that was in season and they do not think of locking the doors in this country to assure his wife of the safety and prosperity of this country. He then(prenominal) goes on to acknowledge, with emotional appeal, that all he wants now is to see you, and the skillful children here, and then I shall be happy, and not before.This is Downes development of pathos for the purpose of persuading and influencing his wife to make her decision much easier close emigrating to America with the children. He hopes to influence her decision by explaining how much recrudesce off they would be as a family, together in one country. Although he announces that he will only be happy if his family comes to Ame rica to live with him, Downe concludes that he does not repent of coming and he would quite cross the Atlantic ten times than hear my children cry.By his mentioning that he does not regret one bit coming to America, Downe hopes to display for his wife how great of a country America is. The pathos are purposefully placed there by Downe to show to his wife that although he has left(p) his family, he would do it all over again just to live in the convenient country of America- hoping this will stir some kind of desire in his wifes mind.Through his emotional words, Downe demonstrates that the travel to America is nothing compared to what this country holds in store for their family. Although he explains to his wife there will be a few inconveniences in crossing the Atlantic, in the end she will enjoy the United States of America. In the midst of his pathos, it is possible to conclude that Downes reason for leaving his family behind is to acknowledge opportunity for a new life, which America provides.Through his use of repetition and daily sentences, John Downe develops credibility and emotional appeal. Through his repetition of I, he is able to bestow upon his wife a feeling of longing for the same freedom and prosperity he has gained when coming to America by showing her all of the things he has accomplished while living in this country. With Downes strategic pathos, he manages to convince his wife that all he wants for their family is wealth, health, and land- all of which can be found in America.

Consumer Buying Behavior for Life Insurance

Con integralityer dealing deportment is slide fast(a)ener still their desires, which arouse them to taint. T here(predicate) is pecking order of adopt from gritty direct to low train. They initiate to buy their senior high level take afterward completed that they move for an opposite guide. Consumers 1st recognize their deprivation or problem then gather in changeion ab out that harvest. They gain umteen alternatives regarding that reaping then they evaluate each and e genuinely criterion, which give them ram of attri exactlye towards that product. Now they choose among one of them to buy and they take for finding to buy that product. There argon most factors influence them to buy.These are heathenish factor, fond factor and demographic factors. ? Culture factors include their region, culture and their social classes, which is plated on their education and occupation. ? Social factors include reference, radicals and family, which influence them to buy har monise to their superior. People buy product gibe to its routine and berth. ? demographic factors includes age root word, someoneality, occupation, behavior style and so forth pile buy product according to under comes entirely these factors. Introduction redress has got its origin from the invention of Indemnity.Indemnity against to loss, it has occurred due to some unavoidable circumstances. To some, the concept of indemnity has got its origin tie in to the un genuinety in the bread and butter. Uncertainty has been the integral part of everyones conductspan, be the uncertainty in terms of coin, uncertainty in terms of feel etc. Throughout the tenure every other mortals feat is directed towards avoiding this uncertainty. The concept of amends has got its origin from this very effort of avoiding the uncertainty. Though it is not attainable to avoid the uncertainty, it is highly possible to compensate the loss, which has occurredVIGNANA JYOTHI build OF MANAGE MENT, HYDERABAD pageboy 6 CONSUMER buy demeanour FOR action amends insurance due to adventure of this uncertainty. This compensation of unavoidable circumstances (uncertainty), which has occurred, is buzz off it awayn as lodgeitution form _or_ system of government. It is the pooling of funds by m all to compensate the loss of few, whereby m any(prenominal) several(prenominal)s pool themselves to take a leakher to give annul a fund in order to compensate the loss that has occurred to the few. policy as we know today can be traced to the Great apprize of London which, in 1666 AD, destroyed 13200 houses.In the aftermath of this disaster, Nicholas Barbon opened an office to witness buildings. In 1680, he established Englands low gear fire policy family, The absquatulate Office, to insure brick and frame al-Qaidas. Gradually the concept of damages came to be understood as a contract that offered the barter forr harborion against the pecuniary loss due to specif ic incident. Since the riskiness of monetary loss was to be spread amongst the freehanded meeting of people, the intent of financial loss, In the example of mishap occurred, became less devastating to the individual.Though the concept of restitution is old as history of mankind, rearward to some 6000 social classs, it got its presence registered in India somewhere in 1818 with opening up of Oriental flavor policy Company in Calcutta by Europeans. During those years Indians were considered as sub measuring and they were forced to give high bountifulness on rate of their low profile. However with the continuous effort of few eminent people Indians were later considered as of equal side and they were charged the normal rate, at par with the Europeans.This was majorly due to the establishment of first Indian bread and butter amends community, Bombay Mutual heart Assurance golf club in the year 1870. Later on the cultivation of Indian feel amends exertion was more f ired by the patriotic sen cartridge bearernts and gave rise to figure of speech of Indian flavour damages companies viz. wholeed India in Madras, National Indian and National policy in Calcutta and the Co-operative Assurance at Lahore were amongst those company which was formed to treat the Indian masses at par.With augment in the pressure from Indian intellect, to give the Indian Insurance industry an organized structure, Government of India was forced to pass vitality story insurance Companies act, 1912 and farsighted Fund act. But this was not the end to the suffering of Indian populace that even this act recognized the demarcation between the Europeans and Indian eon charging the premium, then came the act of 1938 which not entirely governed the Life Insurance exertion but too had its spread VIGNANA JYOTHI install OF MANAGEMENT, HYDERABAD Page 7 CONSUMER purchase sort FOR livelihood redress POLICY to the Non behavior Insurance Industry.With the subjoin in atro cities from all these companies, the demand to amend the prevailing act of 1938 put on velocity. Thus in the year 1956 the act was passed as Life Insurance deal act, 1956 on 19th June, 1956 which called for nationalization of all the Insurance company subject fielding in India under one name as Life insurance corporation of India (hereafter LIC). Thus LIC was formed on 1st kinsfolk 1956, with an objective to spread emotional state insurance especially in plain areas as a mean to provide the security measure concealment to the life of Indian populace and as tool to military service them in the m of financial need at a reasonable cost.Till 1999 LIC was the only life insurance player in Indian Life Insurance field, when organisation of India decided to amend the then prevailing act prohibiting the private life insurance player to enter the Indian market. It was Insurance Regulatory Authority, 1999 (IRA) that gave the immunity the private players to play in the field. But th e basic motive for introducing such(prenominal) an act was not fulfilled as the amended act was meant for only regulation purpose only and not as a development tool and hence the act was further modified to add the division of development to the concept and hence came the current prevailing act i. . Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA), 1999. It was further amended to incorporate the section of competitiveness. Thus Government of India via IRDA permitted the private Life Insurance player likewise to enter the Indian field and made some provision for strange insurance companies that if they want to enter the Indian market they can do so but to the extent of 26 % of share only with any of Indian partner. Today close 15 private life insurance companies are working India, some in wholly owned format and some as a joint venture with foreign company or with Indian company.Together they discombobulate the market share of approx. 24 % in life insurance market. Still LIC holds the kingship with almost 76 % of market share. Thats the replete(p) news for the LIC people on one part but on another aspect if we deal that shows the pace at which the private life insurance companies are moving, they are defiantly going to give the convoluted fight to LIC. The leadership lies not in acquiring the maximum out of market share but it is there somewhere in taking into custody the reason for the choice of one product over another one. VIGNANA JYOTHI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT, HYDERABADPage 8 CONSUMER BUYING look FOR LIFE redress POLICY Consumer hierarchy of needIt is important to understand the relevance of human call for to buyer behavior remember, marketing is about satisfying need unspoilty). imply as a physiological or psychological deficiency a mortal feels the compulsion to safety, paint a pictureing that need creates tension that can influence a someones work attitudes and behavior. customers set an order for their needs from high level low level need. They pick 1st, which is most essential for them, after completed that, they give favor to next need.There are five needs exist in a hierarchy Need- Physiological needs such as food, air, water, heat, and the basic necessities of option need to be satisfied. Safety -Need for a secure environment, protection and perceptual constancy in the events of day to days life, Such as life insurance. It make people tension free about any risk at their life. Society- At the third level we meet our social and belongingness needs i. e. we marry, or join groups of friends, etc. person overcompensateing tax according to their income, feels the social responsibility and acceptance by society as a good citizen.Life insurance is also a part of the social needs, which lose weight the tax and also cover the risk with the attribution of facilities towards programmes. Esteem- Esteem marrow that you achieve something that makes you recognized and gives personal satisfaction, exampl e writing a book, investiture for family stipulation or have a pension plan for contain at in store(predicate), which arise self respect insight a person. self realization Self actualization is achieved by few. Here a person is one of a small number to actually do something.For example, Neil Armstrong self-actualized as the first person to reach the Moon. The study of how and why people purchase goods and operate is termed consumer purchase behavior. The term covers the stopping point-making processes from those that precede the purchase of goods or services to the final experience of using the product or service. Models of consumer VIGNANA JYOTHI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT, HYDERABAD Page 9 CONSUMER BUYING BEHAVIOR FOR LIFE insurance POLICY buying behavior draw together the various(a) influences on, and the process of, the buying ending.They endeavour to understand what happens within the consumer between his or her exposure to marketing stimuli and the actual decision to purchase. Characteristics of Indian consumer behavior The Indian consumers are noted for the high degree of value orientation. Such orientation to value has labeled Indians as one of the most discerning consumers in the world. Even, luxury give aways have to program a unique pricing strategy in order to get a foothold in the Indian market. Indian consumers have a high degree of family orientation.This orientation in fact, extends to the extended family and friends as well. Brands with identities that pay family value tend to be popular and accepted easily in the Indian market. Indian consumers are also associated with values of nurturing, care and have-to doe withion. These values are far more dominant that values of ambition and achievement. convergence which communicate feelings and emotions What is insurance? Insurance is a policy from a large financial institution that offers a person, company, or other entity reimbursement or financial protection against possible future losses or damages.The meaning of insurance is important to understand for anybody that is considering buying an insurance policy or apparently understanding the basics of finance. Insurance is a hedging Instrument apply as a precautionary measure against future contingent losses. This shaft is used for managing the possible risks of the future. What is life insurance? Life Insurance is the fundamental to good financial planning. On one hand, it safeguards your silver and on the other, ensures its growth, thus providing you with complete financial well being.Life Insurance can be termed as an agreement between the policy owner and the insurer, where the insurer for a shape agrees to pay a sum of money upon the occurrence of the see to it individuals or individuals death or other event, such as terminal illness, hypercritical illness or VIGNANA JYOTHI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT, HYDERABAD Page 10 CONSUMER BUYING BEHAVIOR FOR LIFE indemnification POLICY maturity of the policy. L ife insurance plans, impertinent mutual funds, are beneficial when you look at them as a long term avenue of investiture funds which also offers protection through with(predicate) life cover. Life insurance policies are broadly categorized into cardinal Types- Traditional proposals ? Unit Linked Insurance Plans (ULIPs) Traditional planTraditional policies offer in-built guarantees and stipulate maturity make headways through variety of products such as guaranteed maturity value. The enthronisation risk in traditional life insurance policies is borne by life insurance companies. Additionally, the investment decisions are regulated to a large extent by IRDA rules and regulations, ensuring stable returns with minimal risk. Investment income is distributed amongst the policy holders through one-year bonus. These policies are ideal for policy holders who are not market discretion and do not wish to take investment risks.Term planTerm Insurance helps the guests in safeguarding their families from financial worries that rise due to unfortunate circumstances. Term plans are tenuous risk cover plans with or without maturity benefits. These sensitive risk plans cover your life at a nominal cost Term plans also let you avail the benefit to cover your outstanding debts like mortgage, home loan etc. In case of something happens to you, the financial burden is borne by the insurance company and not your loved ones. VIGNANA JYOTHI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT, HYDERABAD Page 11 CONSUMER BUYING BEHAVIOR FOR LIFE INSURANCE POLICYTerm plan offers following benefits? high school insurance Cover at lower costs ? Financial protection against loans and mortgages, ? Single premium payment option available Whole life policy? As the name suggests, a Whole Life indemnity is an insurance cover against death, irrespective of when it happens. ? Under this plan, the policyholder pays regular premiums until his death, following which the money is handed over to his family. endow ment fund policyCombining risk cover with financial savings, endowment fund policies is the most popular policies in the world of life insurance. In an Endowment Policy, the sum ensure is payable even if the insure survives the policy term. ? If the insured dies during the tenure of the policy, the insurance firm has to pay the sum assured merely as any other pure risk cover. ? A pure endowment policy is also a form of financial saving, whereby if the person cover remains alive beyond the tenure of the policy he gets back the sum assured with some other investment benefits. In addition to the basic policy, insurers offer various benefits such as range of a function endowment and marriage/education endowment plans.The cost of such a policy is slightly higher but worth its value. currency back policy? These policies are structured to provide sums required as pass judgment expenses (marriage, education etc) over a stipulated period of time. With inflation becoming a big issue, companies have realized that sometimes the money value of the policy is eroded. That is VIGNANA JYOTHI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT, HYDERABAD Page 12 CONSUMER BUYING BEHAVIOR FOR LIFE INSURANCE POLICY why with-profit policies are also being introduced to offset some of the losses incurred on account of inflation. ?A portion of the sum assured is payable at regular intervals. On survival the remainder of the sum assured is payable. ? ? In case of death, the copious sum assured is payable to the insured. The premium is payable for a particular period of time. Annuities and pensionIn an annuity, the insurer agrees to pay the insured a stipulated sum of money periodically. The purpose of an annuity is to protect against risk as well as provide money in the form of pension at regular intervals. Over the years, insurers have added various consumes to basic insurance policies in order to address specific needs of a cross section of people.ULIP planUnit linked insurance plan (ULIP) is life in surance solution that provides for the benefits of risk protection and flexibility in investment. The investment is denoted as units and is represented by the value that it has attained called as terminal Asset Value (NAV). The policy value at any time varies according to the value of the underlying assets at the time. In a ULIP, the invested numerate of the premiums after deducting for all the charges and premium for risk cover under all policies in a particular fund as chosen by the policy holders are pooled together to form a Unit fund.A Unit is the component of the Fund in a Unit Linked Insurance Policy. The returns in a ULIP depend upon the performance of the fund in the seat of government market. ULIP investors have the option of investing across various schemes, i. e. , diversified jurality funds, balanced funds, debt funds etc. It is important to remember that in a ULIP, the investment risk is world-widely borne by their investor. Life insurance companies in IndiaIn In dia, Insurance is a national matter, in which life and general insurance is yet a booming area with huge possibilities for different world(prenominal) companies, as life insurance premiums ccount to 2. 5% and general insurance premiums account to 0. 65% of Indias GDP. The Indian Insurance sector has gone through several(prenominal) phases and changes, especially after 1999, when the Govt. of VIGNANA JYOTHI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT, HYDERABAD Page 13 CONSUMER BUYING BEHAVIOR FOR LIFE INSURANCE POLICY India opened up the insurance sector for private companies to solicit insurance, allowing FDI up to 26%. Since then, the Insurance sector in India is considered as a flourishing market amongst global insurance companies. However, the largest life insurance company in India is still owned by the government.Top 5 life insurance Company in India? Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) This remains the largest insurance company in India and is owned by the government. In 2008, LIC accoun ted for 64 percent market share. Although it is still the market leader, the company has to strife against the innovative strategies and transgress trades force of private enterprises. Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) registered an 83 per cent increase in new crinkle income in March 2010, while private players posted a 47 per cent growth in new business premium. ICICI Prudential Life Insurance This life insurance companies has attracted a loyal customer base with great customer support and a wide range of meretricious policies to choose from. ? Bajaj Allianz general Insurance This private company has been rising steadily in terms of market capture. It now sells the second most number of insurance policies in India after LIC and has been growing at a fast pace since 2006. ? Birla Sun Life Insurance This Company has played its cards well. It offers a variety of insurance policies for the customers to choose from, provides them with attractive deals and offers great cus tomer service and support.There is no reason why people shouldnt favour this one. VIGNANA JYOTHI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT, HYDERABAD Page 14 CONSUMER BUYING BEHAVIOR FOR LIFE INSURANCE POLICY ? SBI Life Though a little slow on the marketing propaganda, SBI Life has been consistently growing in the Indian life insurance market because of good service and a great brand image. Consumer perception for life insurance According to the need life insurance is the second need of people, because nobody knows about future. Life is suffering from full of risk and incidents. Nobody knows that what would be a financial condition in coming time.To be secure about future people are speedily holding insurance policy. Insurance is actually a protection against economic loss, by sharing the risk with others. Consumers need Life Insurance because typically the need for income continues for those who are financially dependent on them, but there is no guarantee of their ability to earn consistently and for the rest of their life. Life insurance can help them safeguard the financial needs of their family. This need has become even more important due to sweetheart disintegration of the prevalent Joint family system and emergence of nuclear families.The need to protect their familys ever growing needs is why they need Life Insurance. Consumer buying behavior for buying life insurance policyA consumer buying behavior starts from need/requirement for product, then evaluation about product and decide product, which gives better satisfaction then take decision for buying. ? Need- Need or requirement is a primary model for buying a life insurance. A need arouse people to act of buy. assorted person have different purpose for buying life insurance such as investment for future security or family obligation (children education, children marriage) or risk cover.If there are individuals who depend on you for financial support, or if you work at home providing your family with such services as child care, cooking, and cleaning, you need life insurance. Older couples also may need life insurance to protect a surviving spouse against the contingency of the couples retirement savings being depleted by unexpected medical exam expenses. And individuals with substantial VIGNANA JYOTHI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT, HYDERABAD Page 15 CONSUMER BUYING BEHAVIOR FOR LIFE INSURANCE POLICY assets may need life insurance to help reduce the effects of estate taxes or to transfer wealth to future generations. Information search- After recognize need, they search for limited amount of learning regarding loyal companies, and its plan according to their desire. At the next level the person may enter an active information search looking for regarding insurance, phoning friend, go online, meet to salesman and advertisement are rich source to gather information. ? military rating of alternatives- Having information about many companies, they evaluate which company giving better plan according to their admire within the budget. Second they look for certain benefits from the policy and stability of company.Third customer see Each insurance as a bundle of attributes with varying abilities for delivering the benefit sought to satisfy their need such as ? ? Face Value The original death benefit amount. Convertibility Option to convert from one type of policy to another (whole life), usually without a physical examination. ? ? ? ? Cash Value The savings portion of a policy that can be borrowed against or cashed in. Premiums Monthly, quarterly, or periodic payments required to maintain coverage. Beneficiary The individual(s) or entity (trust) that is designated as benefit recipient.Paid Up A policy requiring no further premium payments due to prepayment or earnings. ? Customers evaluate all positive and negative point of services according to importance and give preference to a better plan provided by company. Purchase decision-. In the evaluation stage, customer form preference among the company, full filling their requirements. But there are few factors, which can vary consumer mind set. ? Other person can make them advice for another investment like share market, bond, mutual fund and bank deposit or other alternatives. VIGNANA JYOTHI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT, HYDERABAD Page 16CONSUMER BUYING BEHAVIOR FOR LIFE INSURANCE POLICY ? ? ? ? ? ? ? An unsatisfied policy holder can divert their mind. Customer is not getting a loyal salesperson. Customer is influenced by sensed risk for losing money. The policy is not giving up as ones expected. They attracted for other best investment. Ones may be a policy holder and not getting benefit as ones expected, so he is not getting decision for buy. Customer may be from rural area, he is not getting belief at company cause of conservative thinking. If Customers get satisfaction struggling from these all factor, then they make decide for buy insurance policy. The Purchase Decision The purchase decision in gene ral is prompt by number of factors viz. Psycho graphical, efficient, Social, Political legal and Demographical.The list is not exhaustive but it is sufficient to have the orphic understanding of the factors influencing the decision. Psycho graphical Factors are those factors, which includes the behavioral aspect of the individual viz. lifestyle, living standard. Here purchase decision in influenced by those issues that affect the lifestyle of the consumer or in the other that reflects the status. For e. g. purchase decision related to buying of car and that to Mercedes Benz. Talking specifically to the insurance sector, here customer go forth buy only that policy that has got high premium or that type of policy which company is promoting to limited high-income level group only. For e. g. Classic Life premier policy of Birla Sun life insurance is meant for only those individual who can pay at least Rs. 25000/- per annum. Economical factorEconomical factors affect the purchase deci sion by influencing the issues pertaining to money and income level of the individual.Consumer will buy only that product which will not have any VIGNANA JYOTHI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT, HYDERABAD Page 17 CONSUMER BUYING BEHAVIOR FOR LIFE INSURANCE POLICY negative effect on his pocket. For e. g. decision to buy an insurance policy is influenced by the deepness in the pocket. Social factorSocial factor affect the purchase decision by influencing the issues pertaining to social beliefs and morals. Person influenced by group and their family members. They buy mostly same plan from same company whether their friends or family members have it.Some time if ones want to buy a new plan from other companies, their family member remorse them to buy it. Political factorsPolitico legal is the macro level environment. It effects in a way, think IRDA has restricted the sale of Key Man Insurance policy through Term Plan only. Demographic factorDemographical factor is that factor which has got the maximum of its effect in the purchase decision of the product and especially if that product is life insurance product. It is so because these factors incorporate other above said factors and includes those factors that can influence the buying decision to maximum extent viz.Occupational factor (service/business), Age factor, Gender, Marital status factor and Income level etc. It cannot be denied that buying decision of the individual who is unmarried and is into business, having the income level of the range Rs. 2. 4 lakhs per annum, is into the age group of say 25 years have the entirely different approach towards purchase of the life insurance policy with the individual who is into service and is married, is into the age group of, say 35, and is earning Rs. 30000/- per month.Keeping the above phenomena under consideration a study was conducted to know precisely to what extent Demographical factor has got its influence in purchase decision of the life insurance product. VIGNANA J YOTHI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT, HYDERABAD Page 18 CONSUMER BUYING BEHAVIOR FOR LIFE INSURANCE POLICY The Study This study, which was conducted in the city of Bangarmau (Utter Pradesh), covered almost 50 individual of different status. The duration of the study was almost one month. The method which we used to collect the information was through questionnaire and force out interview.The data so collected was grouped according to the company of the consumers choice from where they have purchased the product and further it was analyzed that what was the demographic profile of that consumer and outcome was thus generalized. The study covered 50 individuals, of which 84 % were found insured and 16 % uninsured. Of the entirety insured 75% were from 21-45 age group and 25 % were from age group 46-60. It was 78 % of the male who was there in the natural insured and rest 22% were female. Occupation wise 40 % of the total insured were into service and 60 % into business.Thus the overall pe netration of companies in to the judgment of consumer buying preference (based on the customers purchase of a companys life insurance policy) is given in the graph as under Types of consumer- There are two kinds of customers according to their region? Urban customer? Rural customer- I did my research in rural area. It is my home town name is Bangarmau. I find that people having lack of knowledge and awareness about life insurance. Here insurance advisor playing a vital role to make them aware and convenience them for buying life insurance policy.In the exact word I can say that people dont buy policy here, they buy belief of adviser. They buy it on the basis of reputation and loyalty of insurance adviser. Here customer do not worry about their security, they buy it as a investment, which should give them good return in very short of time. I find that if adviser does not push them for having life insurance, number of people would be very less to buy life insurance. VIGNANA JYOTHI I NSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT, HYDERABAD Page 19 CONSUMER BUYING BEHAVIOR FOR LIFE INSURANCE POLICY The main factor is unawareness, thats why they do not believe at Pvt Company.They have maintenance about lost their money, because they dont know what IRDA is and what it is work. QuestionnairesI prepared 13 questionnaires to know about consumers perception for buying life insurance policy. 1-Whether you have life insurance policy? life insurance 50 40 30 20 10 0 yes No 8 yes No 42 2- As what purpose did you buy it? VIGNANA JYOTHI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT, HYDERABAD Page 20 CONSUMER BUYING BEHAVIOR FOR LIFE INSURANCE POLICY policy holder investment family obligation saving tax 10% 19% 71% 3-If yes, which company life insurance you have? COMPANYNO. OF POLICY (x-8. 4) HOLDER (x) S. D. LIC SBI creed ICICI Bajaj 26 4 6 0 6 17. 6 -4. 4 -2. 4 -8. 4 -2. 4 9. 11 I did survey somewhat 50 people at Bangarmau. I find that consumer mostly prefer LIC for life insurance. Actually it is a business town a nd people do not have enough knowledge about regulatory authority, thats why they do not believe on other Pvt. companies. I got above 60% people have policy of LIC out of 42 policyholder. VIGNANA JYOTHI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT, HYDERABAD Page 21 CONSUMER BUYING BEHAVIOR FOR LIFE INSURANCE POLICY Three more Pvt.Insurance companies are providing service at Bangarmau, but consumers are less responsive for those companies, it is less than 40 % customer hold by these companies. Mean for all these customer towards company is 8. 4 and standard deviation is 9. 11. 4-What was the source of medium, you buy it? T. V. Insurance adviser Other 6 34 2 Here customer do not go at company to buy policy, they always need a instrument to make them understand about the better plans and companies, which is good service responsiveness. Those people belong to the service sector, they influenced towards TV and other sources for buying policy -What is the feature of your policy attracted to you? Low premium High risk coverage Money back guarantee Reputation of company Agents convictions 2 2 12 3 23 VIGNANA JYOTHI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT, HYDERABADPage 22 CONSUMER BUYING BEHAVIOR FOR LIFE INSURANCE POLICY Most of the policyholder in this region are businessman, they need only high growth of their money thats why they maximum attracted by money back guarantee, but agent attracted them a lot. They make them understand better plans. Customer influenced by agents behavior and they believe upon company, what they suggest them. -Now you are satisfied with your policy? Satisfied non satisfied Not respondent 36 4 2 7- People perception at appropriate age for buying life insurance policy? VIGNANA JYOTHI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT, HYDERABAD Page 23 CONSUMER BUYING BEHAVIOR FOR LIFE INSURANCE POLICY Age No. (X) Mean Standard deviation < 25 year 25-34 35-44 45-54 55-64 65 above 3 15 12 5 5 2 0. 6 3 2. 4 1 1 0. 4 1. 07 5. 36 4. 29 1. 78 1. 76 0. 71 Customer belongs to 25 -45 maximum prefer the ins urance policy sake of growth of money and saving the tax. People, who are less than 25 year are students,

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Bookbinders Book Club Essay

About 50,000 new titles, including new editions, are published in the United States each year, giving rise to a $20+ one million million contain publishing industry. About 10 percent of the give-and-takes are sell through institutionalize order. Book retailing in the 1970s was characterized by the offshoot of chain bookstore operations in concert with the increment of shopping malls. Traffic in bookstores in the 1980s was enhanced by the spread of discounting. In the 1990s, the superstore concept of book retailing was responsible for the double-digit growth of the book industry.Generally situated near large shopping centers, superstores fight down large inventories of anywhere from 30,000 to 80,000 titles. Superstores are putting intense competitive air pressure on book clubs, mail-order firms and retail outlets. Recently, online superstores, such as www. amazon. com, have emerged, carrying 12. 5 million titles and further intensifying the pressure on book clubs and mail-orde r firms. In response to these pressures, book clubs are starting to look at alternative business models that will make them more(prenominal) responsive to their customers preferences.Historically, book clubs put outed their readers continuity and negative option programs that were based on an extended contractual relationship between the club and its subscribers. In a continuity program, touristed in such genres as childrens books, a reader signs up for an offer of some(prenominal) books for a few dollars each (plus shipping and intervention on each book) and agrees to receive Copyright 2008 by DecisionPro, Inc. To order copies or request permit to reproduce materials, go to www. decisionpro. biz.No part of this offspring may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, used in a spreadsheet, or transmitted in any form or by any means electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise without the permission of DecisionPro, Inc. a shipment of one or two books each month thereafter. In a negative option program, subscribers get to choose which and how many additional books they will receive, but the default option is that the clubs infusion will be delivered to them each month. The club informs them of the monthly selection and they must mark no on their order forms if they do non want to receive it.Some firms are now beginning to offer books on a positive-option basis, but only to selected segments of their customer lists that they deem opened to specific offers. Book clubs are also beginning to use database merchandise techniques to work smarter rather than expand the coverage of their mailings. According to Doubleday president Marcus Willhelm, The database is the draw to what we are doing. We have to understand what our customers want and be more flexible.I doubt book clubs can survive if they offer the same 16 offers, the same ful engorgement to everybody. 2 Doubleday uses modeling techniques to look at more than 80 variables, inclu ding geography and the types of books customers procure, and selects three to five variables that are the most powerful predictors. The Bookbinders Book Club The BBB Club was established in 1986 for the purpose of sell specialty books through direct marketing. BBBC is strictly a distributor and does not publish any of the books it sells. In anticipation of using database marketing, BBBC made a strategic decision right from the start to build and maintain a detailed database about its members containing all the relevant information about them.Readers fill out an insert and return it to BBBC which then enters the data into the database. The company presently has a database of 500,000 readers and sends out a mailing about once a month. BBBC is exploring whether to use predictive modeling approaches to improve the efficacy of its direct mail program. For a recent mailing, the company selected 20,000 customers in Pennsylvania, New York and Ohio from its database and included with th eir stiff mailing a specially produced brochure for the book The contrivance score of Florence.This resulted in a 9. 03 percent response rate (1806 orders) for the purchase of the book. BBBC then developed a database to calibrate a response model to get wind the factors that influenced these purchases. For this case analysis, we will use a subset of the database available to BBBC. It consists of data for cd customers who purchased the book, and 1,200 customers who did not, thereby over-representing the response group. The dependent variable for the analysis is Choice purchase or no purchase of The Art History of Florence.BBBC also selected several independent variables that it thought might explain the observed choice behavior. infra is a description of the variables used for the analysis Choice Whether the customer purchased the The Art History of Florence. 1 corresponds to a purchase and 0 corresponds to a nonpurchase. sexual urge 0 = Female and 1 = Male. Amount purchased Total money worn-out(a) on BBBC books. Frequency Total number of purchases in the chosen menses (used as a proxy for frequency. ) Last purchase (recency of purchase) Months since last purchase. inaugural purchase Months since first purchase.

Is Lying Bad?

Imagine the president of the United States telling everyone that if they spend both of their money until they go bankrupt, thence the president get out reimburse you, positive get an extra three million dollars. After everyone is totally bankrupt, they find out out that the president was delusion and now there is an extremely supple chance that they will ever get their money back. legion(predicate) tidy sum believe that lying is one of the worst things a person spate do. They spate it as something that hurts everyone and compensatetually destroys or consumes the person that lies.Others believe that lying put up be the best way to handle a situation. They view it as protecting someones feelings or calming a difficult situation. Many people in our red-hots sh ar the belief that sometimes the truth isnt is everyones best interest, but it should be. First and foremost, lying effects you extremely. If you tell a secondary white lie much(prenominal) as, Does this dress mak e me look plump out? No , then you may have some guilt horseback riding on your shoulders. If you tell a huge, important lie, then the guilt will be riding on your shoulders like a one m pound weight.For instance, what the president did. After a pointless(prenominal) lie, the whole realm is totally poor and most likely starved because of the lack of money for food and water. People lie everyday to, in someway or another, keep themselves out of trouble. Many teenagers will lie to their p atomic number 18nts most what they are doing for the evening, how much of their homework they have done, or how that glass vase got broken eyepatch they were out of town. We even lie to our male child booster stations or girlfriends about who that other boy was that called the house or what exactly we did with our friends last night.All anyone is trying to do by this is to stay out of trouble when we know weve done reproach but we neer think of the effects of lying. Although we think were being sly, parents are usually smarter than we give them credit for Eventually there will be no point in telling this lie any durable because be then, everyone has already found out Then the problem becomes the put out of trust. If you lie, there is no trust. That can be one of the serious consequences of lying. You should never have to lie, or deceive any one. Lies are empty. Evil is apparently hurting yourself or others, and lies can do that, even when you dont think they are. falsehood can also effect others in a detrimental way besides. How about lying to impress other people? More special K in children and teenagers, we lie to make others think were cool, and when you really think about it, thats the part thats not cool Most young people accusation too much about what others think about them. If you tell even the littlest lie, it will harm you in the long run. For instance, your friend asks you if you want to touch out or maybe do something. You say that you cant becaus e you are too busy studying and drowning in school work. Even though, you are in reality having the time of your life with some other friends at Golf World. virtually fifteen minutes late, you look towards the door and here comes your poor, lonely friend through the big glass doors. She spots you, stares sadly for a moment, and then leaves. That is all it takes. One small lie and there you go, one less trustworthy, good friend. To sum it all up, lying is always and entirely bad. Whether it is a small, white lie or a big, important lie it can still hurt you or someone else. Lying effects you in a negative way, making you carry guilt, losing trust, and lying for dumb reasons such as to impress others.Lying effects others in a negative way also, because others capacity think bad about them or you might just make them look ignorant. It is wrong because it is being deceitful to lie. smock lies dont benefit anyone but the person lying. It makes them feel better because they dont want t o face the actual issue at hand. Imagine a world where no one ever told the truth. How would you ever find the truth? How would you deal with having to live in a life of lies? Liars when they speak the truth are not believed. Aristotle. So why even lie at all?

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Chemistry of Biomolecules Essay

Our split up on desoxyribonucleic acid is divided into 3 parts (I) Genetics (II) desoxyribonucleic acid structure (III) Concepts and applications.I. Genetics In the primordial period, simple molecules were organise from atoms and from these molecules, macromolecules were ricocheted. These macromolecules formed life and all living beings. The classical comp whiznttic and heredity observations in the 19th century started the search for the bank line of life.The transforming principle of desoxyribonucleic acid was present from the experiment in which non-pathogenic (R-form) and virulent (S-form) but heat treated bacteria, when co-injected, could massacre the mice. After that, the link in the midst of genes ( deoxyribonucleic acid) and genotype / phenotype was established. The link between the features of an organism and genes was established.II. desoxyribonucleic acid structure The genomic desoxyribonucleic acid of a eukaryotic jail mobile phone is situated in a special or ganelle, the substance, whereas in a prokaryotic cell in that respect is no nucleus. In a virus, including bacteriohage, the genome is packed efficiently. The nucleus of a gracious cell contains complete genetic deoxyribonucleic acid, organized in 46 chromosomes (22 autosomal pairs and twain sex chromosomes). Chromatid is one of the two identical copies of deoxyribonucleic acid in a chromosome. The two copies approach each other at the centromere. The ends of desoxyribonucleic acid in a chromosome be called telomere. The location of a gene in a chromosome is marked as, say, 7q31.2 where 7 refers to the chromosome number, q is the long arm (the in short arm of the chromosome is called p), 3 refers to the shargon of a chromosome when colored victimisation a particular process, 1 refers to band 1 in that region and 2 refers to a sub-band within band 1.In the chromatin, deoxyribonucleic acid is appal around the histone core ( do by 2 copies each of the H2A, H2B, H3 and H4 pr oteins) and clamped by the H1 protein. Anytime this DNA is accessed for some(prenominal) biochemical reaction, there allow be physical rearrangement of DNA and the histone core and furthermore the histone proteins undergo chemical modifications, like acetylation and methylation.Two strands of DNA form duplex DNA by base-pairing. In a basepair, the two bases are unlikely to be perfectly aligned or coplanar. In the same token, two adjacent basepairs also need not be perfectly parallel to each other. on that point are three forms of DNA B-DNA, A-DNA and Z-DNA. The B form is the physiological form. The other two forms are synthetic from specific sequences. While the first two forms are right pass helices, the last one is left-handed. In the B-form, the minor groove is narrow and the major groove is wide whereas in the A and Z forms, the groove widths are nearly the same. Also, a basepair in the B-form tracks the helical axis whereas in the A-form, a basepair is very(prenominal) m uch away from the helical axis. However, in the Z-form a basepair lies in-between.Supercoiled DNA In a chromosome (or even in a circular plasmid), DNA exists in a supercoiled form. Several studies have established the connection between the number of base-pairs (linking number, twist) and the level of supercoiling (writhing number). Assume there are 260 B-DNA base-pairs (10 base-pairs will form one full turn, Fig. 1 start from base-pair 1 on a strand and come to the same but one earlier billet on the same strand after 10 base-pairs the next 10 base-pairs form the next one round and so on).Now, convert the elongated DNA into circular DNA by connecting the ends of the same strands. The twist T = total base-pairs / 10 = 260/10 = 26. The linking number is the number of times one strand crosses the other, which is also 26. So the equation becomes,L = T + W or 26 = 26 + 0Now cut scarce if one strand and unwind that strand two times and reconnect the ends. That means, L becomes 24. In order to balance the above equation, 24 = 26 2 or W becomes -2. Or, the new circular adjusts (writhes) with two cross-overs. If you over-wind by two, L = 28 and W = +2. Even now, the circular DNA writhes by 2 but in the opposite direction.Apart from DNA, ribonucleic acids are also very grievous in several(prenominal) cellular processes. There are 3 types of RNA, mRNA, rRNA and tRNA. Of these 3 classes, the tRNA is normally depicted in the clover flip form, displaying its amino group acid acceptor region and the anti-codon region. An amino-acyl tRNA synthetase enzyme attaches a corresponding amino acid to the tRNA. An important and emerging field is non-coding RNA.Class 1bIII. Applications and concepts There are several applications and processes that involve nucleic acids. However, due to the limitation of time, we will learn whole a few applications.1. DNA return key In molecular biology, the important fundamental processes are the cell cycle (including DNA replication the fashioning of DNA exploitation a DNA path fall outer), organization (the devising of mRNA apply a DNA template) and translation (the making of a protein employ mRNA as a template). The next level of events includes reverse transcription (the making of DNA using an RNA template) and the making of RNA using an RNA template. The making of a protein using a DNA template is not yet known.In prokaryotic DNA replication, DNA is unwound by enzymes like helicases and long leading strands ( for the parental 3 to 5 strand) and several short lagging strands (for the parental 5 to 3 strand) are made by the DNA polymerase. The short fragments are joined by ligases. If there is each problem during DNA synthesis, like base-pair mismatch, selected enzymes fix those problems.In a eukaryotic cell, there are several origins of DNA replication (dedicated sequences in DNA) in a chromosome. DNA replication must be initiated only once per origin per cell cycle. First, origin replication protein co mplex (ORC) binds to the origin of replication. The CDC6 protein (CDC28 in yeast) binds to ORC. The CDT1 protein binds to CDC6. Next, the mini chromosome maintenance proteins 2 to 7 (MCM 2-7) binds to the above proteins. The gathering of all these proteins is called licensing and the above complex of all these proteins is called the pre replication complex (pre-RC).There are two systems by which DNA re-replication is prevented. The first mode is through with(predicate) the involvement of cyclin dependent kinases (CDKs). We are not going to review that mode here. The other mode is through the involvement of geminin, a protein.Once DNA replication is initiated, Geminin binds to Cdt1 and primes it for degradation. Once Cdt1 is removed from the pre-RC, there cannot be another DNA replication firing. At the end of the cell cycle, even geminin is degraded. This way, DNA replication takes place only once per cell cycle. We have published the structure of geminin. The geminin-Cdt1 comple x structure is also published by another group.2. clone In conventional sexual reproduction or in vitro fecundation (IVF), an egg is impregnated by a sperm cell. But in cloning, the nucleus of an egg is removed and a nucleus from any suitable cell from an individual is implanted. This cell grows with the same genetic make-up of the nucleus giver (not the egg donor).3. DNA microarray This development is an important tool to study how a normal cell and an affected cell (say, a cancer cell) guide and what are the genes that are up-regulated and down-regulated. On a commercial DNA chip, rummy and short wiz stranded DNA fragments of all known human genes (as of today) are immobilized on glass. Take a normal cell and a cancer cell. Make complementary DNA for all the RNAs in the cells. cover the normal cell DNA with a dye (say green) and that of the cancer cell with a red dye. Now pass the two pools of DNA through the chip. The genes that areactive only in the normal cell (thereby ma king mRNA and hence cDNA) will bind to their complementary fragments (immobilized on the chip) and will cast green signal when detected. Similarly, the genes that are active only in the cancer cell will bind to their complementary fragments and will emit red signal. The genes that are common to both cells will give fall out yellow signal. From this we can learn which genes are upregulated and down regulated in a particular cell for a particular disease condition.4. Transgenic / reporter genes Selected color displaying proteins, like green fluorescent protein (GFP), can be utilise as reporters to identify the location of protein expression for a protein of interest. The GFP gene is wedded to the gene of our interest and injected in an embryo and the location of protein expression is visually observed. Such techniques can be used to generate multicolored ornamental fish for the same species.5. DNA protein interaction Several proteins interact with DNA. For example, transcription factors bind to the promoter / enhancer regions of a gene. Restriction enzymes bind to and cut DNA. DNA polymerase is involved in DNA replication and RNA polymerase is important for transcription. Furthermore, amino-acyl tRNA synthetases bind to tRNAs and attach corresponding amino acids to them.6. RNA impediment Most of the free forms of RNA, messenger RNA molecules in particular, are single strands. tRNAs and selected RNA regions are double-stranded. Many viruses, however, form long stretches of double-stranded RNA when they replicate.When our cells find double-stranded RNA, it is often a sign of an infection. However, plant and animal cells have a more targeted defense that attacks the viral double stranded RNA directly, termed RNA interference.Viral double-stranded RNA are cut into pieces (about 21 base-pairs), called small busybodied RNA (SiRNA) by the protein Dicer. The argonaute protein strips away one strand from the siRNA, and then looks for any viral messenger RNA that m atches it. If it finds some, it cleaves the RNA, destroying it. In this way, the cell removes all viral messenger RNA that is the same as the original double-stranded piece prime and processed by dicer.Based on this principle, we can synthesize a non-natural interfering RNA, then insert it into a cell to destroy any messenger RNA that we desire. Researchers use these small RNA molecules to fight disease, for instance, using them to knock out cancer genes.7. RNA modifying enzymes RNA has to be circumscribed in selected cellular processes. For example, uridine is modified to pseudo-uridine by pseudo-uridine synthase enzymes.