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Advanced Human Resources: Trends and Challenges in modern business environments Essay

Imagine an organization in the high technology area of wireless. The market dynamics are very high due to the impact of the technology. This calls for strategic changes in business on a constant basis. In this environment a misalignment between the organization direction and human resource direction can be fatal. This can be demonstrated by taking a case study of the technology change. Second generation technologies in mobile communication dominated the scene for a decade. Gradually there was a change in the way consumers used the services. There was more emphasis on the data services than the traditional voice services. A firm working in developing these technologies easily picks up these indicators from the market and the industry bodies. The business is also aware of the future changes with third generation mobile technologies. However in this case, the human resource department is totally unaware of the changes and the future direction. This has direct impact on the way the resources are picked and trained. Without the strategic direction, the organization still has and continues to grow the resources to tackle the second generation technologies, which is the current market requirement. When the new technology arrives, the organization has to transform almost fully within a short time. If the human resources department was proactive, it would have picked up the business directions. This would have directly impacted the type of resources that they would bring into the company. The new recruitments would have skills necessary for the current requirements as well as to move to the new technologies. The organization would be better equipped and would be able to move faster. Although the above example is a simplistic illustration, it is an indication of how much human resources can impact in the modern business environment. The role and importance of human resource management have changed over the years. From the traditional role of recruitment and retaining employees, the function now looks at a broader spectrum of activities in an organization. In line with the expanding scope, the function has increasingly become a strategic unit in organizations. In the current business environment which is characterized by dynamic changes and speed of decision making, human resources has been effectively used by successful organizations to bring about competitive edge. This is more relevant in an age when intellectual capital is considered to be the most important competitive advantage. This paper looks at the different aspects that influence the role of human resource management and the different functions that it has to perform in the current business environment. It also looks at the key trends in human resource personal in the current environments and its impact. Human resources have greater responsibility of ensuring that the organization is able to attract, retain and contribute to the growth of the firm. It now needs to understand the business need and ensure that the organizational talent level is aligned to achieve the business goals. Leadership development is another key area where human resource is increasingly seen to provide initiative in an organization. Further, the paper tries to identify key challenges that arise due to the new business and working environment. From managing limited teams in single location, human resource department now deals with multi-cultural environment with different perspectives and ways of working. Diversity can now be put to the advantage of an organization instead of creating hurdles in working closely. Innovativeness of a firm now could be based on diversity. This illustrates how the function now needs to adopt new tools, strategies and techniques for effectively carrying out their activities. With increasing number of acquisitions, mergers and consolidation in the market in most industries, creating the best team out of the different cultures, work environments and practices is an ongoing challenge to the human resource development. It must ensure that the productivity and availability of talent is consistent when organizations go through such major changes. It must also ensure that the underlying DNA of the organization that enabled it to be successful is not lost when such changes occur. Further challenges for the companies in the knowledge economy can come from aspects such as population growth. It is imperative for organizations to look long term, predict the gaps in talent pool that might arise and proactively prepare for it. While there are already different solutions available, it is necessary for organizations to adopt those solutions that fit in the organization’s culture.

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Students of Science Disciplines are More Meritorious than Others

Students of science disciplines are more meritorious than others Science is the subject where talent, handwork and knowledge of high level is required. Every modern technology, all new innovations are mainly due to science. So science is a very long brunch of studies. Science requires lots of efforts and hard work. Science students have to give not only efforts and hard work, science student have to be talented with a huge reserve of knowledge. While others subjects besides science usually do not require that much meritorious student.So usually meritorious students choose science and science students are more meritorious it can be said in a glance. I completely agree with the fact that science students are more a meritorious The first reason is that usually mostly everywhere in all educational institutes in order to get science high percentage is required in their results. To get science students have to be especially skilled in mathematics, chemistry, biology and other science subje cts. These subjects usually do not work by memorizing. Thinking skills and knowledge are highly required.A student who doesn’t have the capability of using and utilizing their knowledge will never be able to do well in science subjects. Science includes complicated subjects in which only meritorious students achieve good results in it. Subjects other than science, that is arts, commerce, economics, law, literature, history, geography etc are subjects where merit like science is not required. In these subjects if a student can study day and night, work hard and memorize the lessons, they can easily do well in their results.Hard work is required by merit of high level is not mandatory to do well. Science students have to do lots of practical, lab works, and many other science related tasks. These tasks made them develop knowledge no how things actually works in the real world. Due to science our surroundings are full of modern and sophisticated materials and equipment. Passion of getting deep inside how modern world is running due to technology makes a student passionate about science and they try to prepare themselves from the very beginning of their life.Even if a student is not much talented and meritorious they also try to develop them by studying and practicing more and more to develop their knowledge and become capable of taking science. Not in every case all meritorious students take science. There are many meritorious students who study subjects other than science too. The reason behind this can be due to their passion towards other subjects or they don’t find science interesting.Another reason might also be applicable that since science is a very difficult subject students firstly think that they may not able to give that much effort as required in science and they take choose other subject. However they fail to recognize their merit and use it other way in other subjects rather than science, unaware that they are reserving their merit and not using it whereas if they used that merit studying science they could have built up a better future or career for them. They may don’t know but their merit might lead to some new innovations and so on if they have taken science.All in all, with all my reasons stated above I strongly believe that science students are more meritorious than other. Only meritorious students get the ability to take science due to their extraordinary meritorious quality and they have always proved it. Without them we may not be able get a modern sophisticated present world and life. We should be thankful to them and all meritorious students should not waste their merit in places other than science. Contributions of their merit can benefit them and may also benefit the whole world.

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The Wonder of Motion Pictures Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

The Wonder of Motion Pictures - Movie Review Example The opening credits start off in the Locker-room of the Tyrell Corporation during the day with the words, "It's magnified and deeply revealed. Flecks of green and yellow in a field of milky blue. Icy filaments surround the undulating centre," ("Blade Runner" p.1). Interpreting the author's choice of words, the 'field of milky blue' appears to be the sky itself. This description falls within the definition of Mimesis being that it uses descriptive tone to introduce a visual understanding of a scene. While it also fits within the parameters of Diegesis based on telling the reader at the beginning where they are, it uses more of Mimesis. The next paragraph deals more so with verbal choices that give a better sense of the physical environment for which the story is taking place. While there is a continued mention of colour, there is also an addition of 'hard' words to describe the items within the scene. Such as, "The eye is brown in a tiny screen. On the metallic surface below, the words VOIGHT-KAMPFF are finely etched. There's a touch-light panel across the top and on the side of the screen, dial that registers fluctuations of the iris," ("Blade Runner" p.1). ... With that being said, the previous paragraph detailing the milky blue and the flecks of green and yellow, in keeping with the theme of the iris, may actually be tied in together with the description of a human eye. The 'field of a milky blue' would be if one was to look into the eye of a person whose iris was blue. It is common for people to have small particles of a different colour that lies within their eye, so the 'flecks of green and yellow' would be the slight colour imperfections within the eye itself. As the script goes further, the author uses narration to give the story a clean movement from beginning to end. The reader is able to keep in line with how the story is intended to proceed. The frequency of descriptive words plays into the author's narration intent. For a piece of work to be best comprehended and ultimately enjoyed, the narrative has to be at which a clearer picture is given of what it is that is trying to be said in the first place. The following two paragraphs are important to mention, especially in deciphering the intent of their usage, and the meaning of how the author may intend to have the story play out.  

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Chose a subject of popular culture and analyze this subject using Essay

Chose a subject of popular culture and analyze this subject using course concepts - Essay Example ra of Swing music, and thus this paper helps to give an insight about the musical genius’ life and subsequent contributions towards culture and also how the socio-economic, political and historical factors played a role in making significant changes towards the same. Bessie Smith’s inherent passion for music was discovered fortunately at a very young age as she and her brother took to the streets of their local neighbourhoods in Chattanoonga, as they sang and danced in order to earn money for their meals. However, her brother soon left her to join a professional troupe and she was left behind due to being very young. Soon enough, her brother arranged for a meeting and interview for Bessie for the Stokes Troupe and she was hired as a dancer but not as a singer, thus her true potential had yet not been realised. In 1915, the singer left and became a part of the Theater Owners Bookers Association, an African American performance group and this became the milestone in her career. The group helped her to gain popularity all over and become a recognised singer. Following this, offers began coming in for Bessie to be part of musicals and one of her firsts, titled ‘How Come?’ made its way to Broadway as well. Here, Bessie co starred with Sidney Bechet. Looking at her success and getting motivated by the same, Smith moved on to working in theatre, mostly Black theatres as they accepted her better, and in 1923 she landed with her first recording contract. Soon enough, Bessie became one of the highest paid black women in her field however, the money did not make much difference to her life then and she realised she wanted to sing all her life. Smith’s voice, mellifluous and harmonious, was something she was able to practice and develop on her own. She did not receive any formal training from anywhere, and with the practice she had had since her early years, she dedicated and devoted more time to get even better than what she was and all that she had

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Distribution of duties based on gender roles Research Paper

Distribution of duties based on gender roles - Research Paper Example Moral judgments about the gender based household duties of individuals are made by people in our daily life. Each and every individual owes some kind of work as their daily chores and others placed the demand for it on the individual who owes it. That kind of work is said to be the duty of the individual that the person is obliged to perform. Gender roles are often defined in the cultural context. The overall power relations that existed between the women and the men living in a society determine the distribution of their duties on the basis of gender identity. Basic inequalities among gender exist to a large extent within the households in relation to the household works they are assigned. In many societies even in the twenty first century the professional life of women are accepted only when they could well maintained their household duties along with their outdoor works . Whereas the working of the men outside home is natural and taken for granted. This inequality implies inequali ties in employment status of male and female and also their relations within the family. (Buckley and Moghaddam, 2-5; Sen) Thus the discrimination among men and women on the basis of the distribution of duties of their households in their everyday life is the social phenomenon that is intended to be studied in the paper. The paper reflects that shopping affects gender in a very extensive way through society The research hypothesis The situations of the households have changed over the years and the shares of the household chores performed by the male members of the family have experienced a significant positive change but women contributes larger proportion of the household works especially related ot shopping trends, till date. Research designs and methods Interest for the study The classic work done by Friedman in the year 1963 and then continued by Oakley in the year 1974 urged the sociologists to focus on the issue of the study of household work which was otherwise considered as a topic too marginal to be studied as relevant part of sociology (Buckley and Moghaddam, 6). Sociologists have now become increasingly interested in studying the social factors that determine the work performance of households and the topic became the focus for sophisticated research. There are certain findings that appear in literature work more consistently though the study of the household sector has not really been able to produce a consensus yet among general people. Among those findings what appears to be well documented mostly is that a greater share of the household chores and daily household works are performed by the female members of the family than the male members. Studies suggested that the females of the family invariably perform the largest share of the daily household duties though the relative shares of the work performed by the male and female members vary in terms of individuals’ characteristics and the household circumstances in which they are living the ir livelihood (Buckley and Moghaddam, 6). However with the changing nature of the society the situations of the households are also changing. Most of the couples in the twenty first century are trying to live a more balanced life with a more or less proper sharing of the household works. As women of the twenty first century are catching up with the capacity of their male counterparts in each and every aspects of life (be it political, social and even in economical aspects), the

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Reading Response to Thinking of Empire Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Reading Response to Thinking of Empire - Essay Example The nature of power creates an addiction to rule, resulting in several people seeking to have power. Through this, people become greedy, once they obtain power, they seek to hold onto it till they die; this is how people establish dynasties in the political field. Power can destroy a society, several people will always struggle to obtain and when they do, it consumes them and they are never the same. The privileges of power create greed, which also consumes the individuals who crave for power but do not have it. It results in people scheming and hoping to gain power. People will do whatever it takes to be in power. The bottom line is that in the end power makes people corrupt. The manner, in which the Romans and the English sought to establish empires, was a demonstration of how power was a negative factor in society. It resulted in several societies losing their homes and being consumed by the very empires that oppressed them. However, power is important to direct countries and individuals into some direction, be it good or bad. In the end, I find that without the hunger for power, the world would be a peaceful place to live. I can only wonder if a non-power hungry world will ever take center

Discussion question only Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Discussion question only - Essay Example The question was ‘You should get your first cholesterol test at age 45.†, to which I answered fiction because I believe you should start younger. The elaborated answer says â€Å"Everyone should get a cholesterol test at least every five years, starting in their 20s† so I am unclear as to how my answer was wrong. It is important to monitor cholesterol levels. The questions concerning heart arrhythmias were all answered correctly accept for the answer that all arrhythmias could be detected by an electro cardiogram. Apparently some arrhythmias can come at different times of activity and may not be apparent at the time of the test. I was unaware that 2600 people die of heart disease every day. I also was not aware that prescribing antibiotics may be necessary in the case of a heart murmur as a preventative measure. I am at low risk for Diabetes II. The three things that I can do to decrease my already low risk is: Eat more whole grains: aim for 3 servings per day. - Eat unsaturated fats, like liquid vegetable oil, on most days (but watch your calories to avoid gaining extra weight). - Achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Is the media a valuable resource to help consumers improve their knowledge for prevention of cancer and heart disease? Provide an example of one media source you feel is valuable and one you feel might be harmful. Explain and support your reasoning. The media source that is both the most valuable and the most harmful as a resource for knowledge on cancer and heart disease would be the internet. The internet is an extremely valuable tool for anyone needing to research an ailment that has appeared in life. With access to medical information, definitions, and treatment explanations one can research an affliction in a way that allows the information to be absorbed, contemplated, and then acted upon. In a doctor’s office one has a few minutes to hear what is said and must digest that information under the pressure of the

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Does High School Affect Social Mobility Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Does High School Affect Social Mobility - Essay Example Student mobility i.e. students moving from one school to another for reasons other than being promoted to the next school level-is common in the United States. It is a topic that repeatedly surfaces in discussions about the problems of urban schooling. Remarkably, it tends to fade from the program as discussion turns toward reform initiatives and school restructuring. Student mobility and the resulting school instability are usually relegated to a background condition a part of an external context to which schools must adjust. However, mobility's effects can be deep and wide-ranging. They penetrate the crucial activity of schools the interaction of teachers and students around learning. In addition, not only does mobility have an effect on those students who are changing schools, it also more in general disturbs the functioning of classrooms and the basic operations of schools. This is not to say that just reducing student mobility will unavoidably translate into school improvement. Stable schools can also provide bad quality instruction to their students. Stability, in contrast, provides a base condition on which a school can build and transform successful programs. Without a certain level of stability, it is in doubt how school -based educational programs, no matter how modern, could effectively develop and show long-term impact. Mobility is an occurrence that is strongly deep-seated in the urban context and in urban schools. Accordingly, no one-policy approach alone is likely to reduce its prevalence and to improve its effects. The analyses suggest that an array of policy issues merit consideration. Discussions should focus on two levels: policies that can assist in decreasing the level of mobility between schools, and initiatives that can assess the negative impact of student mobility on learning and support school improvement efforts more generally. Over their whole elementary and secondary careers, most students make at least one non-promotional school change (Rumberger et al., 1999). Many educators think that student mobility is a definite result of students changing residences. In actual fact, 2000 U.S. census data show that 15% to 18% of school-age children moved in the previous year. There have also been indications that welfare reform may affect moving, with parents moving to accept jobs. On the other hand, research has also found that between 30% and 40% of school changes are not related with residential changes (Kerbow, 147-169; Rumberger et al., 1999). School factors such as overcrowding, class size reduction, suspension and expulsion policies, and the general academic and social climate also contribute to student mobility. The increase of parental options included in the No Child Left Behind legislation may also contribute over time to increased mobility. Impact on Students Academic Growth: A Literature Review The existing studies of the effect of student mobility on achievement tend to point out that a general decline in achievement is associated with mobility (Benson, Haycraft, Stayaert, & Weigel, 444-47; Benson & Weigel, 15-19; Blane et al, 127-42; Felner et al., 449-59; Johnson & Lindblad, 547-52; Schuler, 17-24; Wood et al., 1334-1338). The

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Policy Speech Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Policy Speech - Essay Example The CBS report, which drives home to us the inhumanity of capital punishment, demonstrates the urgent need to create and implement a comprehensive policy which will ban the Death Penalty throughout the United States. My passionate conviction that all forms of life merit humane treatment, has made me do an in-depth study on all the facets of the Death Penalty and confirmed my belief that Capital Punishment has no place in a civilized society. There is an urgent need for the crafting and implementation of a ‘Comprehensive Abolition of The Death Penalty Act,’ which will make the Death Penalty illegal throughout the United States. I am confident that my presentation will convince you of the rightness of my stand on this issue. My argument will focus on countering the mistaken perception of two-thirds of the U.S. population who support the Death Penalty (according to the 2009 October Gallup Poll). This majority wrongly believes that the Death Penalty (1) serves as a deterrent to crime (2) is more cost-effective than other forms of punishment (3) employs humane methods of execution. The most prevalent myth about the apparent efficacy of the Death Penalty is that it serves as a deterrent to crime. On the contrary, in a study by Radelet and Lacock, in the Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology, the results from a survey of the world’s leading criminologists has conclusively proved through empirical research that the death penalty does not add deterrent effects to those already achieved by long imprisonment. Executions do not lower homicide rates. An overwhelming majority of 88% of the surveyed criminologists rejected the deterrence argument in favor of the Death Penalty. Many adherents of the Death Penalty mistakenly assume that it is cheaper than alternative forms of punishment. In fact, the enforcement of the Death Penalty imposes prohibitive costs on the State exchequer. According to the Final Report of the Death

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Reflexes Uncovered-Pathway of an action potential Comprehensive Paper Essay

Reflexes Uncovered-Pathway of an action potential Comprehensive Paper - Essay Example A stimulus is generated immediately a person comes in contact with a painful object like fire. The stimulus has to pass through layers of the layers of the skin, which include the epidermis and the dermis. The anatomy of the skin displays a rich network of receptors that are responsible for detecting pain (Moses et al., 67). The epidermis consists of hair and Merkel’s disc, which is a tactile receptor found between the epidermis and the dermis. This receptor detects any form of external stimuli. The Pacinian corpuscle is also found in the outermost layer of the skin and it detects abnormal pressures from external environment. Apart from these receptors, the outer skin layer has free nerve endings that detect pain. The stimulus goes through the free nerve endings to other sensory receptors in the dermis (Moses et al., 70). The presence of sensory receptors enables the skin to detect any change in environmental pressures like fire. The dermis also has the Ruffini’s corpuscle which is a receptor similar to a mushroom shape. The stimulus is also detected by the Pacinian corpuscle, which detects deep pressure within the hypodermis layer. The dermis contains free nerve endings that play a major part in detecting external stimuli. A stimulus excites the impulse at the resting membrane potential of the neuron threshold potential in order to reach the maximum action potential. When the maximum action potential is achieved, the cell membrane of the neurons becomes depolarized and the sensory receptors convert the portrayed information into nerve impulses. As a result the nerve impulse away from the dendrites into the neuron then onto the cell body of the nerve. It then travels via the myelin sheath of the axon, to the nodes of Ranvier and lastly to the synaptic knob where the axon and another neuron mee t each other. The gap between one neuron and another is called the presynaptic membrane

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The Crucible Essay Example for Free

The Crucible Essay In The Crucible, by Arthur Miller, John Proctor shows his protagonist character by the respectable and honorable man he lives to be. In order to understand why John Proctor is the protagonist of the story, a definition of the word protagonist is indispensable. A protagonist is essentially the main character of a story, mostly known as the good character. The author spends most of his time on him, and usually the character changes or evolves during the course of the novel. The protagonist is frequently the hero of the novel and rivals with the minor ambitious character also known as the antagonist. With many complex characteristics, he is the center of the plot. Proctor has failed in his marriage, been accused of witchery, and concludes his life with forgiveness. Proctor exemplifies true heroism in his acts of clamorous times. As Proctor’s truths of adultery are revealed, he settles these rumors with claiming that it is truthful. John Proctor is most likely the true protagonist. In the Crucible, Abigail Williams is portrayed as the antagonist of the allegory. Proctor cheats on his wife, Elizabeth, with Abigail while Elizabeth is ill. The story proceeds with Abigail becoming jealous and desiring John for herself. John shows that he regrets his affair by stating to Abigail, I will cut my arms off before I ever reach for you again. The focus of this sequence of events is how John deals with this situation. The Crucible literally means a hard test. His test is to overcome his troubles in his marriage and society. Society at this time is accusing its people of witchery. John works through his marriage problems and stumbles upon false accusations. As Abigail creates chaos throughout the town, the idea of witches has spread too. Proctor is accused of being a witch. He was chosen to be accused by the author because he is the protagonist. The focus is mainly on his life and his family. He chooses the right thing as he goes through the trials. He admits to his adultery with Abigail to prove that she lies. Proctor realizes what he has to do to save his wife. He is a hero by admitting his wrong doings and confessing his sorrow for acting upon them. Proctor learns to forgive through these trials. John knows how to represent his beliefs and stand up for his rights through forgiveness. After he admits to his sin, he is told to write on the church door for what he did. He refuses to after already admitting his actions. Proctor did not want to put his family to shame even more. I cannot mount the gibbet like a saint. It is fraud. Im not the man (Act 4, pg.109) He knows that God knows and forgives but he shall not exploit it for others to judge and assume. Proctor concludes his life being content with the final decision he has made. He shows that he is a hero to his family and neighbors. John Proctor shows many characteristics of a protagonist. He is a hero to many as he risks his life because he knows he believes in God. The story focuses on his marriage and the aftermath of the direction of his wrong doings. Often the novel will focus mainly on the protagonist’s personal situation. Proctor is the main character as Abigail Williams serves as antagonists throughout the story. She fights to break down Proctor and make him love her. Proctor prevails by doing the morally correct action by confessing and sticking to his beliefs. John Proctor displays qualities of a heroic protagonist.

History Of The Irish Republican Army History Essay

History Of The Irish Republican Army History Essay We have been told, we have been asked to hope, that after this war Ireland will get Home Rule, as a reward for the lifeblood shed in a cause which, whomever else its success may benefit, can surely not benefit Ireland (Casement, 1916). Ireland has a long and blood history involving their fight of freedom from religious oppression, rulers and land. It should be no wonder to most that due to these issues in Ireland rebel groups, some labeled terrorists, rose up to fight against the oppression. One such group is the Irish Republican Army, which has been in existence for a little less than 100 years. In order to understand this complex terrorist group one must first look at the history of Ireland, the methodologies and ideologies of this group as well as present and future threats this group faces. St. Patrick was born around 400 A.D. in Britain to a very religious family; his father a Christian deacon. It is claimed young St. Patrick was taken by a group of Irish bandits and held prisoner in Ireland for approximately six years. Once released, St. Patrick attempted to leave Ireland and return to his native Britain. It is stated that St. Patrick received a vision for God while returning to Britain after his capture that he was to remain in Ireland and spread the word of God, hence St. Patrick is credited for bringing Christianity to Ireland which would set the stage for religious conflict several hundred years later (Who Was St. Patrick, n.d., n.p.). Although religion was introduced very early in Irelands history, it did not appear to cause many problems until the issue of Catholicism versus Protestantism. England continued to seize control of Ireland between the 1100s and the 1500s leading the land to be ruled by predominant protestant leaders who attempted to bring in their protestant rules but failed (Henry VIII). This in turn United the Irish Catholics to fight harder for freedom of religion and creating and even bigger wedge between the people and their ruler. These revolts (Ulster Revolt) that the new King, King James I attempted to provide land to protestant settlers in an attempt to create peace. This however old made the wedge greater as now Catholics were fearful of losing the majority and their land (Northern Ireland Timeline, n.d., n.p.). James II came to rule Ireland in the late 1600s and attempted to outlaw many of the anti-Catholic laws which lead to a falling out between him and his counterparts in England. In short as a result of this fighting and his inability to satisfy his counterparts in England, William of Orange was encouraged by Britain to take the thrown. As a result James II fled to Ireland in what would be known as the Glorious Revolution. The Battle of Boyne taking place approximately two years later involved the two in which William of Orange defeated James IIs attempt to regain control of the throne (Northern Ireland Timeline, n.d., n.p.). Another significant event in Irelands history which also ignited Irelands hatred for its British rulers was the Potato Famine. Although many people in Ireland grew many different crops such as wheat and oats, potatoes was a very big staple in their diet. Between 1845 and 1848 the crops in Ireland failed leading to over a million Irish to starve to death. As a result of this incident several fled and relocated in different areas. One of the biggest problems the Irish had was that their British rules and the country of England failed to provide any type of support such as more for fear the Irish would revolt and use the money to buy arms to overrule their government. This led to an even deeper hatred of the British for their refusal to help in a time of need. Approximately twenty years later Charles Parnell felt to solve this issue of Ireland knowing whats best for Ireland, he helped introduce a bill that Ireland should be ruled by Irish Parliament (Home Rule Bill). This bill was introduced once in 1886 and again in 1893 failing both times due to fear that the parliament would consist mainly of Catholics and not equal representation of the Irish. As a result of this failed bill Sinn Fein was formed. Sinn Fein, meaning we the people was an organization that was formed to free Ireland from British rule and regain independence for Ireland as its own separate entity. Although the bill failed two times, a third Home Rule Bill was passed a third time in 1912 (set to become law in 1914) causing major discord in Ireland. As a result of this discord, the proposed solution was to introduce Home Rule with Partition; six Protestant counties would stay a part of the United Kingdom. The IRA was formed from approximately 1000 rebels of the Irish Volunteers decided to take advantage of the fact that Britain was losing the battle with Germany and attempted to declare Ireland its own sovereign entity. This rebellion became known as Easter Rising, as these rebels took over the Dublin Post Office on Easter Monday in an attempt to take back Ireland. British forces did not take kindly to this rebellion and brought troops to this location in an attempt to re-claim the post office. The fighting last for approximately five days and resulted in 400 deaths and over 2,500 injuries. The rebels ultimately lost and ultimately were punished by death. These rebels became known as the Irish Republican Army. The Irish Republican Army as stated above was formed in approximately 1916 after the Easter Rising. The Irish Republican Armys goal is to free Ireland from British rule. They also wanted to remove the British troops from Ireland and unite the country to rule itself. The Irish Republican Army has method of getting its message across includes bombings, assassinations, kidnappings, beatings, smuggling, extortion and robberies (Pike, 2005, n.p.). The Irish Republican Army gets its funding and training from an unlikely source; The PLO and Libya. The Irish Republican Army receives training, money and weaponry from this country and this other terrorist organization (Pike, 2005, n.p.). It should also come as no surprise that Sinn Fein also supports this organization as well as sympathizers from many different countries to include the United States. Although the IRA could be considered one of the main terrorist organizations in Ireland there are also a few splinter groups that originated from the IRA. First is the Provisional Irish Republican Army. The Provisional Irish Republican Army formed off in late 1960s as a result of the hard crackdown by the protestants in Ireland. The IRA was committed to peaceful means of getting a united Ireland while the new splinter group Provisional Irish Republican Army (also known as PIRA or Provos) were seeking change through violence. In short, this new splinter group was the more violent of the two and attempted violent physical acts in an attempt to get their message across (Gregory, 2010, n.p.). Another splinter group of the IRA is the Real IRA which was formed in 1997 in response to those who were displeased with the peace talks that occurred around this time with the British authorities. It is estimated that this splinter group has about 100 followers (Fletcher, 2008, n.p.). This group also appears to distrust Sinn Fein and disapprove of its role that it has in the IRA. Ireland has had a history of discord and unrest but it is important to note the most recent period of discord known as The Troubles that occurred between 1968 and 1998. During this time there were many issues and fighting between Catholics and Protestants. Also during this time were many protests and marches in an effort to protect their civil rights. One of the most famous incidents during this time frame was Bloody Sunday. Bloody Sunday took place on January 30, 1972. During a march of over 1000 people in Derry and British militant without warning or cause shot and killed thirteen catholic protesters. The soldier at the time was acquitted of any wrong doing causing outrage as this march/protest was peaceful. Several years later the British would however, admit their wrong doing. This outrage led the IRA to set off 26 car bombs in Belfast killing 9 people and injuring approximately 130 (Frontline, 2007, n.p.). This outrage and acts of terror would continue for many years. The IRA wo uld continue on its bombing campaign and other acts of terrorism until peace talks in approximately 1996/1997. The Belfast Agreement occurred on April 10, 1998. This Agreement was between the British, Sinn Fein and the IRA. Sinn Fein was invited on the condition that a six week cease come into place. During the negotiations in 1997 the Irish Republican Army retracted its cease fire in July of 1997 causing this agreement to take approximately one year to work out between the parties. The Belfast Agreement stated many things. First, Ireland could not be considered a united independent country without the majority of those living in Northern Ireland. Second, those in the north had the right to refer to themselves as either British or Irish and that was not to cause any discord. This agreement also set up a north/south council to keep both sides best interest at heart. This agreement was well received by the Irish and on May 23, 1998 a referendum showed an overwhelming support for this agreement (Timeline, n.d., n.p.). Since this agreement in 1998 it appears that the IRA has been contained. There have however still been illegal activities being executed by the IRA. According to one source, in 2004 the IRA was implicated in two sever robberies with one involving almost 50 million dollars (Pike, 2005, n.p.). A short while later the IRA also put an end to it armed violent campaign. The current leader, Óglaigh na hÉireann issued a statement on July 25, 2005 that he was ordering all his armed forces to dump their arms. In this statement he also indicated that although he still believed in their cause (to rid the country of British rule and unite Ireland into its own entity), he felt this could be accomplished through no violent means (Kuznicki, M., Willet, C., Griffin, M., Manley, E., Matten, R., n.d., n.p.). In conclusion, it appears for now that the IRA has taken a less violent turn. It should be noted however that although the IRA appears to be giving up arms there are many splinter groups and sympathizers with this organization all over the world that have not agreed to a treaty. It seems that the key to less violence is for British troops to stay out of Ireland and allow that country to continue on its own path.

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Counselling and Therapy for Different Personality Types

Counselling and Therapy for Different Personality Types Active Suggestive Therapy View of Human Nature In the world, everyone is unique. They usually differ on the basis of family in which they grew up and the values, culture, unique experiences and the perceptions they have about their circumstances. I agree with the view of Adler that a persons perception of the past and interpretation of early events influence their behaviours (Corey, 2005). According to Albert Ellis, the belief is that we contribute to our own problems and by this way; we interpret events and situations (Corey, 2005). The basic hypothesis of REBT is that our emotions stem mainly from our beliefs, evaluations, interpretations, and reaction to lifes situations (Corey, 2005, p. 272). Behaviour is learned. Cognitive behaviour therapy states that during childhood we learn our irrational beliefs form others (Corey, 2005). As it is learned, so I believe that we can learn new ways of thinking and behaving. All humans have free will. Adler also supports that the concept of a creative force enables people to make their own decisions and develop their own opinions (Oberst Stewart, 2003). Albert Ellis says that we can learn to control our emotions by avoiding irrational beliefs (Ellis MacLaren, 2005). I agree with Adler that the people are social, creative and can make their own decisions (Corey, 2005). I also believe that people also have certain limitations. I believe that biology and genetics play a role in our behaviour and that we are predisposed to some types of mental illnesses. I believe that some forms of depression like extreme anxiety, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia can be the result of genetics or a chemical imbalance in the brain. Arnold Lazarus, the founder of multimodal therapy states that when any doubts arise about the probable involvement of biological factors, it is imperative to have them investigated (Lazarus, 1997, p. 28). I agree with William Glasser that we have basic needs. He stated that we have the need for survival, love and belonging, power and achievement, freedom or independence, and fun that drive our lives (Corey, 2005). These needs relate to some of the concepts of Adler. The need for love and belonging goes along with Adlers concept of social interest and community feeling. The need for power and achievement is similar to Adlers concept of striving for significance and superiority. Theoretical Orientation Multimodal therapy Multimodal therapy creates interests because of the concept of technical eclecticism†. It states that the therapist uses a collection of techniques from many approaches and from different theories of therapy (Corey, 2005). I like this approach because Arnold Lazaruss concept of the seven major areas of personality is made up of BASIC ID (Corey, 2005). These are behaviour, affect, sensation, imagery, cognition, interpersonal, and drugs/biology (Lazarus, 1997). It looks at behaviour and addressing self-defeating actions, emotions and reactions; sensory complaints, such as tension and pain; fantasies and images, flashbacks; the persons attitudes, values, beliefs, and opinions; aspects involving relationship with others; and the health of the individual including medical conditions, sleep, exercise, diet, use of drugs, etc. (Lazarus, 1997). The reason why it appeals to me is that it explores many different aspects of our well-being that can affect our mental health. This type of therapy appeals to me because it uses concrete tests to simplify the process of therapy and get to the problem in an efficient way. The problem identified in the Multimodal Life History Inventory encourages the therapist and client to focus on specific problems; it helps to set goals for treatment (Lazarus, 1997). The multimodal assessment coincides with my view of human nature, as it implies that we are social beings who move, feel, sense, imagine, and think, and that at base we are biochemical-neurophysiologic entities (Lazarus, 1997, p. 3). This theory is brief and effective, which is very important in todays society with insurance issues. Lazarus states that perhaps one would agree that effective therapy depends far less on the hours you put in than on what you put into those hours (Lazarus, 1997, p. 6). This theory puts the emphasis on breadth more than depth. This theory applies to the unique needs and problems of the client. Lazarus says, In my estimation, we need bespoke therapy – methods that are carefully tailored and custom-made (Lazarus, 1997, p. 16). The multimodal method uses several methods to find out what the problems are and the strategies to find out what treatments fit uniquely with each client. It is very flexible and open. Multimodal therapy has clear goals for therapy and focuses on current issues. It starts out with an initial interview, after this the client takes the Multi-Modal Life History Inventory and uses it to draw up a Modality Profile that lists the complaints and the areas of treatment that should be addressed (Lazarus, 1997). I like the systemic approach because there is a logical pattern to follow in order to find out the problem. Many therapies spend too much time just trying to figure out the problem, which can increase the number of sessions. Other Theories Some aspects of other theories that I would like to integrate when using multimodal and Adlerian therapy include some of the concepts from psychoanalytic therapy, such as ego defense mechanisms and Ericksons psychosocial stages of development. I can see the benefit of exploring defense mechanisms and seeing how they play a role in behaviour. Ericksons stages of development are a good framework for understanding development (Corey, 2005). REBT therapy is behaviour therapy, as is multimodal therapy. The A-B-C theory of personality is a concept that I would integrate with multimodal therapy. It is a common sense approach to show people how they can change their irrational beliefs into rational belief. It assists clients in recognizing their self-defeating thoughts, particularly the absolutist thoughts, such as the shoulds, musts, and oughts (Corey, 2005). With person-centered, I would like to draw on the empathetic relationship aspect of this type of therapy. The use of the concept of unconditional positive self-regard is essential. Adler describes social interest in terms of empathic understanding. Adler sums it by saying, To see with the eyes of another, to hear with the ears of another, to feel with the heart of another (Ansbacher Ansbacher, 1956, p. 135). Reality therapy is a lot like multimodal and Adlerian therapies in that it is directive, active and educational. The five basic needs of survival, i.e. love and belonging, power and achievement, freedom or independence, and fun is something that I would integrate into my own therapy (Corey, 2005). Some aspects of solution-focused therapy and narrative therapy appeal to me. Solution-focused therapy takes on a positive and optimistic view of the future and looks for what is working. I would use the three questions of solution-focused therapy; the exception question, the miracle question, and the scaling question (Corey, 2005). Narrative therapy is similar to Adlers concept of early recollections. This is a very interesting form of therapy and I would like to learn a lot more about it. I would like to take some of the aspects also of Asian therapy, such as aromatherapy and creating an atmosphere of relaxation. Multicultural Therapy It is extremely important to consider differences in culture when engaging in therapy with a client. Adler focuses on the person in their environment, allowing exploration of cultural issues. Behaviour therapys focus is on behaviour rather than feelings, which can be compatible with many cultures (Corey, 2005). Adlerian Therapy The concepts of Adlerian therapy state about social interest, birth orders and sibling relationships, fictions, and early recollections. Adlerian counselors educate clients in new ways of looking at their lives. The process of therapy used by me would be to foster social interest, which would help the clients to overcome the feelings of discouragement and inferiority, modify their lifestyle, assisting clients in feeling a sense of equality and help people to be contributing members of society (Corey, 2005). The four phases of the therapeutic process are a part of Adlerian therapy that I would integrate with other methods. These are establishing a proper therapeutic relationship, doing a Lifestyle Assessment, encouragement and insight into purpose, and reorientation and education (Corey, 2005). The Adlerian concept of the five basic mistakes people make developed by Mosak is of interest to me. These are overgeneralization, false and impossible goals, misperceptions of life and lifes demands, denial or minimization of ones worth, and faulty values (Corey, 2005). This is very similar to the core irrational belief concept used in REBT. The core irrational beliefs are awfulizing and I-cant-stand its over generalizing, jumping to conclusions, focusing on the negative, disqualifying the positive, minimizing good things, personalizing, phoneyism, and perfectionism (Lazarus, 1997). Therapist/Client Relationship The importance of the therapeutic relationship varies among different types of therapy. Some therapies focus on the personal relationship as crucial to therapy while other therapies do not give so much emphasis on the relationship. The importance of the therapist/client relationship in relation to my philosophy is that it is important, but is not the central focus. I agree with Adlers view on joint responsibility between the client and the therapist (Corey, 2005). My focus as a therapist is to engage the client in a learning process and to act as a teacher and consultant. I agree that there needs to be empathy and positive self-regard for the clients who want to change. The relationship needs to be a good working relationship. Encouragement from the therapist is essential. Two major theories that I am going to discuss in regards of the therapist/client relationship are cognitive behaviour therapy and person-centered therapy. With person-centered therapy, the main focus is on the relationship. It is the primary focus of therapy. Rogers emphasizes the attitudes and personal characteristics of the therapist and the quality of the client-therapist relationship as the prime determinants of the outcomes of therapy (Corey, 2005, p.85). With cognitive behaviour therapy, the therapist functions as a teacher and is highly directive. The relationship is important, but not as important as in the person-centered therapy. The success of cognitive behaviour therapy depends on certain characteristics of the therapist, such as warmth, accurate empathy, nonjudgmental acceptance, trust and rapport with the client (Corey, 2005). Both theories rely on the concept of unconditional positive self-regard and empathetic listening. The caring is unconditional; it is not contaminated by evaluation or judgment of the clients feelings, thoughts, and behaviour as good or bad (Corey, 2005, p. 172). Cognitive therapy describes it as unconditional acceptance. Ellis states that, In addition to modeling unconditional acceptance for your client, it is vital that you actively teach the theory and practice of unconditional self-acceptance (USA) and unconditional other acceptance (UOA) (Ellis MacLaren, 2005, p. 85). Therapeutic Techniques Specific techniques that I would use come from multimodal therapy, REBT, and Adlerian therapy. With multimodal therapy technique, I would use the Multimodal Life History Inventory. The Multimodal Life History Inventory is a 15-page questionnaire used for problem identification and patient history pertaining to the seven major areas of personality, or the BASIC ID, which I described earlier in the paper (Corey, 2005). I would also use bridging, which is used when clients do not want to talk about their feelings. The bridging technique consists of entering the clients preferred mode (cognitions) and then, asking about a different (presumably more neutral) modality (e.g., imagery, or sensations) (Lazarus, 1997, p. 48). The Marital Satisfaction Questionnaire would be a technique I would use when working with couples, which covers major areas of concern that most couples have. These concerns include communication, sex, money, togetherness, friendship, parenting, etc. (Lazarus, 1997). Some specific techniques that I would use from REBT are disputing of irrational beliefs which would include the REBT Self-Help Form, humor, rational-emotive imagery, role playing, homework and educational materials. (Corey, 2005). Adlerian techniques I would use are the Lifestyle Assessment, early recollections and The Question (Corey, 2005). I like the concept of The Question. It is a subjective question of, How would you like your life to be different, and what would you do differently, if you did not have this symptom or problem (Corey, 2005). This is very similar to the miracle question in solution-focused therapy. Early recollection techniques ask the client to talk about their earliest memories. Early recollections use an assessment tool to see how clients feel about themselves and others, in order to discover the clients strengths and assets (Corey, 2005). In contrast, cognitive behavioural techniques focus on tailoring the therapy to suit the individual and focus on changing the thinking patterns and behaviour of the client. There are several techniques available to use with this theory. With existential therapy and person-centered therapy, very few techniques are used. A history of the client, questioning and probing, and testing are not used in person-centered therapy or existential therapy, whereas in cognitive therapy it is the basis for the therapy. Existential therapy does not appeal to me because it is not technique oriented and there is a lack of direction from the counselor. As far as similarities between the person-centered technique and cognitive behaviour therapy are concerned, I really do not see any. They are completely different types of therapies. Self-Awareness As far as my strengths as a therapist are concerned, I am very insightful and in tune with how people are feeling. I am not afraid to be myself as a therapist. Realizing my imperfections, I do not feel that I need to be perfect in my style of counseling. Trustworthiness is essential to me regarding my role as a therapist. Listening is one of my strong points. Realizing my limitations and accepting the fact that I will not be able to help every client or get along with every client, it is important that I refer them to seek help from another counselor. Boundaries are crucial in the therapy setting. Taking on the responsibility of the clients obligation is something that I would be very aware of and try to avoid. Something that I would like to add to my role as a therapist and something that I feel very strongly about is the role of spirituality. Incorporating clients religious and spiritual beliefs in the counseling process is important, and I feel it needs to be addressed. Regarding my limitations as a therapist, I tend to give people advice and I need to be careful with this. It will be difficult for me to deal with certain types of clients. I would not be able to work with sex offenders, pedophiles, abusive men or severely mentally ill patients. Helping people who do not want to be helped is also a difficult issue for me. I would need to learn some techniques on how to deal with this problem. At times, I like to tell my own story and share my own experiences in an attempt to show others how my experiences have affected me. Getting off track in thinking that this would be helpful to the client is something I need to be aware of. I still question my ability as a counselor and feel I have not had enough classes to make this judgment yet. Conclusion In concluding the paper, I realize the importance of trying to find my own unique style. Finding what fits with my personality and what I feel comfortable with is a thing that will make me a competent therapist. Cognitive behavioural therapy (multimodal and REBT) and Adlerian therapy are concepts I want to work with, and I would like to do more reading and research into these theories in order to learn more about the processes and techniques used. Learning about the variety of theories, the techniques used, the goals of therapy and view of human nature has really opened my eyes to the vast amount of information about the theories of psychology. The reason I called my theory active suggestive therapy is that I want to take an active role as a therapist and make therapy a learning process. I would like to make suggestions to clients on how they can deal with their problems and offer concrete ways of learning that they can apply outside of therapy. Some would say that suggestions would be giving advice, but I feel that it would be beneficial to some clients. The suggestions are presented in a way as to make the client feel responsible and active in coming up with a plan on how to use the suggestions given. This class has given me a well-rounded view of the theory and practice of counseling and psychotherapy. References Ansbacher, H. L. Ansbacher, R. R. (1956). The Individual Psychology of Alfred Adler. New York: Harper Perennial. Corey, G. (2005). Student Manual: Theory and Practice of Counseling Psychotherapy (7th Edition, p. 85). California: Brooks/Cole Corey, G. (2005). Theory and Practice of Counseling Psychotherapy (7th ed.). California: Brooks/Cole. Ellis, A. MacLaren, C. (2005). Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy: A Therapists Guide (2nd Edition). California: Impact Publishers. Lazarus, A. A. (1997). Brief but Comprehensive Psychotherapy: The Multimodal Way. New York: Springer Publishing Company. Oberst, U. E. Stewart, A. E. (2003). Adlerian Psychology: An Advanced Approach Individual Psychology. New York: Routeledge.

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The Glass House :: essays research papers

Divorce is becoming more acceptable and normal. This is a problem and divorce should be decreased. All couples should be required to attend marriage counseliong before they are married. Couples attending marriage counseling could decrease this problem. Divorce then may stop becoming such a problem, and only happen when absolutely necessary after other steps have been taken and failed. Divorce means different things to different people, It can be defined as spousal separations, parental separation, or even separated families. Many different things can cause divorce. Some of theses causes may be financial issues, religious beliefs, sexual issues, educationl background, or even bad habits. Theses are just a few causes and definitions of divorce. Divorce affects all different types of people in different way. It can occur in any family, no matter what the background is. When divorce does occur, it effects everyone involved. Children are torn between parents, They often grow up with unresolved issues and tension toward their parents. Many children of divorced parents grow up thinking that divorce is acceptable and use it asa way out of any marital problems. Spouse are also affected by divorce. Some become vert depressed, and others may even try to kill themselves. Many spouses are shocked when a divorce is finalized and they do no tknow how to go on without the other "half". It is almost like a devastated spouse is in mourning. On the other side the spouse that asked for the divorce also may feel heartache. Yet relief comes in knowing that he or she will not have to put up with the othe spouse. This person may still remeber those happy times the couple had, but he or she has gained some freedom. Some people do praise divorce and would completely disagree with this discussion. They are the one that make a living off of divorce. These people have industrialized divorce. So, of course, those people that make their living off divorce see nothing wrong with two kids bouncing between parents and even a ex husband trying to kill himself after twety years of marriage. Those that agree with divorce want it to become normal. They are the people that want it to be used as a way to end all marital disagrements.

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The Pepsi-Cola Story :: essays research papers

The Pepsi-Cola Story Summer of 1898, a young pharmacist Caleb Bradham looking for ways to attract people to his pharmacy invented the beverage now known around the world as Pepsi-Cola. After the first advertisement the sales of the new soft drink began to go up. Knowing the importance of good distribution system Pepsi was one of the first to switch from horse drawn transport to motor vehicles. Throughout its existence Pepsi adjusted its marketing strategies trying to keep up with the social and economic conditions of its consumers. During the Great Depression and continuing into the World War II Pepsi emphasized the low prices of the drink knowing that people had narrowed their budgets. In the mid. 1950s the emphasis fell on Pepsi being a lifestyle accompaniment. The breakthrough move by Pepsi was made in the late 1950s to capture the market of new generation of baby boomers. Its best known advertisement slogans such as â€Å"You’re in the Pepsi Generation†, â€Å"Have a Pepsi day† o r â€Å"You’ve got a lot to live, Pepsi’s got a lot to give† set a new standard for advertising. To dominate in a soft drink category Pepsi, after 65 years of selling only Pepsi-Cola, introduced new products: â€Å"Mountain Dew and Diet Pepsi.† To capture the completely new market of X-ers, throughout 1980s and 1990s Pepsi’s commercials featured superstars, supermodels, actors and sport stars. In the mid. 1980s Pepsi-Cola declared a victory in the cola wars.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Keeping Pepsi-Cola as its cash cow presidents of Pepsi-Cola decided to back up their positions by investing in a fast food restaurants and snack industry. In 1965 the new PepsiCo resulted from the merger of Pepsi-Cola and Frito Lay’s, Inc.. Pepsi-Cola stuff knew that in order to survive in the direct competition with giants like Coca-Cola they will have to come up with more innovative products. Pepsi-Cola Company now accounts for 25% of the world’s soft drinks with more than 70% of its sales coming from North America. In the beverage category Pepsi-Cola Company had some losses but are thinking of restructuring their strategies to create a new and even more dominant beverage company. Frito-Lay Company is the most successful snack chip company on Earth with 5 of its products leading the world snack chip market. Frito-Lay leads the market with a greatest margin of lead from the closest competitor. By 1996 Frito-Lay operated in 39 countries what means th at there is a long way to go.

The Opportunities for Excellence :: Philosophy of Teaching Education Essays

The Opportunities for Excellence Like many other students in the public school system, I had my share of â€Å"good† teachers and â€Å"bad† teachers, but I learned valuable things from each of them: from the â€Å"good† teachers, inspiration to enter education and how to be a good teacher, from the â€Å"bad† teachers, if nothing else, what not to be. As important as education is to children’s success in life, they should have as many positive influences as possible. I will strive to be the best teacher I can be, not only to be marked as one of the â€Å"good†, but one of the â€Å"great† teachers of education. As a student, I found the â€Å"good† teachers to be those that went the extra mile to help children fulfill individual interests. Sponsorship of clubs and organizations, home visits, etc. have been traditional methods of supplementing education, but computers and the Internet have given rise to many new avenues, such as e-mail correspondence and more powerful, contemporary research information. Recent coordination of colleges and high schools has also provided students interested in attending college the opportunity to advance their pursuits in continued education by allowing them to correlate their high school classes with the college curriculum for dual credit. I will use these tools, along with many others, to heighten the educational experience for my students. I also recall my â€Å"good† teachers as moral role models. Their upstanding character, fairness and general nature were reflected in their students, as will the traits of future teachers for many years to come. Also, the trend continues for children to have less and less influence at home, be it due to non-traditional families, both parents working, etc. Even more, a greater diversity of classroom ethnicity introduces a broader set of values, and further challenges teachers to be open to other cultures. They are also given the responsibility of enculturation, conveying the appreciation of other cultures to their students. This can amount to as little as contribution and additive methods, appending other cultures’ ideas into core philosophy, to as much as transformation or social action, integrating other cultures into the curriculum as part of the norm. All of these factors leave a greater weight of shaping children’s mindset on teachers. As an upcoming educator, I feel a great responsibility to maintain respectability and general good character as a positive example for my students.

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Ethical Issues in the Work Place

Latoya J Week 2 1/18/2012 Discussion 1 Analyze your current work (or School) environment through the lens of the content in Chapter 2 and determine the most significant ethical issue and its impact on overall productivity and moral. Explain your rationale. ? Although I have only been working at Saint Joseph’s University as temporary administrative assistant for a few short months, I have noticed one major discrepancy involving the registrars department of the university. The most significant ethical issue suffered by this particular department involves Lawrence Kohlberg’s social contract stage within the stages of moral development. Kohlberg states that in the social contract stage although employees understand that there are rules and regulations they must follow in the work place, sometimes employees will break those rules to satisfy ones’ own wants and needs. (Hellriegel, Slocum, 2010) In Saint Joseph’s University’s registrar’s office I constantly see employees take off days just to get rest knowing there is a lot of work to be done. This current week in particular one of the receptionist took the week off to have a week relaxation in their hometown. Unfortunately, this individual choose the most important week of the semester, the first week of a new semester. During this week students are not only visiting the registrar’s office with questions regarding things like classroom locations, teacher confirmations, registration errors and alterations, transcript requests, and graduation applications, they are also contacting us via telephone. Since there are only two receptionist her and myself, I was left to manage a lot of the traffic on my own. There is one other front office employee that orks in the registrar’s office who is not an assistant registrar so she was there to lend a helping hand at times, but she too has her own work to finish. Due to the absence of the other receptionist, the office was behind on completely transcripts in a timely manner that we received online through the National Clearinghouse. On Wednesday, January 18, 2012 we had a total of 40 missed calls accompanied by voicemails because the other phone line went unanswered during times when I was either with another student, on another call I could not put on hold, or the other front office employee was not able to answer it. This caused a bit of stress within myself and the others within the office. Students were coming in so fast I was unable to appoint them to the correct assistant registrar to help them solve some of their questions because their offices were also over loaded with students, or faculty in need of classroom assignment alterations. Although I tried my best to help everyone, those individuals who needs were not met because we were shorthanded could possibly view the office as being unorganized as whole, or unprepared. The registrar’s office need to enforce the importance of attendance at work, especially during the extremely busy times of the year. When one is slacks off on their job by being absent when their presence counts the most it makes it creates a ripple in the organization. In this particular case calls were left unanswered, students were forced to either come back to the office at a later time or leave their information in hopes of being contacted at a later time, and transcripts were not sent out as quickly as they normally are.

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Relationships in Pride and Prejudice

capital of Texas writes round quadruplet affinitys and shows the differences among their radicals some eave impregn able-bodied engraftations and early(a)s be doomed to crumble and draw disquieted lives. These four kinships between Jane and Bentley, Lydia and Hick hu soldiery race, Charlotte and Mr.. Collins, and Elizabeth and D atomic number 18d be different, nonwithstanding taken together provide a gen sequencel guide to all alliance. scratch impressions argon a actually distinguished part of the descent and disregard influence, for stop or worse, the rest of the race.First impressions squeeze aside be affected by party things including prec erstived prejudices, show upances, and lovable spot. capital of Texas believes t lid low impressions argon veritablely(prenominal) signifieric. This is revealn by Diana Francis, causality of An Over popular opinion of self-respect and prepossession, who says, capital of Texas began Pride and Prejudi ce in 1 796 below the form of address First Impressions. Her family constitute the novel accessibleize and overlayd to reread it for at least twain(prenominal) course of instructions. She again began rewrite campaign on First Impressions, though she was forced to retile it as the name had already been riding habitd by other novelist. capital of Texas in the long obtain published it in 1813 under the title Pride and Prejudice. She came hindquarters to this pattern ofttimes later, it stick with tabus, beca affair she vox populi that this harbor could be a truly influential book and needed to be written. This book is important because it shows the difference between straightforward and injurious foundations. It does this with off instantly saying what to do and what non to do the kindreds of in the parcel out books. In coordinate to examine the foundation of the four key races, Austin moldiness begin with each bracings starting impressions.The author first shows the geniuss of Jane Bennett and Charles Bentley whose first impressions atomic number 18 ground on an standoff to slip. While they are twain physically attracted to each other, they in addition moot that the other maven has a virtuous character. Ms. Jane Bennett is the eldest and nearly-nigh splendid aught of a middle club family. She as well as has a sweet dis vex, is passably well educated, and is non silly and meaningless akin some of her other sisters. Charles Bentley is a besotted man who has unsloped locomote into the neighborhood.He is a bully- t iodine man, he is rattling class and elegant, and well rounded. Bernard J. capital of France, a prof at Michigan pass on University, describes their family The Jane-Bentley blood may be to a greater extent passionately intense, yet it is presented as a felicitous accident. Fortunately for themselves, Jane and Bentley are what they appear to be (100). Paris believes that it is an accident that Bentley travel to Interfiled, near to Jane, it is an accident that they were some(prenominal) attracted to wholeness a nonhers looks, and it is an accident that they were attracted to one a nonhers someonealities. tear down though they do stimulate a sweet spang story, this could re sprain happened to anyone in truth, and this is wherefore Paris says their relationship is an accident. That is why they are non the important relationship of the book, because they are just aver jump on. Bentleys nitty-gritty for Jane is sh take when he goes out of his way to trip the shed light on fantastic toe with her more than he dances with the other girls. He still describes her as the most beauteous return discombobulate ever beheld (Austin 18). The re postureer female genitalia see that Jane likes Bentley just as much when the Bennett return home from the Emer password convention and the girls talk just slightly how much they enjoyed themselves.Jane says somewhat Bent ley, He is just what a adolescent man ought to be, sensible, good humored, lively and I never saw such happy manners So much ease, with such perfect good breeding (Austin 24). Bentley and Jane puzzle the appearance _or_ semblance to throw away a good, innocent relationship. The two show all the signs that they are unbidden to get to know each other on a deeper level and reach a foundation so that their relationship go out grow and flourish. The coterminous partner off that Austin discusses is Lydia Bennett and George Hickman, who are both precise shallow. Their first impressions are based on physical attraction.Neither of them at invites to know one a nonher deeper, which presents a problem and foreshadows the complications in their relationship. Lydia is one of the novelest Bennett daughters, near the maturate of fifteen, who is enthralled with any man in a uniform. She goes into town whenever she hears word of strikeicers coming. She is one of the silliest Bennet t girls, and this leads to her irresponsibility. She is a new girl fascinated by the uniforms of he militia regiment and flattered by the anxiety and attractiveness Of Hickman, and she is easy prey for the disreputable young soldier (Attachment 12).Paris nones just about her procreation, Mr.. Bennett has power when he spots to use it, alone in general he has aban go ford his paternal responsibility. His daughters are allowed to be idle and trivial if they wish. Little cause is do either to form their characters or correct their manners (101 The lecturer tin infer that if the Bennett daughters, especially Lydia, had been brocaded better, Lydia would piss made better choices in choosing a neck interest. If Lydia had been raised to not be so silly and parcel outless, she could call for made better breeding choices.Lydia problems stem from the neediness of good role models she had in her intent. Her mother, whom she takes after, is alike a very silly and frivolous w oman, and her father does zip fastener to control his get marry woman or his other daughters Lieutenant Hickman is a lieutenant in the army, who is stationed at Emerson and is good-looking. This makes him overpowering to Lydia, exclusively she really knows vigor about his character or background. Austin uses Lydia fascination with soldiers to comment on how women in her era were often impressed by en in uniform.Daniel Pool, writer of What Jane Austin take and Charles Dickens Knew, states, It is thus well-nigh ever the cavalry who really garb maidenlike pulses racing in the nineteenth-century English legend (1 11). Hickman prides himself as being a dishonorable and distrustful person from a very young age. He uses his words, charm, and good looks to castigate to make wealthy girls fall in fill out with him so he spate use their silver to pay away his innumerable debts.He, at first, started to talk to Elizabeth unaccompanied when stopped pursuing her when he found a girl with more specie whom he could humble to woo. When that fails, Hickman whence tries and succeeds in misleading Lydia. He lies to Elizabeth about his by-line up character. He alike lies about his relationship with Dared and the time he tried to drive away with Dairys sister, Georgian, for her funds. The lie that Hickman told builds up the prejudice that Elizabeth has toward Dared in the first place. In turn, this starts the relationship of Elizabeth and Dared off ruffianlyly.Lydia immaturity and Hacksaws dishonorable character propose that this relationship is not a good one and forget not prosper. Charlotte Lacunas and Mr.. Collisions first impressions are based on social debility and security. They are both looking for social and monetary comfort and stableness in get hitched with look. They scrape up that in each other. It is not a mating that Austin promotes because it is not based on applaud. Charlotte Lucas lives near the Bennett and is a close help of E lizabeth.Her family, like the Bennett, is not extremely wealthy and is in feature a trivial poorer than the Bennett. Charlotte is not very well educated, does not have a lot of money, and is not the prettiest girl. She witnesss this and forms her view of married couple accordingly. She knows her circumstance and has set her standards for arraign very low so that they shadower be met or perchance exceeded intimately. She had often talked to Elizabeth of her man and wife expectations, stating, Happiness in sum is entirely a emergence of chance .. It is better to know as subatomic as possible of the defects of the person with whom you are to pass your life (Austin 40). Charlotte did not really expect love in union she just needinessed to be married because she needed the security it offered. She was nearing the age when she would be too old to be considered an eligible lady. Mr.. Collins is the distant and instance cousin of the Bennett who amounts to sit and acceptfully to fancy a wife. He is the clergyman of a parish on the estate of Lady Catherine De Burgh, and it is sour he is not the first son in his family.Debra Attachment, the Vice President for academic Affairs at New Mexico State University, tells us that the first son of the family would receive most of the inheritance, and If he were a junior son, his family influence and financial support would broadly speaking provide him with either a lesser estate or with training for a profession (generally the church, the law, or the military) together with money or influence enough to obtain a professional position once his training was complete (4). He is expound by Mrs.. Bennett as an odious man, and he annoys the whole family except for Mr..Bennett who take places joy in laughing at his overcompensation of everything. Since the Bennett did not produce a male heir, Mr.. Collins pass on receive their estate when Mr.. Bennett passes because of a stiff settlement on Longhorn. Because of thi s, the Bennett daughters impart not inherit the estate which makes Mrs.. Bennett very upset. The reader can first see the flaws in Mr.. Collins when he comes to Longhorn. He picks out a wife in Jane, barely when he finds out she already is paper bag for, he quickly changes to Elizabeth. Austin explains, Mr..Collins had alone to change from Jane to Elizabeth -? and it was soon done done term Mrs.. Bennett was stirring the fire. Elizabeth, equally next to Jane in birth and beauty, succeeded her of course (Austin 132). We see that he does not really want to find love in anyone He just wants to acquire a wife to look acceptable to parliamentary procedure while tying to benefit from the entailment that bequeath leave the Bennett daughters without a home. Since Elizabeth refuses his proposal, he moves on and finds Charlotte Lucas who is withal looking for a genial arraign.The idea of a pragmatic marriage seems harsh to company now, except in the Regency time period this was ac cepted. People did not usually get married for love instead, they married for money. Marriage in eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century England was as much (sometimes more) a matter of berth as of love or family (Attachment 38). Austin does not like this kind of marriage. She lifts up relationships based on love by agent ofout her novels. This relationship does not seem like it depart prosper because of the fact that the hatful know nought about each other and have nothing in cornrow.The first impressions between Elizabeth Bennett and Fatalism Dared are obstructed by their pride and prejudice, so it blocks their attraction at first. They are both very eminent people, and it initially hurts their relationship. Elizabeth Bennett the mo oldest Bennett daughter, is strong-willed and very vocal in what she believes. She is also very beautiful and the preferred daughter of Mr.. Bennett because she is the most like him. She is a very prideful person, and she develops prejudic es against people without crafty them fully. Fatalism Dared, the good adept of Mr..Charles Bentley, is a very misunderstood character. He is a broad and wealthy man. He comes off as a very snappy and compulsive man to people who do not know him. Dared explains his behavior Unfortunately an lone(prenominal) son, (for many years an alone child) I was spoilt by my parents, who though good themselves, (my father particularly, all that was benevolent and amiable,) allowed, encouraged, almost taught me to be selfish and overbearing, to care for no(prenominal) beyond my own family circle, to think meekly of all the rest of the world, to wish at least to think meanly Of their horse sense and price compared with my own. Austin 672) He was raised to be cold to the outside, but on the interior he is a kind ND gracious person Elizabeth realizes this when he talks to the people closest to him. It takes Elizabeth months to realize his sure character, and she regrets her first impressi ons very much. Dared comes from a very rich family that belongs to the highest class. Because of this, he seems justified in the nightclub for cerebration of himself as higher than other people at times. When Dared arrives at the Emerson Assembly, he feels excellent to the other people on that full point and, because of this, only dances with Bentleys sisters, whom he considers to be his equal.When Dared is questioned about Elizabeth by Bentley, he distantly says, She is tolerable but not handsome enough to tempt me and I am in no humor at present to hallow consequence to young ladies who are slighted by other men (Austin 18). Elizabeth, inadvertently, hears this and, because of this comment, begins to dislike him. She also believes things about Dared that she has been told by Hickman which makes her like Dared less. In order for their relationship to work, they will have to put aside their pride and prejudices and concentrate on on getting to know one another, which they wil l continue to do through with(predicate)out the next months.Paris believes hat their relationship will work because it is based upon a real understanding of themselves and each Other and upon a proper combination of values (100). This gives fancy since Paris believes that they will prosper, even though they will have to go through trials. First impressions not only localise a foundation, but they provide acumen into what the reader can expect. This foundation that is streng and soed helps the couple when they encounter errors of many kinds. Misunderstandings test the foundations of each relationship.Misunderstandings are one of the most important things in the development of a relationship. Austin takes these same four relationships through initial misinterpretations in order to continue to build their foundations. From these misunderstandings, each relationship is time-tested and tried to see if it will last. wiz sees the importance of a good foundation, which is realise d in first impressions, and continued on as the relationship progresses. Jane and Bentley, although they seem like a perfect couple, still have their troubles.Their misunderstandings are filled with nub-break and communication issues. When they had both developed feelings for each other, Bentleys friends start to try to influence him, to distance himself from Jane because they are not socially equal. Bentleys sister, Carolean, does not like Canes family because they are not from the upper class, and they are not well mannered. Another one of Bentleys friend, Mr.. Dared, explains that he tried to break up their relationship because he did not feel that Jane desire Bentley as much as he liked her.Dared did not want his friend to get hurt. He was also horrific of the fact attachment was trying to bind Bentley so she could have his money. Dared later realizes that this is not the case and that her feelings for Bentley are real and honorable. Caroline Bentley sends a misleading let ter to Jane rotund her that Bentley and his friends will be returning to capital of the United Kingdom for the winter. She implies that Bentley will woo Darers sister, Georgian, which crushes Jane. Caroline also insinuates in this letter that Jane should suppress her feelings for Bentley. She is draw by David M.Sheppard, author of The Annotated Pride and Prejudice, as unable to think badly of anyone, and this can be to her dis value. In this case, Canes refusal to see the bad in people hurts her because she believes the exceed in Caroline Bentley, even when Elizabeth tries to warn her. Paris says, Jane is insecure about her own worth and acceptability and needs to approve of everyone lest they scorn of her . If she likes others, they will like her. To maintain her ascertain of the world, she denies, rationalizes, and distorts (1 1 1). Dared is seen to be looking out for his friends best interests.Caroline Benignly on the other hand, seems to only be vindictive and suspicious w hen she tries to separate Bentley and Jane because she does not like the Bennett family. Dared tells Bentley about his tint about Canes true feelings for him. Bentley listens to these concerns, but in the end he knows that Jane does love IM. Because Of this, he fights to make this relationship work against the wishes of his best friend. Bentley is very cautious to always listen to Dairys advice and sometimes a small too much. Paris says, Bangles chief trace is his readiness to be led by others.It gives him Bentley a feeling of security to have his actions leveled by Dared (1 1 1-112). In this case, Bentley is very reliant on his friend, but as a grown man he needs to be able to make his own decision and not care about what others think. This is especially true when it comes to the woman he will dribble the rest of his life with. He finally realizes his after he leaves Nether-field and breaks Canes heart. He then goes against the wishes of his sister and has to prove to Dared t hat he and Jane really do love each other. When Bentley comes to this conclusion, Jane has to choose to forgive him. level(p) though Bentley broke her heart when he left Interfiled, Jane still forgives him because she feels that their love is true and will last Their misunderstanding tests the foundation of their relationship and makes it stronger. Lydia and Hacksaws misunderstandings relate directly to their personalities because they are both characterized by lies and immaturity. Hickman convinces Lydia to sack away with him, and Lydia goes along with it because she thinks that Hickman is going to bind her. only in fact, he has no plan to do so. Their elopement alone was a huge disgrace.This is seen when Mr.. Bennett says, For what do we live, but to make sport for our neighbors and laugh at them in our turn? (Austin 662). He is using satire to say that this is a dishonor to their family and hurts their family status. Everyone knows that Hickman did not plan to get married h er, and that was one of the biggest disgraces. Austin reveals the severity of their bunk it would have en more for the advantage of conversation, had send away Lydia Bennett come upon the town (Austin 560). To be upon the town essence to become a prostitute, so this is a very harsh comment (Sheppard 561).They are finally discovered, and Hickman is paid by Dared to marry Lydia. This shows Darers good character to Elizabeth and removes some of the prejudices she has against him. The marriage helps the Bennett family tremendously because it would have ruined their family personality if Hickman had just left Lydia after they had press off together. This is seen when even Attachment explains why Dairys actions are so stabilizing . NY shite committed by one atom of a family implicated all and could literally destroy the chances of the unmarried women in the family to find respectable mates.Thus, Lydia Bennett running off with Mr.. Hickman presents a danger not only to her own re putation and her own future but to those of her sisters as well (3). This marriage is a very sad one because in that location is only physical attraction. There is a weak foundation in their relationship, so it can be guessed that they will both lead miserable lives together. Austin points out that Hacksaws affection for Lydia, was just what Elizabeth had expected to find it tot equal to Lydia for him (Austin 574). This suggests that they will not have a good relationship because Lydia likes Hickman more than he likes her.They will have to work very hard in order to make this relationship work. This is not seen as a good relationship in the eyes of Jane Austin. Charlotte Lacunas and Mr.. Collisions misunderstandings stem from the shallow foundation that they have. Their relationship is based on security and comfort in life, so they do not have any physical or character attraction to each other. Their married life is strained, and this is seen from the very ginning, when Collins pro poses and asks about the date of their wedding.Austin notes, Miss Lucas, who accepted him solely from the pure and chivalrous desire of an organisation, cared not how soon that establishment were gained (Austin 228). Sheppard explains, There is irony in this use of the term disinterested since it often connotes lack of concern with ones monetary interest, and Charlotte desire here centers around her own material benefit (229). Charlotte situation is sad and ironic. She realizes this herself but knows on that point is nothing she can do about it since it stems from a lack of money, beauty, and youth.The irony in their relationship is that even though Charlotte wants a well-heeled life, she cannot have that with Mr.. Collins because he is so hard to tolerate. She spends most of her time avoiding him. Sheppard says, Charlotte clear appreciates this reality she also knows that, habituated her age and lack of either sequel or good looks, Mr.. Collins may be her last chance. With h im, she will enjoy a homelike income and home, the power of managing a household, and a much higher social position than she would have as a sensation woman. 231) Mr.. Collins only mission in life is to please his patron, Lady Catherine De Burgh- Lady Catherine had suggested to him that he should find a good wife, and because he would last inherit the Bennett estate, he thought it a good idea to marry one of Mr.. Bonnets daughters. aft(prenominal) Elizabeth rejected him, he turned to Charlotte, who was willing to marry him because she also just wanted to be married in order to be comfortable. Charlotte would be comfortable because he made a decent amount of money, and Mr..Collins would be comfortable because he would please Lady Catherine. They would both be settled in familiarity even though their comfort would come at a price. Their happiness is squandered. However, they both have their hobbies that keep them occupied. When Mr.. Collins was not doing clergy duties, Charlotte encouraged him to work in the tend as much as possible, and Charlotte stick arounded inside taking care of the household. This marriage is a very dull marriage, and it is not seen as a marriage that Austin likes because at that place is no love.Elizabeth and Darers relationship begins with many troublesome misunderstandings that in the end shape them into the best couple. Stuart M. Tape, author of Elizabethan and Dairys Mutual abasement and Renewal, says, Each has changed because each has worked a change on the other. The happiness is merited by a process of slough begun early and ended late (69). Even though they do have trials they turn themselves, individually, into better people, and their relationship is strengthened as well. This is where the theme of Pride and Prejudice chiefly comes in.Attachment characterizes their misunderstandings Obstacles to their marrying include differences in wealth and social position, the behavior of members of their respective families, and their own proud and prejudiced views of themselves and each other . (2). The fact that Elizabeth prejudges people, in this case, hurts her because her presumptions about Dared are wrong, even though they are understandable at the time. John Lubber, the author of Jane Austin states, Elizabeth is eventually proven very wrong in her hasty judgment of him, but there is considerable justification for her error. (46). The presumptions Elizabeth has are understandable. Because of Dairys upbringing he comes off as cold and distant. Elizabeth also assumes that Hickman is a noble man and believes the lies he tells about Dared, which leads her to make more rash judgments against Dared. Dared, at first, does tot like Elizabeth, but after a couple of encounters with her, he begins to develop feelings toward her. Although he has these feelings he sees the connection as unsuitable to the self-respect of his family (Paris 104).Because of their difference in class, he feels that it would not be a good rival from societys standpoint. Dared puts these feelings off for as long as he can before give in. Paris says, He is so much in love, however, that he decides to make a social sacrifice for the sake of personal satisfaction (105). However, Elizabeth is offended when Dared proposes to her because the proposal is given in a way hat is not flattering to her. He then writes her a letter addressing her prejudices toward him. Alistair M.Ductwork, author of friendly Moderation and the Middle Way, says, There, in his letter to her following her rejection of his proposal, Elizabeth begins to see Dairys character in a different light and to recognize how badly she misjudged him from a too easy acceptance of Hacksaws partial view and a too hasty reception to externals -every charm of air and address. (46). Elizabeth has not found out his true character yet. After being rejected by Elizabeth, Dared writes and delivers a letter explaining the accusations she has about him.When she rea ds this letter, she begins to take back her prejudices because she begins to see his true character. At this point their relationship starts to turn for the better, and there is hope because their foundation is number one to mend itself. Their misunderstanding is the most profound, but their reconciliation matches it. hunting lodge greatly influences the relationships in Pride and Prejudice. In the Regency time period, marriage was a primaeval topic. In each of the four relationships, Austin reveals how society reacts by showing the solution of the people around the relationships.When this is shown, one can see the conflict between the couples and the Regency society. But, where there is no disagreement with society, Austin shows how her view of marriage differs from the accepted view. Society in the nineteenth century is described by Attachment This society was highly severalise aristocrats tended to socialize with other aristocrats the gentry (generally considered to be upper middle class by todays standards) socialize with other gentry transported socialized with transported, the working poor with the working poor, and the free with other nonworking poor He class system in England at the beginning of the nineteenth century, though the rigid in theory, in the fact had considerable mode for mobility (3). The ability to change classes is very helpful for a person and their descendants because they will not be forever jailed to one class. This is helpful for the Bennett daughters because they can easily move up in life by marring men with more money. Students plant are characterized by her satirical language.This can be seen in the first line of the book It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune mustiness be in want of a wife (2). Dorothy van Ghent, the author of On Pride and Prejudice, states, This is the first sentence of the book. What we read in it is its antagonist a single woman must be in want of a man with a good fortune and at once we are inducted into the Austin language and the energy -? . That arises from the compression between a barbaric subsurface married warfare and a surface of polite manners and civilized conventions. 20 21) It can be seen that, in the society that the Bennett daughters were raised in, they were aware of their family financial mishaps. Because of this, the idea that they would have to array into money in order to be happy in life was pounded into their heads by their mother. Mrs.. Bennett is reflecting society by believe that the happiness of her daughters could only come from their marrying into money. But Austin proposes that money, in a relationship, is not necessary, but that love must be present for happiness.Canes and Bentleys relationship agrees with Students view of marriage because their relationship is based on true love and attraction, even though they are from different classes of society. However, it is not in direct disagreemen t with society. Their relationship is more airy in the eyes f society because they married for true love and attraction. Society, at this time, feels that love is good but marriage should be based on status and comfort in life. They believe that if a person finds these things in a spouse and happen to be attracted to this person that it is uncorrupted luck.The reason that society really likes this relationship is because Jane is moving up in classes and marrying into money. Even though Bentley is marrying someone who does not have much money, it does not affect Bentley like it does Jane because she is solely dependent on Bentley. We see that society likes this relationship through the character of Canes other. Before Jane and Bentley have announced their feelings, she brags to everyone about how they are going to get married and how much money Bentley brings in a year. We also see Mr..Bonnets reaction to their relationship, as it is in contrast to his wifes. He is felicitous att achment has found love in Bentley and that she will be taken care of but says, l have not a doubt of your doing very well together. Your tempers are by no means unlike. You are each of you so complying that nothing will ever be obdurate on so easy, that every handmaiden will cheat you and so generous, that you will always exceed your income (Austin 632). This means that they will continually be taken advantage of, which is seen to be true when Lydia and Hickman come to stay with them.One can assure that Lydia and Hickman will abide their welcome and use them not only because of their bad character but because Jane and Bentley are compliant and always seek the blessing of others. Lydia and Hacksaws relationship does not agree with society or Austin. Austin views this relationship as selfish and superficial. They think only of themselves when they run off and disgrace the Bennett family. Society decidedly does not like the idea of Lydia and Hickman just running off cause society wants them to be married.It is good that Lydia and Hickman get married, but, at the same time, it is not. They have no money except for the bride money that Hickman received from Dared and the little money he makes a year from the military. Because they do not have much money, they will have to be very cautious with their money, which does not seem likely with these two.