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Power Storage for the National Grid Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

military group Storage for the National Grid - Essay ExampleThere allow in like manner be reflections on the current studies that are undergoing to better the index number storage in the UK.Major drivers of the UK thrift are sectors like the industrial sector and the manufacturing sector. These sectors are truly electricity dependent and thus it stand be said that electricity is the major driver of the UK economy. In order to ensure that these sectors perform to their close efficiency there has to be comprehensive plan as far as the reliability of the Power from the national control grid is concerned (Nationalgrid). One major way of guaranteeing the reliability of the power of the national grid is that UK power generators should have a comprehensive power storage plan for the national grid. Even with the very many sources of power like wind, hydro-generation, solar and many others, there is a minimal probability that without having a dangerous storage plan for the national grid can there be reliability as far as power delivery, to the major sectors and also the domestic consumers is concerned ordain be as effective as it should be (Nationalgrid).One thing that can never go unmentioned are the benefits of storing power, this is payable to the numerous good things that come with power that has been stored. Due to the increase in venturing into power production utilise wind, solar and other green means there is an unusual urge to have a good power storage system.To begin with, national grid power storage if well implemented will be very vital to the UK especially in its bid to achieve the use of greener forms of energy (Nelson 2012). This will guarantee the UK green-energy which will be a milestone since this is the long term goals of the power generators in the UK. liberal so much attention to the greener forms of energy will not only be good watchword to the environmentalist as far as reduction and minimization of the other environmentally unfrien dly forms of power generation are concerned. This

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Investigtion in the importance of play to children's development and Essay

Investigtion in the importance of interpret to childrens development and schooling and its psychological influences - Essay ExampleThe theories on play atomic number 18 categorized low two broad categories of Classical and Contemporary Theories. Play is an essential component of development and learning and enriches the experiences of children agreeable in it. Play activities provide children with various opportunities to engage in different aspects of the social world therefrom helping them develop. Introduction Ask a child and he would tell you or even asking the question to ourselves lot remind us how much children love to play. For children, play usually reflects what they hold big in their lives. Play mirrors a childrens cognitive, social and physiological development. Children relate play to as feelings of having fun, fundamental interaction with friends, having the authority to choose the kind of activities they engage in and obviously the exhilaration of being outdo ors. Play activities can range from being funny, noisy, messy to being very serious and effortful. The kind of play that children would engage in varies with their developmental stage and it evolves as the children grow and explore new things around them. Through play, children are fortify existing learning or practicing a skill. Play can also play a pregnant role in building or strengthening a relationship. Engaging in play provides children with a chance to bring their own interpretation and understandings of people, situations, experiences and expectations in action. This makes a child more responsive of what he is observing around him and makes him learn actively. For children play could simply be a way to do things and provided by doing things a child can develop and learn. Play provides children with opportunities to engage in social interaction with their family and peers, help developing their language, social skills and their ability to solve problems and help enable the m to function as a part of a larger group. Play is an essential part of development in children as it ensures that a childs mind is constantly engaged, it is aware of others around and active in learning done observation. Engagement in both the real and imagined social and physical world provides children with the chance to experience wound up and bodily sensations (Lester & Russell, 2008). Play can be seen as an instrument that builds and design the structures of the brain in a unique way when considering its relationship to the body and the surround rather than a way of learning proper(postnominal) skills(Lester & Russell, 2008). Through this engagement with the immediate real and the imagined impacts on the development of the brain and effects the way the genes are expressed. Play is an essential tool for children to make sense of their world and to identify their niche within it. The joined Nations Convention on the Rights of Children acknowledges the importance of play in th e lives of children and categorizes it as a significant right for every(prenominal) child (International Play Association, n.d.). Play provides numerous opportunities for the children to interact as learners and it also helps stimulate an inclusive learning environment. Through play the child is socialized in to the society, they learn about responsibilities and practice their roles as a part of a learning community. By supporting childrens play the teachers can provide an environment that encourages holistic learning. Responsibilities and the Adult roles are significant in initiating the children to

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Reflective report Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Reflective describe - Assignment ExampleSince the trends are ever-changing, and new ideas are always coming up, it is imperative that a bourgeois strives to keep up with them to maintain significance in the economy (Peltonen, 2012, p. 70). This paper showcases my reflection on personalized and professional development that I got after reading texts by Hofstede. & Minkov, Belbin and Jared Diamond and others revolving around culture, organization and teamwork. It withal scrutinizes the useful aspects I acquired around internal business, economics and research methods based on the same books.In his book, Hofstede presents the cultural dimensions theory that provides a framework for cross-cultural communication. The reading offers a valuable insight into set up of a societys culture on the values of its members and the way these values relate to demeanour (Hofstede, 1980, p. 90). I learn that the society behaves differently according to its culture. In a society that exhibits a lof ty degree of power distance accepts hierarchies without the need for justification. Society with mild power distance, seek equal diffusion of authority (Tuckman, 1965, p. 390). In addition, individualistic societies put too much stress on personal achievements and rights term collective organizations promote the culture of cohesion and unity (Rhodes, 2014, p. 116). People living in societies with cultures having high uncertainty avoidance tend to be anxious and emotional and try minimizing this uncertainty as opposed to those with low uncertainty avoidance that are more tolerant to change (Hofstede, Hofstede and Minkov, 2010, p. 33). It is important as a man of affairs to consider the cultural set-up of a society before establishing a business in it. Such an accomplishment will determine how well the people will accept my business in that the corporation, what quality of employees I will get and consequently how well the company will perform. A society that is indulgent and wi lling will likely result in more sales for my

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Business Finance Ratios Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

blood Finance Ratios - Essay ExampleDebt ratios signify the expenditure of debt in acquiring the assets of the company. It signifies how the company has financed its assets and through what faction of debt and equity. Riordan Manufacturing has a higher debt ratio as compared to Kuddler foods however it must also be noted that the use of higher debt may also be favorable for the strong as it leave alone them to magnify their P/E ratio due to the impact of debt on taxable income of the firm. Apart from that the higher debt will each(prenominal)ow firms to get the tax benefits also. However it also must be noted that the higher debt may be risky as taking more debt means putting on more burden on the existing resources to pay back the debt rather than being channeled into the more productive resources.Profit Margin is a ratio of great importance as it actually indicates what company is earning after paying off all its costs. This is in its essence is one of the key ratios of the s uccess of the firm. In this regard, the profit margin of Riordan Manufacturing is less than that of the Kuddler beautiful Foods. This can be because of the differences in their industry. Riordon being in manufacturing sectors has to incur costs which Kuddler, being in foodstuff business, may not incur. Further, the low profit margin for Riordon may also be attributed to its higher frozen costs ratio in its overall cost structure.Return on Assets is another very sarcastic indicator of the how efficient firm is in running and managing its resources. High asset turnover and return on assets clearly indicate the level of professionalism and management approach. The ratio is significant in the sense that it provides management the lively indicator of how the firm is managing its assets to derive the sales. A low ratio would mean that it is taking more assets of the firm to generate the desired level of the return thus inefficient approach to managing the firm

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Hamlet Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 4

crossroads - Essay ExampleThese include the Histoires Tragiques by Francois de Belleforest and the Saxo Grammaticus History of Denmark, written in Latin in the twelfth century. The plot revolves around Hamlet and his psychological turmoils in the midst of a vortex of violence and murders. In the play Hamlets uncle usurps his fetchs throne and takes his incurs wife as his own. His uncle does this after first killing Hamlets father the King of Denmark. Hamlet, in an act of revenge, kills his uncle in turn. This basic storyline is the backdrop of a great turned on(p) and psychological inner turmoil on the part of Hamlet. Here Hamlet is unable to resolve round fundamental dilemmas, including a large degree of uncertainty over his uncles accountability for the crime (Shakespeare Mabillard Houghton Mifflin Harcourt). This paper focuses on the literary element of character, and in particular the character of Hamlet, focusing on the theme of uncertainty and the subjectiveness of human ex perience. The thesis is that this uncertainty is at the root of Hamlets inner struggles to come to terms with the death of his father and the hands of fate that seemed to have thrust him into the position of avenging son and tormented soul (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Mabillard). II. ... In this motion picture Hamlet is in a Danish plain, pondering after he had asked Rosencrantz to go ahead of him slice he took some time to collect himself (Shakespeare) Now, whether it be Bestial oblivion, or some craven hesitation Of thinking too precisely on th event, A thought which, quarterd, hath but one part firmness And ever three parts coward,- I do not know Why yet I rattling to say This things to do, Sith I have cause, and will, and strength, and means To dot. (Shakespeare lay out 4, motion picture 4, p. 81) In the passage in a higher place Hamlet is examining his own thought processes and his own subjective way of processing his reality, and come vitrine to face with an ambiguity i n his understanding of how he thinks and acts (Shakespeare Act 4, Scene 4. p. 81). Yes, in the end Hamlet understands that to live is to live in ambiguity. Within this subjectivity the character of Hamlet unfolds. One lives with ones biases. In the following passage Hamlet demonstrates this, as in grief he colors the chain of events guide to her mothers remarriage and his fathers death with his own subjective bias (Shakespeare) My fathers brother, but no more interchangeable my father Than I to Hercules. Within a month, Ere yet the salt of most unrighteous tears Had leave the flushing in her galled eyes, She married. O, most wicked speed, to post With such dexterity to incestuous sheets (Shakespeare Act 1, Scene 2, p. 11) In the passage above the subjectivity springs from Hamlets grief over his fathers death, which prompts him to feel aggrieved and to be affronted by what he subjectively interprets as his mother and uncles deceit (Shakespeare Act 1, Scene 2, p. 11). An aspect of that subjective uncertainty is in evidence in the way

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Source Evaluation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Source Evaluation - Essay ExampleConsequently, the physique of available reports intended for this topic has made finding suitable sources a very rough and tedious process. Some titles with good information may be those published a few decades ago, dapple there are also some recently released papers posted on the internet which sit doubts in terms of integrity and sincerity. Indeed after meticulously reviewing the available list of sources, five academic titles have been chosen to serve as references for the upcoming research paper namely recycle and go off digression Effectiveness Evidence from Canada by Ida FerraraandPaul Missios, Managing electronic Waste Issues with Exporting E-Waste by Linda Luther, Recycling and Waste-to-Energy The Ongoing Compatibility Success Story by Jonathan V. L. Kiser, Greening Household BehaviourThe Role of Public polity and Improving Recycling Markets both by Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Recycling and Waste Dive rsion Effectiveness Evidence from Canada is a paper written by Ida FerraraandPaul Missios that was published in the 2005 come forward of Environmental and Resource Economics, a peer-reviewed academic journal about environmental economics and one that acts as the official journal of the European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists since 1991 (Environmental Economics). The paper explores the relationship between recycle policy options and recycling behaviors that will identify the effective means of averting post-consumer waste. Also, it focuses on the significant make of mandatory recycling for almost all types of provisions, which is similar to the core of my research paper. Its authors Dr. Ida Ferrara and Dr. Paul Missios both realized their Ph.D at York University. Ferrara is currently the Associate Professor of Economics at the Faculty of Liberal Arts and master written matter Studies in the same school (York University) while Missios is the Chair of the Dep artment of Economics and Associate Professor at Ryerson University in Canada (Energy Innovation Corp.). They both received several merit and research awards and numerous study grants over the years and have written several articles for peer-reviewed publications, journals, books and technical papers specifically in the Canadian territories. Managing Electronic Waste Issues with Exporting E-waste is a book written by Linda Luther, an analyst in Environmental polity at the Congressional Research Service in the United States who took her Masters degree in prank Hopkins University (Profile). It was published in 2010 by DIANE Publishing which distributes important documents and reports from the U.S. government. They also publish journals of prestigious associations such as the American Philosophical Society, the Historical Society of Pennsylvania and The Library Company of Philadelphia (Diane Publishing). The featured book focuses on the hazards of e-wastes and its relevant recycling procedures. This will set the introduction of my research paper by presenting the impact of refuse to the society and the factors influencing recycling. Recycling and Waste-to-Energy The Ongoing Compatibility Success Story by Jonathan V.L. Kiser is an article featured in the online copy of MSW ManagementThe Journal for Municipal Solid Waste Professionals in its May-June 2003 series. The paper demonstrates how recycling and waste-to-energy management in the end work together after ten years of tedious investigation. This will address my research papers claims that recycling is an efficient waste management process that will benefit everyone. Kiser did his MBA in commerce

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Globalization case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Globalization - Case Study drillHowever, this assumption is not true as the social dynamics witnessed in Tunisia has revolutionized this conservative thought and spick-and-span behaviors have been adopted. As at 2013, 32% of the whole population of Tunisia had taken alcohol by 40 years and this implies that the few existing factories cannot sufficiently meet the existing demand (Angel-Urdinola, 2015, p.112).The company seeks to use this admission market strategy so as to sell its wine and spirits products owing to the cultural and policy-making environment in Tunisia may not be that favorable to set a manufacturing company at the moment. The boorish is, in most cases, marred with constant violence and interreligious wars animosity (Angel-Urdinola et al., 2015, p.67). The deep-rooted Arabic agriculture and language may not also favor foreigners who have little or no program line of this environment. It is, therefore, advantageous if the manufacturing industry is set in a differ ent country and goods supplied to consumers through intermediaries based in Tunisia who understand the diversities of the local market.This strategy will largely help to solve the global local dilemmas that the country is likely to face such as cultural issues, language barriers, lack of raw materials and political interferences among others as the intermediaries argon able to come in between the producer and the consumer and facilitate free flow of the products. The agents are able to effectively inform both the buyer and the exporter about issues concerning the products based on first-hand research (Hisrich, 2010, p.98).Tunisias policies on trade instruments such as tariffs, quotas and taxes among others simplify the business process. There are limited fuddled rules that block foreign investors as the government encourages international investment to promote the economy. There are no meaningful barriers to market

Discuss the most common challenges faced by management in an Essay

talk over the nigh common challenges faced by management in an international context - Essay physical exerciseBesides the common challenges the management faces, globalization and the rise of multinational organizations have created challenges from communicational dimensions. In this essay, quaternity main communication barriers will be discussed they are cultural barriers, distance barriers, trust barrier (inner barrier), and the style barrier.In the process of international management, cultural understanding is a crucial factor to create opportunities for frugal growth and development. To create cultural understanding, the manager is challenged with the task of learning and comprehending other cultures and contexts. This serves to reduce as oftentimes cultural difference as possible, and avoid communication breakdowns wherever the company or organization may encounter it. For example, while Arabs treat their perishers as heroes and worship them as long as they wait in powe r, Iranians expect their leaders to exhibit power and strength. (Phatak, 2005, p.5) Most common cultural differences are mostly categorized based on the following factors- power distance, uncertainty avoidance, human orientation, collectivism, assertiveness, gender egalitarianism, future orientation, and cognitive operation orientation. (Phatak, 2005, p.5)It is the managements responsibility to analyze other cultures and minimize any cultural problems to maximize efficiency. This results in mitigate business expansion, improved production and better image for the company. A manager who has a better understanding of the various cultural factors will be able to adopt appropriate management techniques and procedures that alter to differing cultural values and beliefs. For this to occur, it is important that the manager accurately analyses the situation and acts accordingly or it may lead to a sharp decline in efficiencies.In leadership at every level possible, the most important fac tor is trust. Without trust in

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Assignment 1 inrenational relation Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Assignment 1 inrenational relation - Term Paper ExampleThe letter direct to former Ameri ignore president George Bush by the current Iranian president in 2006 intelligibly shows that the differences existing between America and Iran atomic number 18 not related to the nuclear issue alone. In item the nuclear issue between America and Iran has not been mentioned in this letter. On the other hand, Americas efforts to baptize the entire world to deliverymanianity, war on terror, foreign policies, stands on Middle East crisis etc are some of the major issues mentioned in the letter. This paper analyses the above letter and the prospects of diplomatic breakthrough during the Obama administration if Irans nuclear file is resolved. Iran and America are two extremely diverse nations with respect to governing, culture, economy legal chassis works etc. Iran is an Islamic republic and majority of the Iranian population are Muslims whereas America is a secular democratic country, dominat ed by Christian religion. The government refers to a particular set of institutions and state authorised by formal documents such as a constitution to pass laws, issue regulations, witness the police etc whereas the state includes all the institutions and individuals that exercise power (Hauss, p.8). ... Like most of the other democratic countries, elections were conducted to get hold of the representatives of Iranian parliament however the influence of religion and unearthly leaders in Iranian government cannot be underestimated or neglected. Even though the president of Iran holds the supreme power in administrative matters, he cannot function against the interests of the religious leaders. In other words, religion holds the supreme power in Iranian administration and social life. Religion does not play any major role in the functioning of res publica in America which is evident from the fact that the current American president Obama not only has a black community origin, b ut also has a Muslim origin. In other words, America set people based on their individual merits rather than their pedigree or cultural history. Nobody can anticipate a person from another religion becomes the president of Iran. The influence of religion in politics seems to be a curse for Iranians. Because of the excessive influence of religion in politics, Iran forced to sacrifice some(prenominal) of the fundamental principles of democracy and caused immense damages to their political and economical growth. The influence of religion on politics is visible in the letter sent to Bush by Mahmood Ahmadi-Najad. In this letter Mr. Najad tries to connect religious beliefs with politics. He has asked Bush to make clear that whether his activities are in line with the teachings of Jesus Christ or not. The following excerpts are taken from the letter. About Israel Is support for this regime in line with the teachings of Jesus Christ (PBUH) or Moses (PBUH) or liberal values? About massacre s against the prisoners There are prisoners in Guantanamo Bay that give birth not been tried, have no legal

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Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 20

Analysis - Essay ExampleThe theory of the refreshed uphold is presented in this section to denote the various changes that were made in the labour industry at the time. There was widespread unemployment, poor working conditions and human suffering in society at the time. Her cost to such issues are presented in these letters where she is famed for having devised a solution to most of the issues presented (Johnson 24-2).She spearheaded the enactment of the regime social security system that ensured equal rights for the unemployed, the aged and the dependent in society. This led to a step-down in human suffering among members of society who were unable to take care of themselves. Most of the New Deal accomplishments that were related to labor were attributed to her unending effort (Johnson 24-2).Her approach to human suffering is notable in these readings finished her intervention in the issue of Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany. She placed humanitarian needs at the headland be cause she believed human lives were to be preserved. At the height of the Nazi killings in Germany, she developed New Deals for Jewish refugees that heterogeneous quick assimilation into the United States through the Department of Immigration (Johnson 24-2). She worked hand in hand with the Roosevelt establishment to start an era of New Deals in American Society.This document handles the issues of wealth distribution that was presented by Huey Long, a former Louisiana g everyplacenor and United States Senator in the 1930s. Long is known to have presented elaborate speeches over the radio and some of these are presented in this document as he speaks to the members of the Share our Wealth Society. In this speech, Long advocates for the redistribution of wealth in society through the use of sharply graduated incomes and inheritance taxes ((Johnson 24-3). His stem ideas led to an improvement in public health and public education programs in the

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What has been learned about the effectiveness, and limitations, of Essay

What has been learned astir(predicate) the effectiveness, and limitations, of parent readying programmes for helping children with externalizing behavior problems What needs to be learned - Essay Exampleith this behavioral problem with ample knowledge gained through three categories of Incredible Years Parent Training Programmes (i)Babies and toddlers (0-3 years) rudimentary Early Childhood (3-6 years) and ADVANCE (4-12 years) (Incredible Years, 2009). The goals of these programmes are to treat children aggressive behavior and ADHD and to build a robust parent-child interaction that would help in raising children that would be socially competent, emotionally strong and wassail mental alacrity (Incredible Years, 2009). While there affirm been some improvements in the social behaviors of children in countries where Webster-Stratton example has been applied, but it had also been discovered that not all of these programmes have been successful or effective they feeling some una void suitable limitations due to the process of implementation that worth investigating and proposing better approaches that would be able to withstand both the internalizing and externalizing problems in children.There are some observable indications that the idea of parent training programmes for helping children with externalizing behaviour problems has been effective surveys of trial or randomized group control evaluations indicate that there has been improvement in the way parents discipline their children, shunning harsh discipline or spanking that could have made grow into unruly adolescents (Incredible Years, 2009). This action has encouraged children to look up to their parents as problem-solvers, and by savoury them in fruitful communication, instead of resulting to violent outburst. Over the period of the training, the parents attitude to interaction with their children has improved, with parents using much positive words or praises to supply the needed encouragement fo r their children to act well in the society. Webster-Stratton and Hammond (1990) recognised that researchers have previously discovered that the state of parental mental health largely contributes to how their childrens social

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International running and risk management of AVEVA Group plc Essay

International course and risk management of AVEVA Group plc - Essay ExampleMeanwhile, within the home(a) and external business environments of multi-national companies of which AVEVA Group plc is wholeness, there are a number of risks that are faced that melt to hamper the normal direction and progression of the business strategies and ideas that the companies put in mark. Without a well organize organisational risk management in place, these risks register their presence so hard on the companies that they affect the mien and manner in which the companies can compete effectively against their competitors. This paper therefore looks at the issues of international running and risk management of AVEVA Group plc and how well the company places itself in the international business environment. Main securities industrys and warring situation Currently, AVEVA Group plc has markets in five major continents with Europe being is major market. The continents are northernmost America, Asia, Europe, Africa and South America. Within these market destinations, the company operates an overall of 46 offices, which are spread in an spotted proportion across 25 countries. Even though there are market operations in five major continents, the company has four major head offices that manage the operations that take place in the 25 various countries. For instance with a head office in Boston, the office takes apprehension of all markets in North America, while the head office in Rio De Janeiro takes care of all markets in Latin America. The head office in Lumpur is responsible for markets in Asia Pacific, while the office in Sulzbach has been move in charge of all markets in Europe, Middle East and Africa (Wei, 2012). In impairment of holistic market performance, AVEVA is yet to maximise its potential in the United States and BRIC countries as it still seeks to improve market plowshare in those countries (Barisik and Tay, 2010). The competitive situation presented to t he company is one that is focused on the provision of engineering design, hotdog/CAM software, and information management solutions that emphasise on specialised technology consulting services for plant, power and marine industries (Wilkin, 2004). Lately, issues such(prenominal) as marine oil exploration have caused an increase in the number of competitors, putting AVEVA in a highly competitive global market. Financial performance Global finance AVEVA Group plc is one of the listed companies on the London Stock Exchange, and constituting the FTSE 250 Index. This puts the company at a highly globalised financial situation as it serves clients globally. As of the end of 2013, the company had revenue of ?220 million from operating income of ?77.5 million. From this, the company made a cyberspace income of ?65 million, which is rated as a fairly impressive market performance (McKellar, 2010). The company currently has a total of 1,600 employees who are responsible for the human resour ce pool of operations within the company. The company has perpetually made strives to withstand global financing challenges and to ensure that it is financially viable among its key competitors. In terms of strategy, the company launched a couple of acquisition interventions as major growth and expansion strategy. This has led to a number of major global acquisitions such as the

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A bill of rights is essential to protect citizens from their Essay

A bill of rights is essential to protect citizens from their government. Discuss - Essay ExampleRecent developments in the Philippines substantiate upchuck this Southeast Asian country in the news and have garnered the attention of the international community erst more. This involves the spate of killings of activists and journalists by unknown elements alleged to be connected with the military. (Amnesty International, 2005, p. 202) According to the non-government organization KARAPATAN (Alliance for the Advancement of gracious Rights) (2006), there have been 607 documented killings from January 2001 to May 30, 2006. Amnesty International, the European Union and the Catholic Church have each spoken out against the government to condemn these acts of politically-motivated state-sponsored executions.This paper will examine whether or not a bill of rights, standing alone, is enough to protect the people from the excesses of government and it will use the contemporary Philippine pro blem of extra-judicial killings as background. It will argue that the defense of sovereignty -- and, as a corollary to that, cozy security -- is not enough to justify the use of state-sponsored repression.The phenomenon of state-sponsored oppression is by no means grotesque to the Philippines. It has in fact been extensively researched and discussed all over the world. Says Mitchell and McCormick (1988, p. 476)Governments organize police forces and armies to protect their citizens, build schools and hospitals to enlighten and care for them, and provide financial assistance for the old and unemployed. But governments also kill, torture and imprison their citizens. This dispirited side of government knows no geographic, economic, ideological or political boundary.Such killings and torture demonstrate grueling violations of political rights and liberties. It has been opined that political rights and liberties are of paramount importance because of their impact on other rights, suc h as social and economic rights (Bollen, 1986, p. 567). The universal condemnation of

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Implementations of Emission Reduction Strategies as Political Research Paper - 4

Implementations of Emission lessening Strategies as Political Decisions - Research Paper Example7-18 December 2009 were the dates when world leaders gathered in Copenhagen to discuss the problems of climate change. The clime Summit was the fifteenth conference of the global governments and resulted in the announcement of the Copenhagen Accord. This symmetricalness was meant to be reached by the US and a block of BASIC large developing countries (China, India, South Africa, and Brazil) in regards to the measures world countries should take in order to reduce human impact on the surround and man atmosphere in particular. Though the Accord was outlining the major objectives of the counties cooperation with the purpose of fighting climate change, the paper did not even set either emission reduction targets. There was no information indicating a mensural way of determining each countrys impact on the prevention of temperature rise and no peaking emissions target year. Furthermore, the agreement did not even have any legally bounding force and the only results the Climate Summit had was that the representatives of world countries approved taking note of the Copenhagen Accord. Many countries were opposing the methods and objectives the Accord presented (Buxton 2010) so, as a result, the US did not force the participating countries to officially accept the Accord for fulfillment. Though the document acknowledges the position that temperature rise should be kept below 2 degrees Celsius with the help of emissions reduction, not specific goals were set for the countries to adopt with the objective. Another point was that developing countries that are influenced by climate change most of all were to aim financial aid from authentic countries in the period of 2010-2012 for adapting to the climate change ( unify Nations 2009, 3). The Accord also encourages the entrust of paying developing countries for reducing emissions from deforestation and degradation (Vidal , Stratton, and Goldenberg 2009). It should also be noted that previously developed proposals that called the countries for limiting temperature rises to 1.5 degrees Celsius and reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 80% by 2050 were abandoned. In addition, the interesting fact is that the United States, who refused to sign the Kyoto Protocol of 1997, was the major contributor to and strongest supporter of the Copenhagen Accord. The countrys motive for objecting to subscribe documents alike(p) the Kyoto Protocol, the purpose of which is the worldwide reduction of greenhouse gas emission, is, most likely economic. The USA is one of the largest environment polluters in the world because of the high level of economic development and great volumes of industrial production (Droge and Kemfert 2005, 246). The signing of such an agreement force the US companies to either invest in the development of environmentally couthie technologies or reduce the levels of production. Either option lead s to a reduce in companies profit and, consequently, a decrease in the governments tax income. Fighting the Climate Change Trade Policies, In any case, the outcomes of the Climate Summit can, according to Droge and Kemfert (2005, 235) be explained by the fact that climate change policies are or else political decisions that have a very strong relation to international trade policy and concern operations. A study conducted by Droge and Kemfert (2005, 235) is focused on the trade policies related to climate.

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Eastern Philosopher Letter Personal Statement Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Eastern Philosopher Letter - Personal Statement ExampleAn individualistics life today is situated by the deeds of his past lives and his present deeds in turn would affect how his next lives leave behind turn out to be.In short if an individual commits a good execution, traces of its effects would be seen in his or her next several lifetimes, and the same is true for a freehanded action. The moral quality of an action is determined by the intention with which it is committed, a good action results from a good intention, and a bad intention begets bad action.But Ananda, know that the most significant reason why Human torture is caused is because of ignorance, which does not leave room for enlightenment and selfish, egoistical cravings, which make an individual the servant of his or her lusts and desires.Ignorance ensures that an individual does not see the truth for what it is, and so ends up running after things that do not really matter in the fashion towards attainment of la sting peace and bliss. Due to this ignorance, the individual stays caught up in self-centered cravings which cannot always be truly fulfilled in an uncertain world, where even the dress hat of circumstances can change into the worst in the blink of an eye.The events of this world are mostly beyond human control, and only disappointment and frustration can come of trying to control them. One cannot physically escape aging, death, illness, pain, sorrow, separation and other such avenues of human suffering in this cosmos, and the only way of doing so is to heighten ones spiritual perception of actual reality.Dear Ananda, true release from suffering or enlightenment can only come through meditation and self-abnegation, because it is only through these that one can run enlightenment, and cease to have egoistical cravings. The cycle of reincarnation is brought to a halt through the disciplinary work of meditation and self-denial, because through these the individual comes to a stage wh ere he or she does not have each self-centered desires. Once the ego becomes non-existent, and the individual stops thinking only about himself or herself, the path for nirvana is cleared.An individual is able to deny his or her self so totally because he or she realizes that what is usually thought of as the self is not the real Self at all. The real Self is not ones consciousness, nor ones body. It is the spiritual essence within that is essentially free from all worldly contaminations. People sink their natural existence as spirit, and become involved in the temporal illusions of this world, immersing themselves in its transient realities, desiring ephemeral and materialistic satisfactions. But once an individual knows and accepts his or her original, true nature, the importance of the false self or the ego diminishes by itself.Know, my dear Ananda, that there is human suffering in this world. This suffering has specific and acknowledgeable causes. It can be ended and the wa y to end suffering is through enlightened living, as show in the Eightfold Path I have given you. This path in its components provides guidance for the initial kind outlook of the individual, behavior appropriate for the individual in his or her quest for enlightenment, and the higher mental and spiritual qualities involved in a total dis-attachment from self.The very first of these components is the Right View, which means that to achieve freedom from suffering one has to try and look at reality as it actually is, and to

Types of employee motivation Dissertation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Types of employee motivation - Dissertation ExampleMotivating the homophile resource endures towards achieving higher efficiency in their services (Changing Minds, 2011). Research reveals that a highly incite employee has a greater productivity than an employee who is not so motivated. Thus organisations implementing employee motivation strategies are deemed to perform break up than those without such practices. This project aims to identify the distinct ways of motivating employees in organisations in Saudi Arabia. Its main focus is to identify the factors which help to motivate employees. The company chosen for the break up of the project is Saudi telecom gild (STC), which holds the top most position in the telecommunications sector in Saudi Arabia. The investigate conducted for the purpose is by using the headnaire. The questions are aimed towards the employees of the organisation to find out their views about the motivational factors which would enhance their work prod uctivity. The results sideline from the questionnaire have been presented as research findings in the project. Finally, it provides strategies which should be developed by the organisations which would motivate its staff towards enhancing their productivity. About the Company (Saudi Telecom Company- STC) The company was established in 1998 after being approved by the Council of Ministers Decree No. 213 (STC, 2011) to establish under the name of STC. It is considered to be the leading telecommunication service supplier in Saudi Arabia. It has been continuously working towards meeting its customer requirements, keeping up with the changing technologies and red with the market trends. The company underwent change in its strategy from that of a government system to standards of commercial business. This transformation comprised of internal reorganisation, staff development, re-skilling, changing the companys internal process, restudying its customer requirements and at the same pe riod continuing to undertake its corporate responsibilities (STC, 2011). This company has been chosen for this study because it has been working towards changing its strategies which would necessarily consume restructuring its human resource practices, of which motivation is an important component. Research and Analysis Research Statement The research instruction is as follows- What factors are used in organisations of Saudi Arabia for motivating its employees? STC or the Saudi Telecom Company has been chosen for the study and choice of this firm is done purely on the basis of judgement. The research question would allow for designing the most appropriate motivational mix by the management of the organisation. Aim of the accept The research aims to identify the different ways of motivation that are practiced in the firms of Saudi Arabia. It finds the different views proposed by employees of the company. This is done by conducting a primary research on the subject. A secondary res earch component would also be present to get a more comprehensive view on the subject. The literature review would be developed using secondary research techniques. It would include the use of books, journals and bookish articles. The primary research techniques would be primarily based on the use of questionnaire. The questionnaire method would be followed. The responses following from the method would be collected,

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Wartime Film Essay Example for Free

warfarefaretime Film assayIf, in the midst of the true-life films wholly through World struggle II, the British films were exemplified or distinguished by their humanistic vision of mans capability to tolerate and triumph, and the Nazi films by their intimidating bellicosity and aggression, the Ameri arsehole films were well-kn ingest equally for their bold, nationalistic and perceptive or insightful justification of why the Americans were fighting, and for their complicated however refined cinematic artistry.The wartime true-life film propaganda of assort and Axis nations alike show an exaggerated depiction or representation of society, morals and power. The American films illustrate an influential and virtuous express, confident in its future to conserve and protect humankind from oppression, cruelty or autocracy. Based on an account made by Allan M. Winkler (1978), the propaganda utilize during these times reflected the way that most(prenominal) ordinary Americans p opular opinioned themselves as they worked to defeat the Axis powers. He also adds that in the end, American propaganda reflected American policy, and indeed America itself. A lot of of the true-life films finished throughout World fight II were described or illustrated by the unchanged traits that famed the feature films of the earlier decade. They were senti manpowertal and corny, humourous and intelligent, simplistic and superficial, hard-hitting and zealous. In addition to this, non like the American true-life films of the 1930s created mainly by individual or group filmmakers on the East coast, several of the films during the period of war were completed, under the cheek of Washington, by Hollywood experts in the worlds interrogative picture capital.This venture or drift bear on an extraordinary routinenership involving industry and political science. As Americans were drafted into the armed forces service, so too, were cinematographers, writers, editors, and directors of Hollywood and individual films drafted into the motion picture units of military, with the resources of dominant distri furtherors, studios, film archives and motion picture tools producers put at their disposal.The Hollywood part of this endeavor was corresponded by the War Activities Committee of the Motion Picture Industry, which was structured into seven divisions that replicated the multifaceted American motion picture industry such as distributors, theaters, newsreels, trade press, public relations, foreign markets and Hollywood production. unneurotic with Washington were the dominant govern handst agencies such as Justice, Inter-American Affairs, Interior, Agricultural, Treasury, State, Transportation, Civilian Defense, and definitely including War, War Information, War fruit Board, and War Relocation Authority.Collectively, the movie industry and the government created or formed an astounding amount of movies of mingled categories or types for several functions. Sever al offer documentary accounts of battle and fight back, others demonstrate the national offerings to the war causal agent, and even others give tribute to a persons courage, strength and valor.In the Untied States, the solitary assort country unscathed by hostilities and war activity inside its continental boundaries, civilians had to rely for their war reports on private communication from armed personnel in the war zones, newspapers, journals, motion pictures, radio, or media prepared by the Office of War Information. National television broadcasting, the primary or main source of public instruction in the Vietnam War, was not present in the 1940s, and neither did the idea or notion of the living room war. Certainly, though their weekly attendance at the movie theaters, viewers were able to observe up-to-date newsreels and government combat movies or pictures, as well as narrative films, which offered or presented information, amusement, and getaway from their apprehensions or concerns with regards to the war. The juncture venture linking Hollywood and Washington made true or guaranteed a steady flow of competent and well-timed information to film screens in the nations theaters, civilian hospitals, to industrial plants and to military camps.These movies helped Americans prise the very important significance of several new things, as well as the need for struggle in areas they had by no means heard of before, twenty-four-hour industrial assembly, and food rationing. This information not except informed and educated the public, but also encouraged their munificent support of the war effort. During the war, turnout was proud at local motion picture theaters, which demonstrate to be an i parcel out location for advertising and exchange war bonds or for accumulating financial support for such reasons or functions as war relief.In the linked States, compileing support for the war endeavor was not at all times trouble-free, for numerous Americans ha d not only a rugged isolationist predisposition, but also a deep-rooted suspicion and scepticism in the United States administration propaganda. Industry and government leaders, who were overwhelmed by the Nazi and British film programs, were certain that film could be successful in informing the predominantly isolationist Americans of how, where, when and why they were combating and thus ignite their patriotic sympathies.According to Elmer Davis (1968), the wartime head of the Office of War Information (OWI), thither were at least tierce other complications or hindrances to film production during the period of war. The hazard that the propaganda is a sign of partisan views particularly that of the presidents. The deficiency of military collaboration and teamwork in gathering and reporting facts, especially when it might abet or give comfort to enemy and the belief among some members of the press that they should be free to gather the news without having to rely on a governmen t spokesperson.During the Second World War, true-life film helped and gave support to the matrimony of the public in its loyalty and nationalism and to promote its support of military participation. Even though Allied films do not idealize war, they attempt to justify World War II by explaining it in clear, non-ambiguous terms. Still, bound together by a common goal, freedom from Fascist aggression and tyranny, Allied filmmakers a bang-up deal set aside logic and convention, as well as civic and personal values, to support the overthrow idea of victory over the enemy.One of the most significant tasks of narrative feature film war propaganda, or war propaganda in general, is to create specific role examples through whom filmmakers create or strengthen important values. Particularly in World War II when American pro-war propaganda films experienced their heyday, the government knew it need to overcome an ingrained American trait stubborn individuality. Audiences had to be shown that although in peace time, doing ones own thing was an acceptable, even praiseworthy, American entrepreneurial virtue, team play and regimentation are more desirable goals in wartime.In John Fords They Were Expendable (1945), John Wayne depicts or portrays an archetypal model of the strong individualist faced with a conversion decision. Tired of no-glory milk runs in the P. T. boats to which he was assigned, Wayne wants a transfer. Hes induced that his encounters can only be served if he is reassigned to a destroyer, where he can make a name for himself. He even goes so far to fill out a transfer application, but tears it up when he hears the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. His ambition and search for glory must wait. Similarly, Robert Montgomery, Waynes P.T. boat squadron commander, is aggravated by his admirals disinclination to use P. T. s on combat missions. On one instance, the admiral, in prototypical World War II pep talk, uses a sports analogy to remind Montgomery o f the need for teamwork. You and I are professionals, if the omnibus says sacrifice. We lay down a bunt and let somebody else hit the home runs. punctually chastised, Montgomery adjusts his attitude. Correspondingly, in dismantle Dive (1943), Tyrone Power is resentful for being transferred to submarine service, especially since he has recently made a name for himself in P.T. boats, his favorite naval craft. alone, through various espirit de corps-building experiences on board the submarine, the hardheaded role in the team effort to win the war. At the conclusion, with patriotic music rising in the background, Power recites a litany of naval craft, from P. T. s to battleships to carriers, extolling their individual contributions to team victory. Regardless of era, these films state clearly that individualism must take a back seat to the needs of the military organizations.In the American movies, the audiences are also thought from egotistical to being selfless. As such, there is a great resemblance between John Carroll in The Flying Tigers (1942) and the characters in the previous section. Like Edmund OBrien and mob Cagney, Carroll plays a veteran pilot not used to taking orders, very short on cooperation and obedience. But Carroll offers a bridge from the previous category to this one because of his motivation Primarily, hes a modern bounty hunter out strictly for the funds paid to Flying Tigers for each Japanese matt they shoot down.Unlike the other Tigers, who, like Texan Jimmy Dodd, agree that Where I come from there doesnt have to be a bounty on a rattlesnake to kill him, Carroll is selfish and is only motivated by money. He abandons wingmen if he can shoot down another plane, takes judicious chances, and endangers others, all for money. But when he sees the results of Japanese bombing of an orphanage, his outlook widens. And when his irresponsibility causes the death of a comrade Tiger, Carroll repents and takes on an expiative suicide missio n.Similarly, three 1943 film heroes, George Montgomery in China Girl, Alan Ladd in China, and Ward Bond in Hitler Dead or Alive, are concerned solely with money at the outset of their adventures. Montgomery, a salty photojournalist, is out to document the war for fame and tidy profit, and, like Carroll, is degage about what is happening to the Chinese mass he photographs. Ladd sells truckloads of gasoline to anyone who will pay, Chinese guerillas or the Japanese.When twain protagonists experience the love of Eurasian women (Gene Tierney and Loretta Young, respectively), and witness first-hand Japanese atrocities committed against Chinese civilians, they put aside simoleons and personal security and protection and join the Chinese guerillas. In Hitler Dead of Alive, a predominantly silly grade-B hooligan adventure movie, Ward Bond is a criminal world big-shot who, along with twain other hooligans, accepts a million dollar agreement, let by a rich American entrepreneur to kill in cold blood or kidnap Adolph Hitler.At first only concerned with the money, Bond witnesses a Nazi blood purge, the killing of innocent women and children. Horrified, he discards the chance to kill Hitler. As an alternative, Bond tries no discuss an end to the war in return for the fuhrer, whom he has kidnapped. This unselfish effort fails, and Bond dies. But in memory of Bonds endeavor, the industrialist nevertheless pays off the hooligan by making a contribution of a million dollars worth of planes to the war endeavor. In addition to this, the viewers through the films during the wartime were taught from being cowards to heroes.In Act III of Julius Caesar, Cowards die many times before their deaths, the dauntless never taste death but once (Shakespeare, 29). Films portraying an assortment of wars have constantly managed to deal with those who faced fear and mastered it. War propaganda must address the subject of fear, and supply its audiences with reasons sufficient to convince pe aceful men to engage in mortal combat. Patriotism, responsibility, revenge, espirit de corps, and other motivations are presented as explanation or rationalization for risking ones life.Object lessons about fearful men are most helpful. That is why one of the frequently heard stock discussions in combat movies is the one in which as spend new to combat is surprise to discover that the old sarge, or the captain is sacred too. In dickens occupied-country war movies, Charles Laughton in This Land is Mine (1943) and Roman Bohnen in The Edge of Darkness (1943) represent men for whom courage is a foreign concept. Although an adult in his forties, Laughtons character is a mamby-pamby mamas boy, afraid of everything, especially guns and hostility.But he lives in busy France throughout World War II, and Nazi mayhem and associated air raids are ordinary occurrences. A schoolteacher, Laughton is ashamed of himself, because he is a pitiful example to his students, who show no respect and moc k him. But as soon as his victor and mentor, who had advocated or recommended him to develop into a positive model to his students, is killed by the Nazis as a retaliation for exemption activities in the area, Laughton turns out to be both(prenominal) furious and courageous. He candidly speaks out in opposition to the enemy, influencing the townspeople to join the fight and engage in resistance and sabotage.His students now look on him with feel and admiration. Immediately before the Germans guide him out of his classroom to be shot, he reads the French Declaration of the Rights of men to his pupils. When he is gone, he leaves a classroom complete of new young zealots for the cause of liberty. Roman Bohnen plays a salesperson in Norway in The Edge of Darkness. Different from Laughton, he has constantly been vocal in his hate for the Germans, and pictures himself as a soldier executing all of them. But Bohnens character is all harangue and chatter.In a face-to-face disagreement w ith a group of disdainful German troops, he has the chance to courageously say to the Nazis what he believes or thinks of them. But he becomes so frightened he can say nothing. The significance or meaning of the film is that even though as individuals, people are hard pushed to stand up to such an attacker, if each and everybody stands together, they can succeed. So when the whole colonisation rises up as one against the Nazis, Bohnen takes his place among the men, picks up a rifle, and becomes conscious his daydreams. He unites his fellow townspeople in the annihilation of the whole German defense force.Furthermore, films were a sign of the mood of its audience when the unconcerned were portrayed and became concerned. This class or group of character conversion is moderately comparable to the selfish-selfless conversion, in view of the fact that in these situations or circumstances, concern with ones self is often tied to a singular lack of concern for anything else. Unquestionabl y, Alan Ladd in China and George Montgomery in China Girl both were mainly concerned with money and fame but the unnecessary massacre of the Chinese had as much to do with their change to the reason as did the encouragements of Loretta Young and Gene Tierney.In addition to these films, Tallulah Bankhead in Lifeboat (1944) and Henry withdraw in Objective Burma (1945) play journalists more interested in filing sensational stories than in the issues and outcomes of the war. sort of of helping victims of a U-Boat assault into her lifeboat, Bankhead receives movies and curses when John Hodiak unintentionally knocks her camera into the water. Hull, somewhat anti-military, uninterested and for the most part concerned with a good story, goes along with Errol Flynn on a paratrooper raid into Japanese-held territory.patronage their wishes to remain onlookers, both characters cease to be objective chroniclers and become active participants in events. The demure Bankhead in the end joins the others in savagely murdering their Nazi lifeboat-mate in retaliation for the execution of an injured man. Hull observes the remnants of American troops viciously tormented by the Japanese. Losing his usual or customary worldly cool, wilde-eyed and shaking he shouts, Stinking little savages Wipe em outWipe em off the face of the reality Earlier than the war, particularly, the documentary genre was dominantly concerned with motivating productive and significant thinking and with determining or scattering opinions and thoughts for the good of mankind. The greater part of true-life films created throughout the war were also concerned with teaching and information, but they were based on the basic principles, morals, ethics or values of the countries which created them.They may not have called upon the viewers to think critically or to depict rational conclusions, but they were swift to be virtuous regarding their own purposes, motivations and inspirations or to pass decision on the mot ives of their adversaries (Barsam, 175).Works CitedChina. 1943. John Farrow, April 21. China Girl. 1943. Henry Hathaway, December 9. Crash Dive. 1943. Archie Mayo, April 22. The Edge of Darkness. 1943. Lewis Milestone, April 24. The Flying Tigers. 1942. David Miller, October 8. Hitler Dead of Alive. 1943. Nick Grinde, April 3.The Land Is Mine. 1943. Jean Renoir, May 7. Lifeboat. 1944. Alfred Hitchcock, January 12. Objective, Burma 1945. Raoul Walsh, February 17. They Were Expendable. 1945. John Ford, December 30. Barsam, Richard Meran. nonfictional prose Film A Critical History. USA Richard Meran Barsam, 1992. Davis, Elmer. Report to the President. Journalism Monographs No. 7 (August 1968). Shakespeare, William. Julius Caesar. New York capital of Delaware Publications, Inc. , 1991. Winkler, Allan M. The Politics of Propaganda The Office of War Information, 1942-1945. Yale University Press, 1978.

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Critique of the Ethical Issue Essay Example for Free

brushup of the Ethical Issue EssayEvery profession is subject to different ethical considerations. In response, professions comprise code of conduct to their employees to guide their behavior in the organization. Formal ethical training is also held to fool the employees aw be of different ethical issues. Ethical decision making process enable the workforce to overcompensate all(prenominal) ethical issue and prevents them from making any ethical lapses whatsoever. US healthc ar system comprises legion(predicate) branches that walk unique health re after-hoursd process to clients. Further more the health boot is split into a vertical setup which starts from nursing to the top physicians. Each individual related to the US health care has to tolerate a lot of training and education before he/she is authorized to discharge any duty. A fundamental part of this coaching involves ethical training which guides the employees ways and means of dealing with different ethical pro blems. Conflicts faced by the healthcare are of many types. To start with, physicians fail to work as a team with nurses. Sometimes nurses do not understand their roles and discharge their duties improperly. Other kinds of conflicts involve patients. These conflicts can ordinarily become very dangerous and can even become unlawful in nature. Articulating the ProblemThe ethical conflict that arose in my studies involved a resort and his patient. pry suffered from high fever and he determined to go to a naked restore, Dr. Bill, as his general physician was out of town on vacation. pry reported all his conditions to Dr. Bill. Dr. Bill made some notes and then warned him that he might be in fear of suffering from typhoid (a severe form of fever). Jimmy was very shocked to hear this. The refer further added that it would be better for Jimmy to remain in hospital care for at least(prenominal) two days before his condition improved. He also asked him to run some tests which would be needed to clearly diagnose his sickness.When Jimmy heard of the high amount they were charging him, he was highly shocked and leftfield the clinic. Jimmy called his physician up and informed him of the entire issue. Dr. Andrew told him to get a check-up from an otherwise(prenominal) doctor who was his friend. Jimmy went there and after the checkup, he received another surprise upon hearing that the fever was not serious and hed be perfect in two days. He was given some ethical drug which he was to take. In two days time, Jimmy perfectly recovered from his fever and, by then, recognize how Dr. Bill had tried to deceive him into getting the tests and hospital care in order to make more money.The event is, by all means, shocking and unethical. Dr. Bill and those of his like are ruining the sanctity of the checkup profession by converting it into any other business profession. It is certainly not unethical to offer your run and adeptise to others in return for money. However, intimidating patients by telling them of symptoms which, in fact, they do not sustain is certainly very unethical. This trend is quickly spreading everywhere, especially online. After doing some research, the author assemble that there are many health care services which are presently being offered online.though some of these setups are highly professional in nature and offer very effective services online, the rest are merely scammers. Whats more problematic is that individuals do not know how expert the physician is in his/her respective field. Looked at it this way, were all in a big try whenever we decide to get ourselves checked up from a new doctor. As far as the scammers are concerned, their deceptive marketing campaigns allure the sick and the injured into asking for athletic supporter. They make false claims that their products will variety their lives or make them better.By the time the poor people square up out that theyve been deceived, it is too late to do anyth ing because such institutions and individuals protect themselves through different legislations of the law. Gathering Data After thorough research and data collection, the author has come up with foldepressioning important ways of checking the credentials as comfortably as ratings of a physician along with ways of preventing health care frauds. 1. Information about doctors experience and training is obtained from his office or local medical society in which the doctor is a member. 2.There are some state licensing boards that also issue information about disciplinary actions taken against a particular physician. However, it is not very easy to get information from there. 3. American medical Associations AMA Physicians Select offers information on training and certification of all the medical and osteopathic physicians who are currently holding a license in the US. However, disciplinary actions are not included with them. 4. American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) Certified Do ctor Verification Service can also be utilize to check whether the physician is certified by one or the 24 recognized specialty boards.The service is free of charge. 5. Googling out for more info is also not a bad idea. You will find several options wherein to check the report/credibility of a physician. 6. There are several government sources which whitethorn be used to obtain information relating to disciplinary action. Of these, the two most important sources are the issue Practitioner Data Bank and the Healthcare Integrity and Protection Data Bank. 7. Many clinics and hospitals also offer options to check their doctors credentials. However, this is not a good idea because hospitals would never reveal that any one of their doctors is of low quality.Exploring Strategies It is, indeed, very difficult to carve a strategy that would clearly identify and tackle the above situation. serviceable issues of these kinds are indeed very different from theoretical knowledge that is offere d in books. However, following procedures may help prevent such situations in future. From Professions perspective 1. Establishing a federal committee on healthcare fraud prevention, and having it carry out a detailed wipe-out of all such fraudulent institutions and individuals 2. usage rigorous ethical training program, stressing the consequences of deceiving and holding the truth in the medical profession3. Conducting regular outside(a) audits on different health care facilities, with an aim to identify the scammers 4. Publicizing and penalizing doctors who conduct such activities From unhurrieds Perspective 1. Organizing a wide marketing campaign instructing the individuals to be wary of such scammers 2. Avoiding new doctors 3. Fixing the medical charges offered at various institutions, so the competition is not price-based but quality based. 4. Having another review with another physician if instructed to undergo very expensive treatment. Implementing the StrategyIn order to weapon the above discussed strategy, the following needs to be done 1. Give the event a wide reportage on popular media 2. Create mass-awareness through the media 3. Instruct masses to avoid online health care facilities as much as possible unless they know the physician personally. 4. Write to the American Medical Association and other medical authorities, asking them to address the issue on federal level. 5. Increasing word-of-mouth, and making all such frauds public 6. Conducting nation-wide survey of physicians credentials Evaluating the Outcomes Implementing the above strategy would have the following pros and consPros 1. Efficient and appropriate health care only by physicians who have sound credentials and ratings 2. Lesser frauds and scams in the health care 3. relegate opportunities for physicians whove worked their way up 4. An overall better impact on the health of US nationals 5. Better medical infrastructure Cons 1. High investment is required to create the mass-aware ness 2. It is not possible to identify every physician who is conducting fraud 3. It is difficult to decide whether a physician is diagnosing a patient truly or not as different physicians come up with different diagnosis measuresREFERENCES Percival, Thomas. Medical ethics. (pp. 4957) from http//books. google. com/books? id=yVUEAAAAQAAJprintsec=frontcoverdq=medical+ethicsas_brr=1ie=ISO-8859-1PPA52,M1. Walter, Klein (ed). The Story of Bioethics From seminal works to contemporary explorations Jordan, M. C. (1998). Ethics manual. Fourth edition. American College of Physicians (pp. 23-30) Beauchamp, Tom L. , Childress, throng F. (2001). Principles of Biomedical Ethics. New York Oxford University Press. Margaret A. Burkhardt, Alvita Nathaniel (2007) Ethics and Issues in Contemporary Nursing

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Conflict Is A Destructive Force In Our Lives Essay Example for Free

engagement Is A Destructive Force In Our Lives EssayIn our lives strife plays a huge force in our everyday activities, social events, interaction with our friends and family. But what is the real explanation of conflict? A cope or destructive force. This description of conflict only touches the surface of what conflict really means. People encounter conflicts almost on a daily basis, whether it is self-brought upon conflict, conflict with what religion, age, gender you are. Who your family and friends are and how they contribute to your living and how their decisions impact you and the others slightly you. Conflict is an unavoidable thing that we will all face and construct already faced conflict in whiz form or another throughout our lives. How we deal with conflict determines whether it destroys us or not. Conflict, as a force can both crush or build peoples strength people depending on how they deal with it and the repercussions they have to go through post-conflict. It is known to bring detriment and devastation but has also has the ability to bring people together and settle the differences between one another.Conflict in any form can prove to be rather hurtful and brutal, either for the individual or towards multiple groups. Conflict is a destructive force as it generates separation as a result of different ideas and opinions between different people or groups. When individuals or groups of people have social orders placed upon them, there is an inclination of trust and the idea of togetherness to be damaged. We live in a earthly concern of social structure and laws that are enforced to keep society under control. This is because the majority of conflicts that chance are destructive but they try to remain constructive.In the movie A Separation we hit many examples of conflict being encountered. The engage captures the reality of city life in modern-day Iran, where a woman Raziehs decision to take up a job that she couldnt handle merely set a motion of events that end in the death of her unborn child.. As the adults involved bid to legal remedies and the accusations and counter-accusations build up, the conflict becomes Termeh, the eleven year old daughter of Nader and Simin.The conflict occurred and encountered with Termeh sees her becoming to a greater extent mature than what her age is due to her beingincreasingly burdened by her parents unhappiness and the wider flaws she sees in the world that she lives in. The conflict in her life becomes a destructive force as she has to watch on as her sustain breaks down day by day as he can no prolonged deal with his own conflict that he has to deal with, which results in him being arrested and leaves Termeh in a struggle as to how she is even going to live as her mother has walked out on her for just a while.The film shows multiple variations of how conflict can be so damaging to ones life and their being. Even though Naders father has no will to be even able to ann ounce you can see his condition deteriorating as he watches the world go by him and has to see his intelligence break down as he can no longer deal with the struggle he is put through day after day. However, the burden that Naders father puts on Nader impeccably shows his incapableness to be able to let go of his fathers inability to live. For Nader, it is all about defend and caring for his father who once did the same for him.He encounters conflict for the first time in the film right at the beginning when he is faced in court with the decision to leave his father and go with his wife and daughter to move out of the country. Nader is in the position where he would like to go for a better life but he simply cannot leave his father which causes his then wife Simin to get boiled over as she is beyond belief as to how Nader could not want a better life for his daughter and wife. This sets the scene for the whole film as the destructiveness continues to show from this point onwards. Conflict shows as it can be a power in our lives which can be uncontrollable in that of it can tear someone down bit by bit.

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Feasts of Israel - Redemption Celebrated Essay Example for Free

Feasts of Israel Redemption Celebrated EssayThe Feasts of Israel written by victor Buksbazen describes the reverent and celebratory tenets, which encompass the Judaic faith. A most interesting aspect of this harbour is how Buksbazen compargons and contrasts Jewish feasts with Christianity. Not only does The Feasts of Israel describe the significance of each feast, it also proves the divinity of Christ in a plain comprehensible way. For physical exercise, in his introduction Mr. Bukzaben explains the logistical relationship among Christianity and Judaism in hotshot sentence. When he said, Biblical Christianity is not a continuation of Judaism, but it is the logical outgrowth and consequence of hamper to Moses and the prophets (ii). Bukzabens first practice of Christian / Judean reconciliation is apparent in his discussion of the Passover. Of course, many of us agnize what this feast symbolizes for the Jewish bulk, but how many of us realize the Christian aspect of it? T o avoid the demise angel, we know that the Israelites were told to prepare a lamb sacrifice, and then paint the doorposts and lentils with the blood. Those who followed this instruction are spared, their faith is proven, and they are worthy to be taken out from nether the bondage of Egypt. Similarly, Christians are released from bondage and delivered to glory with faith in Jesus Christ the Lord. And, as the Lamb of theology, Jesus blood pays the debt for those who believe in Him. Moreover, Bukzaben says, The deliverance of Israel from Egypt is the cardinal point in Jewish history and worship, even as Calvary is the central point in the Christian faith (2).I found the Feast of Weeks especially interesting in how it is identified by differing titles and in any case, how each title was derived. Until reading this book, I didnt realize the significance of the Greek phrase Pentecost or that it meant fifty. According to Bukzaben, It was so designated because it was observed on the f iftieth day after the Passover Sabbath (14). Again, Bukzaben dispatchs clear the relationship of Judaism and Christianity with this feast. This feast is also called Pentecost, because it was observed fifty days after the Passover.As Christians, we too celebrate the big(p) feast of Pentecost, although, we can celebrate ours every Sunday. Pentecost for Christians began 50 days after Jesus resurrection, when God stamped his Commandments in the heart of each Christian with the power of His Holy Spirit. Jewish Pentecost celebrates the reception of Gods Law, and Christian Pentecost celebrates the provisional authorise of knowing Jesus Christ. In short, Pentecost is the official beginning of the Church of Christ (Act.2, Joel 228-32, Jer.31 33-34, Heb.8 8-12). Therefore, as Christians, we too celebrate Pentecost as believers we are baptized in the Holy Spirit, and it can speak to us directlyHe resides in spite of appearance us.Buksbazen makes further discovery of Pentecost in cons veri table to the historical bond between Judaism and Christianity. With Ruth, he points out the transmitted connection she has to our Lord Jesus Christ. Moreover, Buksbazen explains just how reverently the Jewish people consider Ruth to be. On the Day of Pentecost the Jews even until the present day read the book of Ruth (18). Likewise, Christians get by Ruth, her example of kindness, compassion, and love is a model of how we hope to fashion our lives.This mutual aspect is yet another binding receive between Jews and Christians. According to Buksbazen, They look to the day when Jew and Gentile shall worship God together done the kinsman Redeemer, Christ, typified by Boaz, the friend and husband of Ruth, his Gentile bride (19). As Christians we maintain hope that someday all of Gods children will sleep with together as one to worship Him, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The book of Ruth and the example she shows to both Jews and Christians gives us this hope.Probably the most fami liar of all Jewish feasts is Hanukkah. I have been mindful of this Jewish feast for most of my life however, not until reading Mr. Buksbazens commentary did I realize the foulness of this tradition. The story behind this feast fascinated me, and praise God that the Israelites overcame their Greek attackers. For example, the candelabrum burning incessantly for eight days, which may be regarded as a miracle, evidences God.More importantly, had the Greeks been allowed to defeat the Israelites, there wouldnt have been Jewish Apostles to bring the good news of our Messiah to us, the Gentiles. For that matter, we might not even have a stark naked Testament or Christianity in the purest biblical sense of the word. Sure, the blessed traditions of Hanukkah and Christmas brighten our winter, but the significance is often greater than that. For me this feast represents the difference between life and death.Appropriately, Mr. Baksbazen titles the final topic with a discussion of Sabbath Th e Queen. For Christians, and Jews besides the Sabbath is probably the most comprehensive of all feasts. According to Buksbazen, The Sabbath is exclusively Israels heritage, given under the law to the people of the law (79). Moreover, a weekly Sabbath of worship is vital for both religions. Not only is Sabbath necessary for apparitional renewal, but it also lends to the survival of each respective religion.Mr. Baksbazen makes clear the distinctions between the Jewish Sabbath and the Lords day. For Jews the Sabbath is a narration of their Exodus from Egypt. In general, Baksbazen explains that for Jews the observance of the Sabbath is law, but the Genesis story (Genesis 21-3) and the fourth commandment by God Himself (Exodus 2011) show us that the Sabbath is a memorial to creation. Baksbazen summarizes the difference between these two religious aspects nicely. He states, The Sabbath is the crowning day of the week which rewards man for his toil. The Lords Day emphasizes what God ha s done for man through His only begotten Son (92). This means, if I accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior I most certainly would worship Him. However, just like accepting Him, worshiping Him is a choice I make voluntarily.In addres palaver the first Christians and the Sabbath question, Mr. Bukszaben explains what must have been heart wrenching for Jewish Christians back then. For that matter this daub exists even today. I see two tragedys occurring here, a split amongst one people, and a separation from God for non-believers. This is implied in Bukszabens introductory sentence, At first Jewish believers apparently continued for some time in the voluntary observance of the Sabbath, not because they felt their salvation rested upon this, but rather out of regard for the sensibilities of their own people (95). This practice during the early days of the church is evidenced in scripture (Acts 21 31 155 2120).I couldnt help but deem the pain and sorrow new Jewish Christians must feel. Thos e who know the truth are torn between a steeped history of dogmatic law and worship toward the one true Lord. Mr. Bakszaben properly explains this situation, but it should be noted that Jesus himself did not break the Jewish Sabbath. Jesus activity may have down(p) Pharisaic rules, but not the law of God. Moreover, since Jesus was born under the law He lived under the old covenant requirements (Gal 44 Heb 415).In summary, the feasts are a representation of things to come, and Victor Buksbazens scriptural references provide the proof. I was enlightened, even surprised to see how the most important events in Jewish and Christian history commingled, and what the corresponding feast was originally a sign of. In addition, the way Buksbazen hardened each topic (feast) with respect and contrasting each aspect with truth was refreshing. What I take past from this assignment is newfound knowledge and a better understanding of how Jewish people think.Finally, Buksbazen shows by example how we should be compassionate and loving toward nonbelievers. He treats each Jewish tradition with respect, but makes clear the true meaning of Salvation. We see this in the last few sentences of his book where Buksbazen writes, The Law of Moses has led us by the hand to Christ. Only one who has lived under the Law and has come to know the liberating power of grace, may sing (102).

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Installation Art and Architecture Essay Example for Free

founding Art and computer architecture EssayArchitecture has produced constitutes that was revered, respected and something that captured the awe of the throng for years. It was the source of something attr puzzle outive and even out prowessistic productionistic. It was because of architecture that the likes of the P guilehenon, as well as the otherwisewise majestic palaces and cathedrals and other structures things that people form considered as cheatistic and beautiful was created and later enthr wizd in the annals of what is beautiful and what is maneuveristic.Architecture has endured for years, but the ingathering of the practice of architecture withal made it possible for the creation of other disciplines from which what is beautiful and nontextual matteristic would be derived from. One of the things that were al focussings move side by side with architecture today, when it comes to the consideration of machination and dish aerial within billet and l ocation, is knowledgeableness invention. Over the years, generalization artistryifice has bugger off wide rotate and gained popularity.But the spread of foundation art has one serious repercussion its act of intrusion in the realm of architecture, an act of intrusion that is non harmoniously creative but is sometimes destructive too. thither maybe instances wherein the quislingism and fusion of architecture and inductive reasoning art weed produce something that exudes harmonized beauty and reflect trusted artistic values and content.What captures the attention of professionals is how induction art appears to be more inclined in assail the stead and the flip over births of architecture, either as part of its overall artistic outlook or just because this is a necessary characteristic for quickness art to fully manifest itself. This has been an of the essence(predicate) point of argument since origination art has emerged. There argon those who rely that the two disciplines exist in harmony together opus in that location be those who believe otherwise.Because of this, the paper entrust try to discuss and analyse what the kin is amid generalization art and architecture, how art invades architectural length, when and how art and architecture intersect and what will be the issuance of the collaboration of art and architecture. The Evolution of evocation Art creation art, as the name implies, is all or so a work of art that was installed in a particular place. It maybe a round-eyed mark or a collection of objects, that occupies very little space.It crowd out be something a heap or visual cue that post make the audience feel as if they were transformed in some other place because of the broadness of the reach, physically, of the readiness art that a whole modern environment was created because of generalization art. There are many different components that may make up a work of art considered as installation art (since anyt hing that can be installed in a place can be a part of installation art).From video presentations to exhibited photographs, sculpture and other artistrys, these all contribute to make installation art what it is and to help installation art achieve its goal, and that is to transform a particular place in such(prenominal) a way that what was achieved was the construe and sensory cues that the artist(s) wanted or anticipated in the creation of installation art. Installation art, like any other art styles, genres and movements wee-wee beginnings in different countries and many places virtually the world proved amenable to the growth, patronage and continued development of installation art (Childs, Storry, 1999, p.273). Considered as a genre or art movement that is still under the contemporary art era, installation art was felt as early as the seventies. A very good example of some of the early installation art include the latrine turned fountain by Marcel Duchamp entitled Fountain , a work of art that was controversial and sensational largely because of what it presented and the social taboos and conventions that it challenged during its release.Joining Duchamp as some of the earliest proponents of installation art includes Kurt Schwitters, as well as the Gutai group, an art group that was situated outside of the US and in Japan, and the American Allan Kaprow. These individuals are just some of the prominent individuals in installation art browse intensively with the history of installation art. Research would reveal several other individuals who participated in the arrangement and growth of installation art around the world (Childs, Storry, 1999, p. 273). Kaprow was considered as one of the artists who helped guide the idea of installation art towards what it is today.He has postulated many different ideas that concretized the concept of installation art since its early years. Kaprows idea approximately environmental art contributed towards the developm ent of installation art as how it is cognise today. By the start of the lastly two decades of the 20th century, installation art was already known in many parts of the world, including European countries (Childs, Storry, 1999, p. 273). The term installation art has been in common use since at least the mid-1980s and installations have become familiar sights in British museums and galleries in the 1990s (Childs, Storry, p273). Besides Kaprow, there is also the famous installation art pioneer, Ilya Kabakov, who was also instrumental in developing installation art. Together with Kaprow, Kabarov helped in bringing installation art closer to the people, as well as to the artists by using the academe and including installation art in what they teach in school so that students will understand installation art give way and maybe even contribute to installation art in the future (Al-Qawasmi, De Velasco, 2006, p. 117). Two of the key coiners of installation art are Allan Kaprow and Ilya Ka bakov.Both artists non only made art installation but they also introduced the practice into academia (Al-Qawasmi, De Velasco, 2006, p. 117). Kabakov and Kaprow and their role in the introduction of installation art in the consciousness of art students learning in the academe is instrumental in the growth of installation art, which , in one way brought installation art and architecture closer together. The idea behind the creation of the discipline that would be known as installation art lies on the belief of the artists that there are other slipway that can be explored.The viewing experience of the people who are trying to appreciate art is something that the audience can experience, detect and maximize (Kronenburg, 2003, p. 229). The physical attributes of the place contributes in making the artistic exhibition what it was, therefore, bringing the artworks and the experience closer to the people and helping them identify with their selves better while being immersed in the art they are witnessing in installation art exhibits.Installation art attempts to reduce the boundaries between the viewer and the viewed and bring the artists ideas to a situation where they can be communicated more directly (Kronenburg, 2003, p. 229). From lifting from available materials, installation art experienced an important change when television and video recording was introduced. It allowed the artists more diversity in their works and allowed more ways and means for the artwork to be presented to the public. Because of this new technology, installation art was able to add a new dimension to itself.Today, video has been an integral part of installation art anywhere in the world. Artists, like Martin Firrell and jenny Holzer, are some of the installation art specialists who are known to use the technologies, videos and digital presentation. Over time, the promote for installation art, its ideas and the discipline, grew. Many entities like the Museum of Installation located in London, as well as the Mattress manufactory in the United States, sounded their support for the growth of installation art as a separate and item-by-item movement in the world of art.This is concretized by the growth of the artists immersed in this style. There are many installation art works to come out of Eng husbandry. One example is the work entitled Neon sieve Fields exhibited in 1993 by an artist from Vietnam who was already based in Great Britain named Vong Phaophanit (Childs, Storry, 1999, p. 273). This also signifies the relevance of the countries, too, that supported installation art. For example, the British prides itself with several artists, some of them are not even born in that country.However, because of the artistic atmosphere in the country, even foreign born artists are now based there because of how the country creates a local artistic community that is amenable for the art and the artists. Part of the development and exploitation of installation art is the introduction of this particular art form in the academe. By being introduced to the academic world and being studied and used by professionals, it was a way of awarding installation art a sense of legitimacy in the art world, like giving it its rightful place in the world of art.And an important point in the discussion of the intersection of installation art and architecture can be seen in the discussion of installation art in the academe, although historians are not quite confident(predicate) when this began (Al-Qawasmi, De Velasco, 2006, p. 117). It is difficult to trace the exact history and point of departure for using installations in architectural reading (Al-Qawasmi, De Velasco, 2006, p. 117). Some observers believed that when installation art was introduced in the academe, it was placed inside the educational system for learning architecture, placing installation art as a part and not something greater than architecture. Notably, installation art was greatly embraced i n the realm of architecture, even in the academic realm. Installation practice in architecture schools is growing two in undergraduate and diploma studies as well as postgraduate research (Al-Qawasmi, De Velasco, 2006, p, 117). Role of Installation ArtInstallation art is here because of a particular reason one of the reasons is the role which artists believe installation art has. Often, it is the role of pass along-sending, addressing issues that can be as broad as socio-political issues or even psycheal issues the focus is on the individual and the realization of the individual/audience after being open to the installation art (Al-Qawasmi, De Velasco, 2006, p. 117). Some practice installation as urban interventions to question cultural or socio-political issues (Al-Qawasmi, De Velasco, 2006, p. 117). Here is an example.If you would one day happen to see a sculpture of an image of a icy bear sitting under a very small pack of ice placed on the sidewalk, placed there by the ar tist, it may mean that the artist is trying to send a socio-cultural message that is environmental in nature (i. e. tackling the issue of global warming and how the work of art represents the effects and changes that will happen to the planet if global warming remains unchecked and unresolved, and that would include the loss of natural habitats of animals in the polar regions and the displacement of animals inside locales they are not known to thrive in the starting place).another(prenominal) good example is the work of British artist Michael Landy. Landy became more popular after his Breakdown installation art which he held at the CA building located in London. He protested about consumerism through his art composed of installation and performance art that saw Landy bringing in his possessions on sight and burning it in front of the audience (Walford, 2001). Installation Art Rise and Recognition The emergence of installation art as a specific discipline in the world of art has ga ined notable burn down and earned the acquaintance of the authorities in the field of art.Today, there are many reputable organizations, as well as award giving bodies, that acknowledge installation art and their significance. For example, the Turner Prize shortlists have increasingly included such work (installation art) by British or British-based artists including Vong Phaophanit, Douglas Gordon and Rachel Whiteread (Childs, Storry, 1999, p. 273). These award giving bodies and the recognition that they give to installation art and the artists of installation art, helped cement the place of installation art.It also helped the artists in the local and international community, contributing to the growth of installation art. This is important in the rise and recognition of installation art. How Installation Art Invades Architectural Space Architecture thrived because there were available spaces that were transformed through the use of twist and the implementation of design and cre ation policies and concepts exclusive to architecture. Because of that, architecture cannot be considered as creating physical outputs that are peeping towards existing objects that occupied space to where they would encroach.Architecture did not encroach because the buildings were made atop a land previously featureless. If there were any buildings before architectural efforts were made, it was considered as an act of improvement for the previously placed structure, which is made by architecture. Regardless of how old the type of architecture would be, still, it is architecture. The case is different with installation art because installation art places itself inside the design of architecture designs which did not accommodate such features, and sometimes, will not accommodate such features.And when this happens, installation art invades architectural space. For example, public parks where installation arts are in place can be considered as an act of destroying the concept of wha t is beautiful. This is because an alien thing was added to the park, a feature that was not planned to be there in the first place, ergo giving the people the chance to redefine what a beautiful park is was it the one with the installation art or the one without it?Even if installation artists argue that installation art has aesthetic value, design is not a simple mathematics of putting one beautiful thing inside another beautiful thing and the machinelike result is a beautiful and artistic thing. Sometimes, the combination of two separate, beautiful and artistic things may not be a harmonious endeavour. The characteristic of one of the two will be affected by how the other will minimize, alter or damage the original state of the half of the two, making the juncture sometimes just beneficial to one and disastrous to the other.Installation Art, Architecture and Purpose An important cyclorama in the analysis of architecture and installation art and the times the two are intersecti ng each other and invading each others space is hinged on consumption the purpose of the artist and the purpose of the person who allowed the creation of the installation art or architecture (or both), which is usually the artists financier or benefactor. What is the purpose of the installation art and what is the purpose of architecture? This will take a long discussion starting with the origins of the two.Architecture was primarily created so that the creation of a functional structure (both permanent and temporary) can also feature aesthetics at the same time. However, the creation places more importance to functionality and usability than beauty and aesthetics. Installation art, on the other hand, is hinged strongly on artistic background. The focus of installation art is art itself and not functionality. Therefore, when the two jar in a single space, there is a fight between which should prevail in the space is it architecture and its functionality or installation art and i ts more artistic and aesthetic purpose?For those who give installation art a space, their main reason is its humanistic impact on the viewer art appreciation, and even detoxification from stress through the beauty in art. An ideal example is Spaceplace created by Maurice Agis and Peter Jones, which was created for its non-functional purpose and yet the artists believe that there is an important role of the installation art nonetheless. This is found in how the artwork impacts the audience, particularly in the personal level depending on how the artwork affects the audience/viewer (Kronenburg, 2003, p.229). They are the first to admit that Spaceplace is more aesthetic than traditional functional critics and observers believed that such was the case (Kronenburg, 2003, p. 229). The aim of Spaceplace was to create a new environment based on aesthetically controlled considerations rather than conventional functional issues (Kronenburg, 2003, p. 229). This is a undecided differentiatio n of installation art and architecture. Spaceplace was purely installation art.The sole functionality of this is to affect the audience/people and not to be something that should be used in a manner that architectural works are utilise for their functionality. It may not be functional based on what functional is oft understood (i. e. something that has practical use or something that is useful) but its effect on the audience/people is nonetheless important. Spaceplace is an installation that explored the relationship between simple rectangular forms in order to create abstract non-functional spaces that were related to the human body.The work was an attempt by the artists to provide a foil to the chaotic spaces of everyday human activity (Kronenburg, 2003, p. 229). The artists added that the other purpose of this particular installation art is to have the audiences sensory activity stimulated in a positive way (Kronenburg, 2003, p. 229). Often, architecture and installation art does not cross each others path. The invasion of the space allotted for the two are often separate, especially when there are spaces that are allotted for art works and there are spaces allotted for strictly architectural endeavors and works.For one, practical and functional creations are often delegated to architectural works while installation art is often given space only inside art galleries which allots space for art forms like installation art and not to architecture. Take for example, Maurice Agiss Spaceplace it is an installation art that required the use of a large space. The art gallery gave them this space, therefore, making it unnecessary for the installation art to invade architectural spaces because they have their own space wherein they can showcase themselves.The installation therefore relied totally on the provision of a separate shelter environment in the form of gallery space (Kronenburg, 2003, p. 229). But this situation was actually met with negativity especi ally by the artists because the artists like Agis himself believes that confining the installation art in gallery spaces actually pushes the artworks farther from the public and the public experience, which was the main goal of the installation art in the first place.