Sunday, April 14, 2019

Conflict Is A Destructive Force In Our Lives Essay Example for Free

engagement Is A Destructive Force In Our Lives EssayIn our lives strife plays a huge force in our everyday activities, social events, interaction with our friends and family. But what is the real explanation of conflict? A cope or destructive force. This description of conflict only touches the surface of what conflict really means. People encounter conflicts almost on a daily basis, whether it is self-brought upon conflict, conflict with what religion, age, gender you are. Who your family and friends are and how they contribute to your living and how their decisions impact you and the others slightly you. Conflict is an unavoidable thing that we will all face and construct already faced conflict in whiz form or another throughout our lives. How we deal with conflict determines whether it destroys us or not. Conflict, as a force can both crush or build peoples strength people depending on how they deal with it and the repercussions they have to go through post-conflict. It is known to bring detriment and devastation but has also has the ability to bring people together and settle the differences between one another.Conflict in any form can prove to be rather hurtful and brutal, either for the individual or towards multiple groups. Conflict is a destructive force as it generates separation as a result of different ideas and opinions between different people or groups. When individuals or groups of people have social orders placed upon them, there is an inclination of trust and the idea of togetherness to be damaged. We live in a earthly concern of social structure and laws that are enforced to keep society under control. This is because the majority of conflicts that chance are destructive but they try to remain constructive.In the movie A Separation we hit many examples of conflict being encountered. The engage captures the reality of city life in modern-day Iran, where a woman Raziehs decision to take up a job that she couldnt handle merely set a motion of events that end in the death of her unborn child.. As the adults involved bid to legal remedies and the accusations and counter-accusations build up, the conflict becomes Termeh, the eleven year old daughter of Nader and Simin.The conflict occurred and encountered with Termeh sees her becoming to a greater extent mature than what her age is due to her beingincreasingly burdened by her parents unhappiness and the wider flaws she sees in the world that she lives in. The conflict in her life becomes a destructive force as she has to watch on as her sustain breaks down day by day as he can no prolonged deal with his own conflict that he has to deal with, which results in him being arrested and leaves Termeh in a struggle as to how she is even going to live as her mother has walked out on her for just a while.The film shows multiple variations of how conflict can be so damaging to ones life and their being. Even though Naders father has no will to be even able to ann ounce you can see his condition deteriorating as he watches the world go by him and has to see his intelligence break down as he can no longer deal with the struggle he is put through day after day. However, the burden that Naders father puts on Nader impeccably shows his incapableness to be able to let go of his fathers inability to live. For Nader, it is all about defend and caring for his father who once did the same for him.He encounters conflict for the first time in the film right at the beginning when he is faced in court with the decision to leave his father and go with his wife and daughter to move out of the country. Nader is in the position where he would like to go for a better life but he simply cannot leave his father which causes his then wife Simin to get boiled over as she is beyond belief as to how Nader could not want a better life for his daughter and wife. This sets the scene for the whole film as the destructiveness continues to show from this point onwards. Conflict shows as it can be a power in our lives which can be uncontrollable in that of it can tear someone down bit by bit.

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